Army Reg on Conscientious Objection

08.25.06 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

U.S. Army policy for dealing with military personnel who assert a conscientious objection to military combat is set forth in a newly updated Army regulation (pdf).

Criteria for likely approval or rejection of a conscientious objection claim are described. Claims that are insincere or “based on objection to a certain war” will “not be favorably considered.”

The Regulation accepts the reality of conscientious objection with due respect.

“Care must be exercised not to deny the existence of beliefs simply because those beliefs are incompatible with one’s own,” it states.

In any case, “The burden of establishing a claim of conscientious objection as grounds for separation or assignment to noncombatant training and service is on the applicant.”

See “Conscientious Objection,” Army Regulation 600-43, 21 August 2006.