Nile Nair

Nile Nair is a final year International PhD candidate from Fiji in the Nutrition Department with a focus in Nutritional Epidemiology. He is trained as a clinical geneticist and surgical researcher, and his work is mainly in maternal-fetal health. Driven by a profound commitment as a Pacific Islander, his research over the past few years has centered on the nexus of planetary and human health, specifically addressing health challenges related to climate change.

Nile’s doctoral work contributes empirical evidence supporting sustainable dietary patterns and advocates for the integration of sustainability considerations into the U.S. dietary guidelines. He has pioneered the development of a novel Planetary Health Diet Index, building upon the recommendations outlined in the 2019 EAT-Lancet report. This index aims to address not only health disparities but also the environmental impact of dietary choices, with a particular emphasis on understanding and addressing the unique dietary needs of the global South population as well as their disproportionate chronic disease burden.