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Technology Policy Accelerator

01.24.22 | 1 min read

Members of the Day One Technology Policy Accelerator bring a diverse range of experiences to the policymaking process. This cohort includes entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers thinking about cutting-edge technology policy issues. Each member of the cohort will work to develop a catalytic proposal for action over the course of 9 weeks in one of the following policy areas: 

The Day One Project Technology Policy Accelerator seeks to identify, develop, and publish a set of technology policy ideas that could be implemented by Congress or the Biden-Harris Administration.

Dr. Saiph Savage
Cristina Martínez Pinto
Brian Kelley
Kara Kockelman
Junmin Wang
Eva Zhang
Grant Gordon
Katie Jonsson
Michaela Lee
Kenny Chen
Hilary Ross
Caroline Stratton
Albert Fox Cahn
Demetrius Norman
Stephen Schueller
Tayab Waseem
Rebecca Agostino
Kentaro Toyama
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
Paul Fink
Cathy Wu
Nicholas Giudice
Michael Dennis
Stephen Caines
David Mascareñas
George Sarpong
Cyrus Hodes
Niki Iliadis
Dr. Mayank Kejriwal
Elie Alhajjar