Houston House Photo Updates

Construction continues on FAS’s demonstration house in Houston, Texas. Trusses have been put up, and the envelope is almost finished. We’ve gotten more pictures as well, and we’re posting them on FAS’s flickr account, which can be found here.

0 thoughts on “Houston House Photo Updates

  1. I am really enjoying this blog informative and extremely interesting.

    I have to say that America really amazes me when it come to they way they build their homes, like for example why would one repeatedly build their home from wood, when staying in a place known for hurricanes, surely one would build with a stronger material.

  2. Dear Sue,
    People, even in America, do not have enough disposable cash to build with those materials sufficiently strong to resist the forces of tornados, or rushing flood waters. No one does. You may have seen what the storm surge did to interstate highway I-10 in Hurricane Katrina. It washed it away in several places. And that was made of thousands of tons of concrete and steel. Mother nature always has more power than we have resources to resist. So instead of building incredibly expensive housing, we just leave the area when storms come and if our house needs to be repaired, or rebuilt, that is why we buy insurance.

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