FAS Roundup: August 20, 2012

Case dismissed based on state secret privilege, Bio agents app, new CRS reports  and much more.

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  • Court Dismisses Case Based on State Secrets Privilege: On August 14, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit which alleged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had engaged in unlawful surveillance of Muslim residents of southern California. The court granted the Obama Administration’s claim that the state secrets privilege precluded litigation of the case. The plaintiffs in the case contended that the FBI had “conducted an indiscriminate ‘dragnet’ investigation and gathered personal information about them and other innocent Muslim Americans in Southern California based on their religion.” The government said various aspects of the subject were too sensitive to be addressed in open court.


New Bio Agents App

FAS recently published a Biological Agents Education app for the FBI. It is available for free on  Android and iOS.

The bio-security agent information cards app provides students, scientists and healthcare providers with information on the 10 biological agents that are widely used in biological research. Each card is designed to highlight one biological agent and its related bio-security concerns. The information on the cards is focused and concise, decreasing the time needed to find or learn relevant information. The cards are designed to be informative to individuals, from the lay person as well as the entry level – experienced practitioners engaged in the pursuit of careers in the biological or medical technology and sciences, for familiarization and as a ready resource to aspects of the bio-terror threat.


On August 14, FAS hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill on future energy options featuring Dr. Ripudaman Malhotra, Associate Director of the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory at SRI International.

Dr. Malhotra’s slides from the briefing are available here. A summary of the event can be found here.

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