21st Century Right to Know: Transition Recommendations

11.12.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Ideally, the change of presidential administrations would be the occasion for a transformation in the relationship between government and the public, in which government information becomes easily and rapidly accessible to all interested parties.

With that possibility in mind, dozens of public interest organizations concerned with access to government information (including FAS) have collaborated to develop actionable recommendations for the new administration to promote open, accountable government.

The process, convened and led by OMB Watch, produced a 112-page volume (pdf) that addresses transparency, access, national security secrecy, freedom of information policy, and related topics. See “Moving Towards a 21st Century Right to Know Agenda: Recommendations to President-Elect Obama and Congress.”

Other transition-related initiatives on open government were compiled on the Sunshine Week web site.  See “Groups Call for Transparency in New President’s Administration.”

And others yet are still to come.