Career Opportunities

The Federation of American Scientists is an equal opportunity employer continually seeking to diversify its staff and offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a rewarding work environment.


Research Assistant/Associate, Nuclear Information Project

The Federation of American Scientists is seeking a Research Assistant for its well-established Nuclear Information Project. As all nuclear-armed states race to modernize their nuclear weapons arsenals, the Project works to provide the public debate with the best non-classified estimates of the nuclear arsenals of the nine nuclear-armed states, and to analyze nuclear strategies and policies to offer recommendations for responsible reductions of nuclear forces and the role they play in an effort to reduce nuclear dangers.

The Research Assistant will support the Project Director, Hans Kristensen, in conducting research, analysis, writing, and speaking to the media. Both compensation and title are dependent on experience. Compensation will be in the range of $40,000-$50,000 per year plus benefits.

Major Responsibilities

  • Contribute to continuing and strengthening the Nuclear Information Project as the go-to resource for factual information about world nuclear forces.
  • Conduct core research and analysis on the status, trends, and strategies of the nuclear forces of the world’s nuclear-armed states.
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative research for project publications to support academic, analytical, and commentary writing by the Project Director.
  • Conduct, publish, and promote co-authored and independent research to advance Project and FAS objectives.
  • Provide administrative, communications, and logistical support to the Project Director, including Freedom of Information Act requests, proofreading, editing, and formatting written publications.
  • Coordinate domestic and international meetings, including arranging travels and visa services.
  • Manage Project budgets, write grant reports, and conduct other administrative tasks.
  • Provide general assistance to FAS programs as required.


  • BA required, MA preferred in social or physical sciences relevant to research on nuclear weapons issues, defense, and international politics.
  • Demonstrated interest in nuclear weapons technology, strategy, and international security affairs.
  • Exceptional research, writing, and editing skills, including use of MS Word, Excel, online and library research skills.
  • Experience with grant writing and reporting, website development, data visualization, UX and graphic design, or open source intelligence tools, including overhead imagery analysis, are additionally desirable and should be noted.
  • Ability to travel internationally.

Please submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to [email protected]. The CV should include contact information from at least two past employers or professors who are prepared to recommend you for this position.

FAS is looking to fill this position quickly. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Early submission will ensure your application receives full consideration.


President/Executive Director

FAS is seeking an outstanding leader to serve as its next President. The FAS President oversees and supports FAS research on science and national security, including projects on nuclear arms control, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other aspects of national security policy. Candidates should have a proven track record in managing relevant programs and experience in or aptitude for raising substantial funds.


In November 1945, Manhattan Project scientists who built the first atomic bombs founded FAS with the mission to educate policymakers and the informed public about how to reduce the risks of nuclear war. Today, FAS provides science-based analysis and practical solutions to protect against catastrophic threats to national and international security. FAS works to reduce the likelihood of use of nuclear weapons, prevent nuclear proliferation, shrink nuclear stockpiles, prevent and mitigate nuclear and radiological terrorism, and increase transparency in national security policy


The ideal candidate should:

  • Have a track record of excellence in relevant technical and policy fields such as arms control, nonproliferation, nuclear safety and security, cybersecurity, bio-security or science policy.
  • Possess superb communication skills and significant fundraising experience.
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership and management skills.
  • Understand budgetary and financial matters relevant to small non-profit organizations.
  • Hold an advanced degree, preferably a Ph.D., relevant to FAS’s mission areas.
  • Have at least 10 years of professional experience in relevant fields and at least five years of management experience.  


The FAS President will:

  • Develop a long-term vision for the organization to ensure its continued relevancy and vitality. In coordination with the FAS Board and staff, the President will create strategies, goals, near-term operational plans, and policies for FAS to achieve its desired outcomes.
  • Seek to develop new funding sources including solicitation of large donations from individual donors.
  • Work with FAS Project Directors to develop and implement fundraising activities to secure the financial sustainability of FAS projects.
  • Create the organization’s annual budget with input from FAS staff and present this budget to the Board of Trustees.
  • Work with the Board of Trustees to develop an investment strategy for FAS’s assets in order to meet the organization’s financial needs and goals.
  • Enlist academic and other experts to participate in FAS projects and task forces.
  • Advance FAS’s mission through news media interviews, writing for specialized and popular publications, and speaking at professional conferences.
  • Recruit qualified new Board members and officers, as needed, and support membership management and engagement.
  • Serve as Editor-in-Chief of the FAS quarterly Public Interest Report.
  • Ensure the effective daily operations of the organization through supervision of staff and implementation of organizational policies.
  • Pursue their own policy research activities, subject to the availability of dedicated funds.

The FAS President’s starting salary begins at $150k plus benefits with increases contingent on future fundraising.

To apply, please send an application letter and resume/CV to Mr. Frankie Guarini, FAS Communications, Marketing, and Membership Manager, at [email protected] by April 27, 2018.