FAS reports provide detailed, technical analysis on specific security threats facing the world, and provide the public and policymakers with recommendations on how to address these threats.

All FAS reports are available online in HTML or PDF format.


118th Congress: National Security

The 21st century will be shaped by the US-China strategic competition. The United States and China are locked in a battle for global power, influence, and resources,…

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118th Congress: Education & Workforce

Amid growing global competition in emerging technologies, increasing adoption of automation and artificial intelligence, and economic and national security trends upended by the pandemic, the United States…

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118th Congress: Ensuring Energy Security

Recent crises, such as the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, have led to volatile fossil fuel prices and raised national concerns about energy security. The growing frequency…

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118th Congress: Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is in disrepair and our transportation system has failed to keep pace with usage, technology and maintenance needs. As a result, 43% of public roadways…

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