National Security Letters, Fossil Fuel, and More from CRS

11.09.09 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Noteworthy new reports from the Congressional Research Service that have not been made readily available to the public include the following (all pdf).

“National Security Letters: Proposed Amendments in the 111th Congress,” October 28, 2009.

“U.S. Fossil Fuel Resources: Terminology, Reporting, and Summary,” October 28, 2009.

“Unconventional Gas Shales: Development, Technology, and Policy Issues,” October 30, 2009.

“Electoral College Reform: 111th Congress Proposals and Other Current Developments,” November 4, 2009.

“Congressional Printing: Background and Issues for Congress,” November 5, 2009.

“Resolutions of Inquiry: An Analysis of Their Use in the House, 1947-2009,” October 29, 2009.