Press Release by Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesman

Foreign Secretary's Statement on
"India's Nuclear Doctrine: Implications for Regional and Global Peace and Security"
The Institute of Strategic Studies
7-September 1999

Air Force
Mirage 2000 10 France Purchase
Advanced jet Trainer (Hawk or  Alpha jet) Unspecified UK or France/Germany Purchase
AWACS  Unspecified Indigenous Purchase
Mig-27 L 165 Russia Purchase
SU-30 MK 40 Russia Purchase
Mig-21 120 Russia/Indigenous Upgrade
Mig-27 100 Russia/Indigenous Upgrade
Mig-29 54 Russia/Indigenous Upgrade
Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Unspecified Indigenous Purchase
KA-30 Attack Helicopter Unspecified Indigenous Purchase
IL-78 Aerial Refuelling Tankers 4 Russia/Uzbekistan Purchase
Advanced Jet Trainers Unspecified Indigenous/Indigenous Purchase
Technical Service Center for
- Russia -
Remote Piloted Vehicle - Indigenous R&D
Jaguar Deep Penetration Aircraft 15 UK Purchase

Kilo Class Submarine 2 Russia Purchase
Submarine Type-209/1500 2 Germany Purchase
Aircraft Carrier (Admiral Gorshkov) 1 Russia Offered free of cost on the condition that India would pay for the refurbishment costs.
Air-defence Ship 1 Indigenous Purchase
Light Combat Aircraft (Naval Version) 10 Indigenous Purchase
Advance Light Helicopter Unspecified Indigenous Purchase
Mig-29 K (Naval Version) Unspecified Russia Purchase
Nuclear Powered Submarine 1 Indigenous Purchase
Delhi Class Multi-purpose Destroyers 3 Indigenous Purchase
Stealth Frigate 1 Indigenous Purchase
Super Dvora Fast Attack Craft 6(2+4) Israel/Indigenous Purchase
Electronic Support Measures for Carrier Viraat - Israel Purchase
Electronic Support Measures for 3 Brahamaputra Class Frigates - Israel Purchase
Electronic Support Measures for Gdavri Class Frigates - Israel Purchase
Tarantul Class Fast Attack Craft 7 Russia Purchase
Sea King Helicopters 2 UK Purchase
Harrier Jet 2 UK Purchase
Magar Class Landing Ship 2 UK Purchase
Krivak Class Frigate 3 Russia Purchase
Do-228-200 MP. Maritime Patrol Aircraft 27 Germany Purchase

T-90s 315 Russia Purchase
T-72 - Russia/Indigenous Upgrade
M-46 Towed Artillery - Israel Upgrade
Z-23 Anti-aircraft System Unspecified Russia Purchase
155mm Howitzers & Turrets 400 UK, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, France Tenders Invited

Missile Systems & Missiles
Agni I&II Missile Systems - India Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Capable IRBM 
Prithvi Missile System - India NBC Capable SRBM
S-300 Unspecified Russia ABM system 
Akash  - Indigenous ABM. Dr. Abul Kalam recently visited Israel to acquaint with their Arrow ABM developments. 
Astra - Indigenous Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM), R&D
Supersonic Cruise - Russia/Indigenous R&D
Trishul  - Indigenous SAM. Successfully tested. Awaiting serial production
Sagarika - - Sea Launched Ballistic Missile being developed with the technical assistance of Russia & Israel
PGM (Precision Guided Munitions) Unspecified USA, France Used during the recent Kargil conflict. 
Cryogenic Engines  Unspecified Russia Engines for ballistic missiles
Nag  Unspecified Indigenous Anti-Tank Guided Missile. Successfully tested. Awaiting serial production.
AA-10 Alamo AAMs  720 Russia Purchase
AA- II Archer AAMs 720 Russia Purchase 
SS-N-25 Shipt-to-Ship Missile System 3 Russia Purchase. For Krivak-4 Type Frigates
SS-N-25 Ship-to-Ship Missile 96  Russia Purchase. For Krivak-4 Type Frigates
SS-N-2 Ship-to-Ship Missile System 18 Russia Purchase. For Brabmaputra Class Frigates (3), Khukri Class Corvettes (8) & Tarantul Class FAC (7) 
SA-N-4 Ship-to-Air Missile System  3 Russia Purchase. For Brahmaputra Class Frigates. 
SS-N-25 Ship-to-Ship Missile System 3 Russia Purchase. For Delhi Class Destroyers
SA-N-4 Gecko Ship-to-Air Missile 60 Russia Purchase. For Brahamaputra Class Frigates.
SS-N-25/X-35 Ship-to-Ship Missile 96 Russia Purchase. For Delhi Class Destroyers.
SA-N-7 Gadfly/Smench Ship-to-Air Missile  66 Russia Purchase. For Delhi Class Destroyers.
SS-N-2-D Styx/P-21 Ship-to-Ship Missile 120 Russia Purchase. For Khukri Class Corvettes & Tarantul Class FAC 
SA-N-5 Grail/Strela Ship-to-Air Missile  600 Russia Purchase. For Khukri Class Corvettes & Tarantul Class FAC 
In addition to the above, a wide array of Surveillance radar and Fire Control radar are being acquired by the Indian Armed Forces.

India, and Russia signed a 10-year defence deal during visit to India by former Russian. Prime Minister Yevgenny Primakov in December 1998. The accord follows a similar agreement between. the countries which will. expire in 2000. One: of the highlights of the deal is the offer of free provision by Russia of aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov on the condition that Delhi bears the cost of it refurbishment and also acquires fighter aircraft for it.