Marine Corps Will Restore Online Access to Public Documents

03.27.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The U.S. Marine Corps has agreed to restore public access to unclassified doctrinal documents on its web site.

The official Marine Corps doctrine web site remains inaccessible. But in response to a Federation of American Scientists request (pdf) under the Freedom of Information Act, the Marine Corps said that all releasable contents would soon be made publicly available through the Publications directory of the main USMC web site.

“Publications are actively being loaded with the goal of having all distribution A publications (approved for public release) loaded onto this site as soon as possible,” wrote Captain E.C. Snyder on March 19.

The move follows a similar action by the Army’s Reimer Digital Library last month. The Army had barred public access to its unclassified holdings, but then relented in response to a Freedom of Information Act action by the Federation of American Scientists.

A selection of U.S. Marine Corps documents on intelligence and security doctrine may be found on the FAS web site.