Prime Minister's Address to the Three Service Chiefs and Army Commanders

July 10, 1999

'Operation Vijay’ has given great ‘Vijay’ to the country. This is a historic moment for all of us. It is only befitting, therefore, that in these few brief sentences that I share with you, my first tribute and homage is to those brave soldiers and airmen of our country who fought, laid-down their lives or were wounded, to achieve this ‘Vijay’. To them the nation owes an everlasting debt of gratitude.

I take this opportunity to also, unstintingly, place on record the great appreciation, indeed admiration that our entire nation has today for the outstanding valour, determination and military skill that has been demonstrated in ‘Operation Vijay’. Out brave military has achieved one sterling success after another in these operations. 

I know how impossible the terrain is. I also know what great demands were placed on the sense of dedication of our troops who come from all states of our country. We asked of them to achieve extremely difficult tasks. These they fulfilled in more than abundant measure.

I share with the bereaved families their grief. I gave them a commitment that their welfare is my bounden duty.

‘Operation Vijay” in the Kargil sector, of 1999, will go down in the annals of our military history as another outstanding example of the valour, discipline and dedication of our armed forces.

The enemy’s intrusion and aggression in Kargil has now been decisively turned back. Out military has achieved this. Most pockets have already been cleared. There, our troops are back on the LOC. The remaining pockets will also be cleared. Residual Pak forces will leave or be evicted from south of the LoC in the entire Kargil sector.

I offer you my heartiest congratulations, on my personal behalf, on behalf of my government, and on behalf of the entire nation. I also offer you the nation’s great gratitude an admiration.