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07.16.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The Program Manager of the DNI’s Information Sharing Environment is tasked with improving the sharing of terrorism-related information between the federal government and state, local and tribal governments, while preventing public access to that same information. The latest Annual Report to Congress on the Information Sharing Environment (pdf) was transmitted earlier this month.

Civil-military operations are the subject of a new doctrinal publication from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. See Joint Publication 3-57, “Civil-Military Operations” (pdf), July 8, 2008.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy Office will hold a public workshop on government data mining and its impact on personal privacy on July 24-25.

President Nixon’s Daily Diary — which is actually something like an appointment calendar, not a written record of intimate confidences — has recently been released and published on the web site of the Nixon presidential library.