Spring 2011

FAS launches a new design for the PIR. This issue features articles on illegal exports, nuclear power, detecting radiation at borders, and the next steps for U.S. and Russia nuclear arms reductions.

Summer 2011

This issue focuses on energy. Articles include protecting nuclear installations from disaster, carbon capture and storage systems, safety and oversight of U.S. waters, lessons learned from the BP oil spill, the impacts of biofuels on climate change, and more.

FallĀ 2011

This issue covers chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological topics. Articles include security at U.S. chemical facilities, biological agents in the laboratory, the 2011 BWC, dirty bombs, the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, infectious dieases, the risks posed by radioactive materials, and more.

Winter 2011

This issue features articles on space security. Articles include new UN measures to build transparency, road rules for space, managing risk in space, the phased adaptive approach missile defense system, bringing Twitter to North Korea, and more.