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Like you, I value a secure world that is free from use of nuclear weapons. Through your generous support, FAS staff are helping to create that world. At the beginning of May, FAS commenced its campaign to take the lead in educating policymakers, the press, and the public on all aspects of reducing the risks of further nuclear proliferation, the new START agreement, the road toward deeper nuclear arms reductions, and the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. Nearly one month in, we are seeing fruitful results. To highlight four notable accomplishments:

- FAS received great acclamation for its documentary, Paths to Zero, which premiered at the NPT Review Conference. In addition, nearly 400 people have viewed Paths to Zero online. This film serves as a tutorial about the Cold War nuclear arms race, the present day nuclear dangers, and the desirability and feasibility of eventually eliminating nuclear weapons.

– FAS’s efforts in calling for greater nuclear transparency have paid off. Near the start of the NPT Review Conference, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that the United States has 5,113 active nuclear warheads. Hans Kristensen, FAS’s expert on nuclear information and transparency, had estimated 5,100, only 13 off from the actual number. Dozens of news outlets including The Los Angeles Times and Science have lauded him for his nuclear sleuthing. Officials at the White House and other U.S. government agencies regularly read Hans’s blog. FAS is having a positive effect on U.S. nuclear policy.

– FAS experts Dr. Ivan Oelrich and Ivanka Barzashka have met with over two dozen American and foreign officials to brief them on the FAS proposal to solve the Iranian stalemate. This proposal offers a way to delay the onset of Iran developing a nuclear weapons capability and opens the door for confidence building in creating a diplomatic solution to the dilemma over Iran’s nuclear program.

– Last week FAS President Dr. Charles Ferguson briefed the House Committee on Science and Technology about the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Roadmap. Relevant to stopping nuclear proliferation is my analysis of how U.S. government policy may have opened the door for countries such as China and India to sell proliferation-prone nuclear technologies.

These achievements are not enough though. Because we are committed to the belief that our world can and should be more secure and free of nuclear weapons, FAS will continue to work towards greater accomplishments in the coming months.

To achieve greater nuclear security, support from our membership is vital. Your membership contribution today, before May 31st, will allow FAS to maximize our impact and accomplish our action plan to:

– Brief Congress and administration officials on all facets of the Nuclear Security Summit, new START, CTBT, and NPT Review Conference resolutions.

– Provide a technical assessment of our nation’s security to policymakers, the press, and the public.

– Analyze how to reduce the risks of proliferation as more countries seek to use peaceful nuclear energy.

– Bring scientists and policymakers together to develop and implement best security practices for dismantling nuclear weapons and the remaining usable nuclear materials.

I ask that you consider becoming a member today — your membership contribution of $50 or more will make a critical difference at this important time in history.

We have plenty of work to do.

As you know, FAS experts have strived since 1945 to reduce the risk of nuclear war. Today, you can help us continue the tradition of bringing scientific knowledge to bear on critical security decisions by providing the extra help we need by May 31st to carry out these important tasks.

Again, thank you for strengthening FAS through your continued support. If you have any questions about making a contribution or FAS efforts, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]

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