DPRK to Strike U.S. Mainland in Case of War

100,000-mass rally in Pyongyang against the U.S.

North Korean news media on Dec. 4 said the country will strike back the U.S. Mainland if the latter provokes another war on the Korean Peninsula.

"We have powerful means and capabilities to defeat any armed invasion by a formidable enemy at a sweep. There is no limit to this strike, and on this planet, there is no room for escaping it", said Rodong Sinmun in an article entitled "U.S must clearly know its opponent."

This is the first time in the half-century of hostile relationship between the two countries that Pyongyang directly mentioned a direct attack on  U.S. territory.

The north Korean daily is responding to Washington's demands for unconditional inspections of the north's underground project. Pyongyang has been refusing the request, asking the latter to pay compensation for the right to inspect the site.

Rodong Sinmun further warned that the target is not limited to Uncle Sam but its allies including south Korea and Japan which g"support America's aggression forces behind the scene".

In an escalation of the DPRK's recent war of words with the United State, over 100,000 soldiers, workers and students held a mass rally in Pyongyang on the same day, vowing an ``all-out'' war against the United States.

"If the U.S. imperialist aggressors violate even an inch of our land and a blade of grass again, eight million youth and schoolchildren of Korea will become human bombs and make suicidal attack to blow up the sources of war including the U.S. territory and demonstrate the stamina and spirit of Juche Korea to the world,"said Jo Pyong Gi, student of Kim Il Sung University in his speech during the rally.

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