Various DoD Resources

05.17.07 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

New guidance on declassification marking (pdf) of documents and materials originating in Department of Defense special access programs was issued by the new Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) James R. Clapper, Jr. on April 26.

A Joint Chiefs of Staff publication presents doctrine on “barrier, obstacle, and mine warfare.” The document, newly updated, “greatly expands coverage of improvised explosive devices, mines, and other unexploded explosive ordnance.” See “Barriers, Obstacles, and Mine Warfare for Joint Operations” (pdf), Joint Publication 3-15, 26 April 2007.

A U.S. Army “smart card” (pdf) provides soldiers a summary overview of the threat from Improvised Explosive Devices. The unclassified smart card on “The IED and VBIED [vehicle borne IED] Threat” dated January 2004 — not the latest edition — is available here.