U.S. Armed Forces Abroad, 1978-2007, and More from CRS

02.21.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Noteworthy new reports from the Congressional Research Service that have not been made readily available to the public include these (all pdf).

“Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2007,” updated January 14, 2008.

“The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11,” updated February 8, 2008.

“Defense: FY2008 Authorization and Appropriations,” updated January 23, 2008.

“U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT): Overview and Application to Interrogation Techniques,” updated January 25, 2008.

“Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons,” updated January 16, 2008.

“Securing General Aviation,” updated January 24, 2008.