Preview to the NPT Pre-conference

“If the bomb gets out of hand, if we do not learn to live together so that science will be our help and not our hurt, there is only one sure future. The cities of men on earth will perish.”

Dr. Philip Morrison, Manhattan Project scientist and one of the founders of FAS, wrote this line in his work “If the bomb gets out of hand.” While he wrote this in 1946 following his survey of the effects of the Hiroshima bomb, these words still ring very true today.

In just a few hours the Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just, Sustainable World Conference (or NPT Pre-conference for short) will take place on the upper west side of Manhattan. The Pre-conference will culminate on Sunday, when thousands of activists will join together to rally and march to the United Nations on what’s being called an “International Day of Action.”

While no high level international delegations will be attending this Pre-conference, nor will any disarmament deals be struck, this Pre-conference is important because it serves as way to mobilize the NGO community, disarmament activists, and regular people who care about a more secure world — all parties that will need to be a part of whatever resolution or decisions come out of the NPT RevCon. The politicians and U.N. delegations can’t do it alone. They need the disarmament community to continue to mobilize and keep the pressure on, just as much as we need the politicians to strike a deal.

For the next three days, I will be covering the NPT Pre-conference via this blog and on our FAS Facebook fan page / Twitter. Please join the conversation with #ptz. Also, if you haven’t already joined the FAS No Use of Nuclear Weapons cause or signed our petition, please do so now — only together can we create a more secure world.

I hope you enjoy my coverage over the next few days, and if your in NYC this weekend, stop by the FAS table at the International festival in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Sunday.

Before I sign off, I urge all of you to find a copy of “If the bomb gets out of hand,” and read it. You’ll be glad you did.

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