FAS Podcast: A Discussion on Wikileaks and Government Secrecy in 2010

Listen to a new edition of the FAS Podcast: “A Conversation With An Expert,” featuring Steve Aftergood. Topics discussed include the release of records by Wikileaks, the consequences of this release, the other major government secrecy issues in 2010, the Fundamental Classification Guidance Review, and much more!

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What is your opinion — Was the release of records by Wikileaks whistle blowing? Did it do a service to the national classification system?

Should the information in the records disclosed by Wikileaks be used by think tanks in forthcoming reports? Should government workers be able to access this information?

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0 thoughts on “FAS Podcast: A Discussion on Wikileaks and Government Secrecy in 2010

  1. The gaping hole in this piece is recognition and exploration of the existence and role of the Internet itself in setting new conditions for “secrecy”. In addition, he has ignored the critical role that the six newspapers world wide, who received a relatively small number of leaks, played in redacting harmful information.

    By restricting an analysis of Wikileaks, which exists only because of ten year old technolgies, to the same set of parameters as would have been used to consider a more monolithic world of information flow and management Mr. Aftergood firmly anchors himself to the past.

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