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Innovative Procurement

01.24.22 | 1 min read

Solving Market Failures & Creating Industries

Tackling the greatest national challenges facing the United States requires a redoubled commitment to innovation. The United States put astronauts on the moon, split the atom, built the Internet, and sequenced the human genome. But progress has stagnated — and will continue to stagnate if we do not diversify our national approach to innovation. We must not only make investments in emerging technologies, but also experiment with new ways of solving problems.
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Procurement Primer

Market-shaping mechanisms (MSMs), also known as “demand pull” mechanisms, are excellent tools for catalyzing solutions-oriented innovation.

​Read our MSMs primer to learn more and see several examples and forward-looking use-cases to create a “marketplace of outcomes”.

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Talent Support

Looking for knowledgable, creative procurement talent? Want to learn more about flexible hiring mechanisms?

FAS’ Day One Talent Hub works to identify, match, and deploy technical talent into federal agencies to tackle pressing priorities. 

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