[EXCERPT] Russia Spots North Korean Satellite MOSCOW, Sept 5 (AFP) - Russia's space observation centre has spotted the satellite North Korea claimed to have launched Monday, ITAR-TASS news agency reported Saturday. A centre official told the agency that the launch indicated that North Korea had the technical knowledge for firing an intercontinental missile. The observation centre, which is run by the Russia armed forces, confirmed Pyongyang's statement that the satellite had been placed in an orbit of between 218.82 kilometres and 6,978.20 kilometres (135.67 and 4326.48 miles), circling the earth every 165 minutes and six seconds. The centre speculated that the satellite had been launched for commercial purposes, adding that Russian scientists had given it a number in the catalogue of artificial objects in space. ...... The stunning claim that Pyongyang had not only achieved its first launch of a two-stage rocket but also put a satellite in orbit initially was greeted with scepticism. David Wright, a physicist studying North Korea at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said "there's no indication that they have anything approaching the ability to launch a satellite."