No Matter How Hard They Try To Find Fault With Us, They Will Not Be Able To Do So

Pyongyang Korean Central Broadcasting Network
Commentary from 9 November NODONG SINMUN
0854 GMT 9 Nov 95

[FBIS Translated Text] U.S. Defense Secretary Perry has again found fault with us.

When a fellow groundlessly finds fault with someone else, he is pursuing an insidious purpose. The fact that U.S. Defense Secretary Perry found fault with us while making a junket to South Korea is no exception. In what was called a joint communique, he seriously found fault with us, stating that our conventional arms buildup and long- range missile development constitute a threat to the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia.

The United States has found fault with us in extremely diverse manners. Is there anything that cannot be made up by the U.S. conservatives who insist that what does not exist actually does exist and who claim that white is black? Given the U.S. military strategy, the accusations the United States have made against us have been used in most cases as an excuse to justify the buildup of their forces on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity as well as their maneuvers to provoke a new war. These accusations include the threat of southward aggression, about which the United States has raved for decades; a groundless nuclear threat; and various other groundless accusations. However, they have not convinced anyone these past years. In particular, this is true now that the Cold War is over. Nevertheless, the United States has not stopped trying to find fault with us in order to pursue its sinister purposes. This time, Perry found fault with our conventional arms buildup and long-range missile development. The United States raved about the missile threat, and not for the first time; it has done so on other occasions. This shows the United States is making a very tenacious, mean attempt to justify its arms buildup on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity as well as its maneuvers to provoke a new war. Perry even said it is only the United States that has the technological and moral strength to deter the ever- increasing missile threat in Asia. He raved about the technological and moral strength of the United States against something that does not exist. This discloses the ulterior intentions of the United States to crush us.

In reality, it is the United States that forces us to face the danger of war and that aggravates the arms race and tensions. The United States has deployed numerous nuclear missiles and various other missiles on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity, aiming them at us.

In particular, the United States is hastening to establish a theater missile defense system against us. The United States is dragging Japan and the South Korean puppets into this system. While making a junket to Japan, Perry did not conceal the fact that the United States and Japan have been cooperating on the establishment of a ballistic missile defense. No missile is purely defensive; missiles are basically offensive.

Because of U.S. maneuvers to deploy more missiles and other weapons, the arms race and tensions have been further aggravated. Our people are constantly under the threat of aggression owing to the presence of the U.S. forces on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity as well as the U.S. maneuvers to provoke a new war. We cannot but build up our self-defensive military strength in preparation against such a possibility.

Even if the United States finds fault with us, we will not be frightened or surprised by this.

The more the United States, which habitually perpetrates aggression and war maneuvers, finds fault with us, the more firmly the world will trust us and mistrust the United States.

No matter how loudly the United States may talk about a missile threat from us, few will believe it.

We do not expect to hear favorable remarks from the United States, with which we are in warring relations. Mankind is on the side of justice. We are proud that we are upholding the socialist banner, even when the United States threatens us militarily and makes all sorts of vicious remarks against us. The progressive people of the world watch our people with admiration and support, and encourage us.

The United States must realize that the more it slanders us to seek its sinister purpose, the more difficult a situation it will push itself into.