Toward a Negotiated Solution – Solving the Iranian Nuclear Puzzle

Last week, I spoke at a meeting of the Arms Control Association on the Multilateral “P-5+1” talks with Iran over its nuclear program. How we can improve IAEA monitoring and verification so that we can have sufficient confidence that Iran’s nuclear fuel-cycle activities are not used for weapons purpose?

The panelists included Barry Blechman, co-founder of the Henry L. Stimson Center and chair of the Stimson-U.S. Institute of Peace joint study group on Engagement, Coercion, and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge; Greg Thielmann, ACA Senior Fellow and former professional staffer of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and official with the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research; and Daryl G. Kimball, ACA Executive Director will moderate.

Read the full transcript of the meeting here.

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  1. The Iran nuclear puzzle can be solved. The recent meeting in Istanbul was of the highest importance. A foundation of trust exists between all the parties. A peaceful, stable Middle East will lead to a steady increase in the regional GDP and a commensurate improvement in the general welfare of all the constituent nations. The nuclear question is a two faced genie. Nuclear power is a boon for humankind. Nuclear weapons need to be phased out over the next few decades. They are a by-product of certain past geo-political moves. Like nine poker players all with various stacks returning dangerous chips to the house one by one the risk needs to be reduced over time and in a way that builds trust. The various leaders must realise that the universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. Violence is not innate. Charles D. Ferguson and his colleagues at FAS are doing a great job. Thank G-d there are highly intelligent, ethical and altruistic people alive today who are trying to make the world a safer and better place. The Creator makes sure there are always a few righteous souls alive down here on terra firma who hold the very fabric of the universe together.

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