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The Pakistan High Commissioner was summoned this afternoon by Foreign Secretary and a strong protest was lodged regarding a serious incident in which Shri B.S. Rawat, an official of our High Commission in Islamabad was, early this morning, accosted and badly beaten up in front of his diplomatic residence purportedly by a security guard of a neighbouring house. The antecedents of this individual have not been confirmed. Shri Rawat received serious injuries and has been hospitalised.

Foreign Secretary told the High Commissioner that India took very grave note of this incident which had very disturbing connotations and was entirely unacceptable. This abnormal incident reflects the inadequate security being provided to our Mission officials despite repeated demarches made by us in the past. Foreign Secretary reiterated that the Government of Pakistan should take all steps to ensure the security and safety of our Mission personnel and to stop their harassment at the hands of the intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

New Delhi
May 31, 1998

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We are in the knowledge of Pakistan having conducted one more nuclear test today. The development was expected. Facts are being ascertained. Government's stand has been made clear by Prime Minister in Parliament yesterday. As is well known, India is already observing a voluntary moratorium. Pakistan has sought to justify the nuclear tests by projecting an alleged threat from India. As Prime Minister has already stated, India does not pose a threat to Pakistan. The Prime Minister also reiterated the offer to hold discussions with Pakistan on a no-first-use agreement reflecting our desire to maintain peace and stability in the region. Government is watching the situation carefully. Government remains fully prepared to deal firmly and effectively with any threat to India's national security.

New Delhi,
May 30, 1998