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Second Accelerator

01.24.22 | 1 min read

Our second Day One Accelerator cohort spanned a diverse range of science, technology and innovation interests and expertise, including both veteran policy experts and those new to the process. Each member of the cohort developed a catalytic proposal for action.

Philip Lippel
Hirotaka (Hiro) Miura
Yara Komaiha
Thomas Malone
Juliane Baron
Jacqueline Greer
Ashley Holub
Brian Cassidy
David Lin
Dorcas Lin
Kevin Wei
Sabrina Merlo
Satvika Kumar
Catharine Young
Alicia Sikiric
A.R. Siders
Allison C. Reilly
Director, Science Policy
Erica Goldman
Deb Niemeier
Sudhanshu Mathur
Grace Collins