The Future of Internet Governance, and More from CRS

05.11.15 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Noteworthy new reports from the Congressional Research Service that Congress has withheld from public distribution include the following.

The Future of Internet Governance: Should the U.S. Relinquish Its Authority Over ICANN?, May 5, 2015

Iran’s Foreign Policy, May 5, 2015

Money for Something: Music Licensing in the 21st Century, May 7, 2015

Current Debates over Exchange Rates: Overview and Issues for Congress, May 7, 2015

Immigration Detainers: Legal Issues, May 7, 2015

U.S.-Mexican Security Cooperation: the Mérida Initiative and Beyond, May 7, 2015

Franking Privilege: Mass Mailings and Mass Communications in the House, 1997-2014, May 6, 2015

Obama Library Likely Headed to Chicago’s South Side, CRS Insights, May 1, 2015

Tesla’s Home Battery–An Electricity Storage Breakthrough?, CRS Insights, May 4, 2015