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Army Weapon Systems 2012

The 2012 edition of the U.S. Army Weapon Systems handbook provides a concise description of dozens of Army weapon systems and programs.  In each case it presents system specifications and indicates the current status of procurement or development.  It identifies contractors by name and location as well as foreign military sales, where applicable.

“The systems listed in this book are not isolated, individual products. Rather, they are part of an integrated system-of-systems investment approach designed to make the Army of the future able to deal successfully with the challenges it will face,” the handbook says.

“Our goal is to develop and field a versatile and affordable mix of equipment that will enable Soldiers to succeed in full-spectrum operations today and tomorrow, ensuring that we maintain our decisive advantage over any enemy we face.”

One thought on “Army Weapon Systems 2012

  1. The Spider — presumably because it has multiple “legs” or tubes — a remote-controlled landmine/cluster bomb. Each leg dispensing a different flavor, so to speak, of tossed anti-personnel bomb. Years ago I wrote a column pillorying these types of things, naively thinking that if enough people saw scorn and opprobrium on the subject, it might do some good. Kurt Vonnegut would have probably told me straight off that wasn’t going to work in the slightest.

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