Government Secrecy: Decisions Without Democracy

07.13.07 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The expansion of official secrecy now poses a challenge to basic democratic processes, argues a new report (pdf) from OpenTheGovernment.org and People for the American Way.

In a highly readable account, the report explains why openness is a virtue, explores how secrecy impedes public deliberation, and considers what can be done about it.

“As Congress and the White House clash over this administration’s unprecedented secrecy, Americans need to know the full scope of the problem,” said Patrice McDermott, director of OpenTheGovernment.org. “It is up to us, with and through our elected officials, to preserve our heritage of open and accountable government.”

See “Government Secrecy: Decisions without Democracy,” written by David Banisar, July 2007.