Some Notable CRS Reports

11.27.06 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

When new leadership takes control in the 110th Congress, the public may finally gain routine online access to finished products of the Congressional Research Service.

The prospects for adopting this simple change in disclosure policy are enhanced by the fact that such a move would not require Bush Administration concurrence.

For the time being, however, congressional policy prohibits direct public access to CRS reports.

Some notable new CRS reports obtained by Secrecy News that are not otherwise available online include the following (all pdf).

“Intelligence Estimates: How Useful to Congress?”, November 21, 2006.

“Iraqi Civilian Deaths Estimates,” November 22, 2006.

“Televising Supreme Court and Other Federal Court Proceedings: Legislation and Issues,” updated November 8, 2006.

“Anti-Terrorism Authority Under the Laws of the United Kingdom and the United States,” September 7, 2006.