Technology & Innovation


The Technology & Innovation Vertical at FAS seeks to unlock high-leverage science and technology policy action by delivering crowdsourced, customer-specific, actionable ideas aimed at policymakers while providing direct technical assistance to federal agencies on crosscutting issues related to federal R&D and budgets, regional innovation clusters, industrial strategy for critical and emerging sectors, high-skilled immigration, strategic global development and competition and more.

At a moment of intense global competition with China and existential threats of climate change, the federal government is making unprecedented investments into our nation’s innovation ecosystems. The Technology & Innovation Vertical brings an entrepreneurial approach to ambitious policy ideas that meet these challenges.

Steered by leadership with decades of experience in the federal government, this team empowers both technical and non-technical early-career staff  with voice, opportunity, and a daring chance at impact.



Josh Schoop

Principal Director for Technology and Innovation & Director for Day One Project

What We're Building

Green & Cutting-Edge Regional Innovation. Identifying opportunities to force-multiply the investments made by federal agencies and state & local governments into regional economies.

High-skilled Immigration. Pursuing creative pathways to attract and retain global STEM talent, our nation’s most important resource.

Artificial Intelligence. Empowering sustainable and equitable progress in AI by aligning federal efforts in safety research, international treaties, risk management best practices, and workforce development.

Industrial Strategy. Channeling lessons learned from Operation Warp Speed with a bipartisan coalition in the pursuit of novel federal approaches to innovation market failures. 

Technical Assistance. Supporting leaders in government to implement catalytic science, tech and innovation policies and approaches like Advanced Research Projects for Infrastructure, the Build Back Better Regional Challenge, and 21st century talent at DOE.

Global Challenges. Working with policymakers and global organizations to advance moonshot ideas aimed at addressing existential threats related to climate change, economic development, and more.


Ryan Buscaglia

Endless Frontier Fellow

Melissa Roberts Chapman

Associate Director, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Divyansh Kaushik

Adjunct Fellow

Matt Hourihan

Associate Director, Research & Development and Advanced Industry

Maeve Skelly

Policy Associate