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August 2000 China
Special Weapons News

  • EXCERPTS OF ROC PRESIDENT'S AUG. 28 PRESS CONFERENCE, CNA, 28 August 2000 -- Taiwanese President's remarks about cross-strait relations.
  • MAC URGES CROSS-STRAIT TALKS ON 'MINI DIRECT LINKS', CNA, 28 August 2000 -- The government is taking a positive stance on the implementation of the so-called "mini three direct links" -- direct trade, shipping and communications links between the Republic of China's offshore islands of Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu with mainland China -- and concrete plans are expected to be put on the drawing-board in the near future.
  • NATIONAL UNIFICATION NOT ONLY OPTION: DPP OFFICIAL, CNA, 27 August 2000 -- An official of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said national unification is not the only option for Taiwan and the concept should be adjusted to conform to mainstream values.
  • BEIJING URGED NOT TO IMPOSE POLITICAL BARRIER TO '3 LINKS', CNA, 26 August 2000 -- Mainland China should not impose any political barrier to the proposed opening of direct "three links" across the Taiwan Strait, a senior mainland affairs official said Saturday.
  • PFP UNVEILS GUIDELINES ON ITS MAINLAND CHINA POLICY, CNA, 24 August 2000 -- Refusing to take sides in the long-standing argument between Taiwan's pro-reunification and pro-independence forces, PFP leader James Soong took pains to position his party as "pragmatic" in terms of its approach toward the mainland.
  • PFP ISSUES 6-POINT STANCE ON CROSS-STRAIT TIES, CNA, 24 August 2000 -- Taiwan's opposition People First Party (PFP) issued a lengthy report Friday on its basic views and stances on relations across the Taiwan Strait.
  • 'ONE CHINA' POLICY GOOD FOR TAIWAN, CHINA: US EXPERT, CNA, 24 August 2000 -- It makes a great deal of sense for the United States to maintain its "one China" policy, because it reduces the possibility of war across the Taiwan Strait, compels PRC modernization and democratization, and buys time without endangering Taiwan, claimed an American defense expert Thursday.
  • SNUBBING THE DALAI LAMA AT THE U-N, Voice of America, 11 August 2000 -- A controversy is brewing around the failure of the United Nations to invite the exiled Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama, to an upcoming conference of world religious figures at the U-N's New York headquarters at the end of August.
  • U-S-CHINA-TAIWAN, Voice of America, 04 August 2000 -- Clinton administration officials are minimizing the political importance of a decision to allow Taiwan's new president, Chen Shui-bian, to make an overnight stay in Los Angeles later this month while en route to the Caribbean and Africa.
  • Spokesperson on the Draft Resolution tabled by A Few Countries Concerning "Taiwan's Participation in the UN", Chinese Foreign Ministry Statement, 04 August 2000 -- ...This constitutes a wanton trample of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, a distortion of the organizational nature of the UN, and a brutal interference in China's internal affairs. We are greatly angered by and resolutely opposed to it...

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