DoD News Briefing

Tuesday, December 9, 1997
Joint Press Conference

................ Secretary Cohen: Good morning.


Q: Mr. Secretary, the Commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said recently that the North Koreans appeared to be making preparations to deploy the No Dang missile. Is that missile close to deployment? If so, what kind of a threat will that pose to the forces in the region?

Secretary Cohen: I can say that the No Dang, the development of it, has been completed. Whether or not there are preparations underway for deployment or whether they have been, in fact, deployed, is not clear. But, obviously, any time you have a missile with increased range, that does pose a threat to the South and to perhaps others in the region.

Q: What steps is the U.S. going to take to counter those missiles once they're deployed?

Secretary Cohen: As you know, we are, in fact, developing a number of theater missile defense systems. We have a fairly vigorous program underway including our PAC-3 which, among the other programs, we will, in fact, take into account to counter such threat and to protect our troops.