Nobody can slander DPRK's missile policy = KCNA commentary =

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) -- There has been a rumour that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has "completed the development of missiles of a new type and deployed them for actual war." The rumour is apparently aimed at impairing the DPRK's prestige and justifying the continued hostile policy towards it by making impressions that it has done what it should not do. Some people of the united states are alleging that the DPRK is a leading "missile power" in the world and the "world's biggest missile exporter." they have raised the missile issue as a precondition for the easing of economic sanctions against the DPRK, the embargo which should be lifted under the DPRK-U.S. framework agreement. They have also contended that "frozen" development and export of missiles is vital to the improvement of the bilateral relations. The missile issue is related to the sovereignty and existence of our people. We are militarily confronted with the United States, which has the largest quantities of nuclear weapons, inter-continental ballistic missiles and other mass destruction weapons in the world. What it really seeks in the efforts for preventing our missile development is to disarm and attack us any moment. It is the consistent principle maintained by the DPRK government in national defence that as long as it remains subjected to military threat from outside, it should produce by itself and deploy military equipment to safeguard the security of the country and the people. On this principle, we will continue developing, testing and deploying missiles. With missiles of the united states, which is at war with the DPRK technically, aiming at our territory, we find no reason to refrain from developing and deploying missiles to counter them. The discontinuation of our missile development is a matter which can be discussed after a peace agreement is signed between the DPRK and the united states and the U.S. military threat completely removed. If the U.S. "concern" over our missiles is truly related to the peace and security of northeast Asia, the United States should immediately accept the DPRK-proposed peace agreement for the establishment of a durable peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula. Our missile export is aimed at obtaining foreign money we need at present. As the United States has pursued economic isolation of the DPRK for more than half a century, our resources of foreign money have been circumscribed. So, missile export is the option we could not but take. If the United States really wants to prevent our missile export, it should lift the economic embargo as early as possible and make a compensation for the losses to be caused by discontinued missile export. We will as ever put the interests of our state and the wellbeing of our people above anything else and never allow others to slander such a policy.