Newscast - U.S. Warns Russia About Alleged Missile Deal with Iran

Newscast - U.S. Warns Russia About Alleged Missile Deal with Iran

Segodnya newscast (Russia), 13 February 1997

[FBIS Translated Text] A major scandal is flaring up in
Russian- American relations, the consequences of which could
easily be compared with the row over NATO's expansion
eastward. The Los Angeles Times newspaper writes today that
the Clinton administration warned the Russian Government
against supplying missile technology to Iran. According to a
report in the newspaper, the White House made an official
statement to Prime Minister Chernomyrdin during his recent
visit to the United States that the export of Russian
missile technology threatens the security of U.S. troops in
Saudi Arabia, as well as that of Israel and the states of
the Persian Gulf. 
The Los Angeles Times, quoting intelligence sources,
claims that Russia quite recently passed on to Iran
technology for the manufacture of missiles which, in western
classification, are called SS-4. These are medium-range
missiles capable of carrying nuclear charges. According to
information at the disposal of the Los Angeles Times, Iran
received from Russia not only technical documentation but
also individual parts for SS-4 missiles. At the same time
the paper says that when Viktor Chernomyrdin found out about
this from the Americans he categorically denied the fact
that Russian missile technology had been supplied to Iran. 
The problem is not even the fact that Moscow is selling
arms or the technology for their manufacture -- that is a
state matter, although back in 1994 President Yeltsin gave a
promise to the Americans that weapons would not be supplied
to Tehran. The point is that Chernomyrdin could indeed have
been unaware of the supply of missile technology to Iran.
This could have been done by one of the enterprises of the
Russian military-industrial complex, which is in a difficult
economic situation. At the same time, during the course of
this year and next year Russia intends to supply Iran with
arms with a total value of $1 billion. 
We are now waiting for the Russian Government's
reaction to this article in the Los Angeles Times. [video
shows brief street scenes of a city, close-up of missiles,
Chernomyrdin getting into a car]