U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing
Friday, January 10, 1997

18-19 New York Talks

QUESTION: Do you have a date certain for the North Korea briefing?

MR. BURNS: No, we don't, but I think we are probably approaching that. In fact, I believe that there was a meeting -

QUESTION: Yesterday.

MR. BURNS: Yes, there was a working level meeting between American and North Korean diplomats in New York City yesterday as part of our regular contacts. This was our Deputy Korean Office Director David Straub, and he met with his counterparts from the Korean Mission to the United Nations.

Arrangements for the upcoming joint briefing on the Four-Party Talks are under discussion, and I think the joint briefing will probably be held towards the end of this month - towards the end of January. What we need to work out with the North Koreans is where that will take place, who will attend and the specific date. We don't have that worked out yet.

QUESTION: What's holding it up, though? I mean, you've been talking about it so long.

MR. BURNS: I think we feel reasonably confident, following the gesture made by North Korea nearly two weeks ago, that the decision has been made by the North Koreans that they will participate in a joint briefing. The only question is modalities. Sometimes that takes a while to work out - logistics.

QUESTION: Do you have a place?

MR. BURNS: Do we have a place?

QUESTION: To hold the meeting.

MR. BURNS: We have lots of places to hold the meeting, and it's just a question of convincing the North Koreans which place they want to go to, and I'm sure we'll be able to do that.