DNI Directive Prescribes Evaluation of Employee Performance

01.03.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The Director of National Intelligence has issued a new performance management policy (pdf) that will require regular evaluations of the performance of all U.S. intelligence community employees.

The new policy will include “the evaluation of IC employees on their results (in other words, ‘what’ they achieve)” as well as “the manner in which they achieved those results (in other words, ‘how’ they were accomplished).”

There will be “a clear linkage between an employee’s performance and compensation, rewards, promotion opportunities, and retention considerations. High performance will be recognized and reinforced. Substandard performance will be addressed and corrected. Employees who cannot or will not improve their performance to meet required expectations will be subject to appropriate action,” the DNI directive states.

See “Performance Management System Requirements for the Intelligence Community Civilian Workforce,” Intelligence Community Directive 651, November 28, 2007.