DATE=2/23/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=U-S-IRAN (S) NUMBER=2-259485 BYLINE=DAVID GOLLUST DATELINE=WHITE HOUSE CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: In the wake of the victory of reform candidates in Iran's parliamentary elections, the Clinton administration is renewing its call for dialogue with Tehran to try to end the two-decades of estrangement. Correspondent David Gollust has a report from the White House. TEXT: Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart says the voting indicates there may be - some change in the offing - in Iran's approach to the United States. And he is repeating the administration call for, what he terms - a constructive and authoritative dialogue with Tehran In a cautious response, Mr. Lockhart said it was only the first phase of the electoral process. He said the administration is waiting to see - what comes of it - in terms of the Iranian government's willingness to address matters of U-S concern. Those include, he said, Iran's alleged support for Middle East terrorism, its opposition to the Arab-Israeli peace process, and efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Lockhart was non-committal about U-S gestures toward the Iranian reform movement. But the State Department said Tuesday appropriate responses were being considered. The administration has made several overtures toward Iran since the election of the relative-moderate Mohamed Khatemi as president three-years ago - but with only modest results, including some student and sports exchanges. (SIGNED) NEB/DAG/ENE/RAE 23-Feb-2000 11:31 AM EDT (23-Feb-2000 1631 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .