Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies

05.10.07 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

“Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies” (ACNT) was the name of a now-defunct Department of Energy journal that sought to inform policy makers about the capacities and limitations of arms control-related technologies.

At its best, ACNT provided a foundation for clear thinking about arms control and an intelligible introduction to the technologies involved.

It has been referenced in various studies performed by the National Academy of Sciences and others, but has become hard to find. The journal ceased publication in 2001, when its budget became a casualty of post-9/11 spending priorities and “suddenly arms control wasn’t fashionable any more,” a DOE official told Secrecy News.

It was deleted from the website of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (where it was produced) in 2005.

Secrecy News has recovered all extant issues of Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies from multiple sources and assembled them in an online archive on the Federation of American Scientists web site here.