Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

I 1luminous intensity, 2instrumentation, 3[JP 1-02] individual, 4[JP 1-02] immediate

I LEVEL intermediate level of maintenance

I&A identification and authentication

I&C 1installation and checkout, 2instrumentation and control

I&E information and education

I&EW intelligence and electronic warfare (Army)

I&L installation and logistics

I&M [AR 310-50] improvement and modernization

I&P 1inserting and preheating, 2intelligence and planning

I&RTS Integration and runtime specification

I&S 1DoD Interchangeable and Substitutability System, 2intelligence and surveillance, 3[AR 310-50] interchangeability and substitutability

I&SE installation and service engineering

I&SI information and software integration

I&T 1inspection and test, 2[AR 310-50] installation and test

I&W 1intelligence and warning, 2indications and warning

I&WS indications and warning system

I,A&CO integration, assembly, and checkout

I-CASE integrated computer-aided software engineering

I-DIAS Improved Defensive Integrated Avionics System

I-HAWK Improved Hawk (Army)

I-IDNS in-garrison IDNS (USREDCOM)

I-WAY Information Highway [Internet]

I/A inspection/acceptance

I/B [JP 1-02] inboard

I/C implementation/conversion

I/D 1instruction/data, 2intermediate/depot

I/F 1interface, 2intermediate frequency

I/FOA installation/field operating activities (Army)

I/H in-house

I/IP installation/implementation plan

I/M intermediate maintenance

I/O 1input/output [devices], 2in/out

I/P 1installation/implementation plan, 2current to pressure, 3identification of position, 4insurance/pension

I/PS insurance/pension specialist

I2 image intensification

I2L integrated-injection logic

I2R 1imaging infrared guidance, 2imaging infrared

I2S infrared imaging system

I2S2 Intelligence Information Subsystem (USAREUR)

I3WG Interservice Interoperability Implementation Working Group

IA 1indirect addressing, 2input axis, 3industry application, 4instrumentation amplifier, 5Iowa, 6imagery analyst, 7information architecture, 8intersite architecture [team], 9immediate action, 10initial assessment, 11implementing agency, 12inspection authority, 13international agreement, 14[JP 3-13] information assurance, 15[AR 310-50] incentive award

IAA 1interim access authorization, 2Interim ASOC Automation

IAAFA Inter-American Air Forces Academy

IAAP Iowa Army Ammunition Plant

IAB 1Internet Architecture Board, 2Internet Activities Board

IAC 1interactive courseware, 2industry advisory committee, 3international advisory committee 4interim acceptance criteria, 5international algebraic compiler, 6information analysis center, 7Integrated Analyses Center (USMC), 8Intelligence Analysis Center (USMC), 9integrated avionics computer, 10inter-application communication [Macintosh], 11integrating associate contractor, 12interagency committee, 13item activity code

IAC/ADP Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing

IACC [AR 310-50] Inter-Agency Air Cartographic Committee

IACCR industrial activity capability and capacity response

IACOP International Armaments Cooperative Opportunities Plan

IACP International Armament Cooperation Program

IACR international agreement competitive restriction

IACS 1inertial attitude control system, 2integrated armament control system

IAD 1immediate action directive, 2integrated automatic documentation, 3integrated antenna detector

IADB Inter-American Defense Board

IADB-MED [AR 310-50] Inter-American Defense Board Medal

IADC [AR 310-50] Inter-American Defense Collage

IADIC integration analog-to-digital converter

IADS 1integrated air defense system, 2interactive authoring and display system

IADT 1integrated automatic detection and tracking, 2[AR 310-50] initial active duty for training

IAE integral absolute error

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

IAECOSOC [AR 310-50] Inter-American Economic and Social Council

IAF 1Interactive Applications Facility, 2[CJCSI 6130.01] initial approach fix, 3[AR 310-50] Office of Information for the Armed Forces

IAFF [AR 310-50] international air freight forwarder

IAG 1Interactive Application Generation, 2instruction address generation

IAGC 1instantaneous automatic gain control, 2Inter-American Geodetic Survey

IAGS 1Inter-American Geodetic School, 2[AR 310-50] Inter-American Geodetic Survey

IAI initial acceptability item

IAIPS Intelligence Analyst Integrated Processing System

IAK Internet Access Kit [IBM]

IAL 1immediate action letter, 2investment analysis language, 3International Algorithmic Language 4International Algebraic Language, (obsolete, now called ALGOL)

IALCE International Airlift Control Element

IAM interactive algebraic manipulation

IAMP Imagery Acquisition and Management Plan (OSD)

IAMS individual alert measures

IAMUS Installation Automated Manpower Utilization System

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IANF [AR 310-50] inter-allied nuclear force

IAO 1internal automation operation, 2[AR 310-50] information activities office(r)

IAP 1interactive application processor, 2initial aiming point, 3internet access provider, 4improved accuracy program, 5international airport, 6independent assessment plan

IAP-IASA international airport – integrated system architecture

IAR 1intelligence automation requirements, 2internal assessment review, 3independent assessment report

IARB Interagency Audiovisual Review Board

IARMS Integrated Aircrew Resource Management System (MAC)

IARN immediate air request net

IARR interim agreed to rate recommendation

IARS Improved Aerial Refueling System (KC-135)

IAS 1Intelligence Analysis System, 2immediate access storage, 3indicated air speed, 4Integrated AUTODIN System, 5interactive application system, 6interface applications software

IASA Integrated AUTODIN System Architecture

IASC 1[CJCSI 3410.01] interim acting Service chief, 2[JP 3-08] Interagency Standing Committee (United Nations)

IASL Integrated Aircraft Simulation Lab

IASN Intelligence Analysis Support Network

IASPG Integrated AUTODIN System Planning Group

IASO industrial analysis support office

IASP 1integrated acquisition strategy panel, 2integrated acquisition strategy process

IASRP Integrated AUTODIN System Requirements Panel

IAT 1information assessment team, 2international atomic time, 3intelligence analysis team, 4import address table, 5internal air transport

IATA 1International Air Transport Association, 2international air transport authority, 3[AR 310-50] is amended to add

IATACS Improved Army Tactical Communications System

IATD [AR 310-50] is amended to delete

IATE intermediate automatic test equipment

IATO interim authority to operate

IATR [AR 310-50] is amended to read

IAU 1interface adapter unit, 2infrastructure accounting unit

IAUP Internet user account provider

IAVC 1instantaneous automatic video control, 2instantanious automatic volume control

IAVMS installation automated vehicle management system (Army)

IAW 1in accordance with, 2imagery analysis workpoint

IAW/AA integrated attack warning/attack assessment

IAZ [AR 310-50] inner artillery zone

IBA 1industrial base assessment, 2interest bearing account

IBAD interim biological agent detector

IBAHRS Inflatable Body and Head Restraint System

IBB [JP 3-08] International Broadcasting Bureau

IBC 1instrument bus computer, 2industrial base capability

iBCS 1Intel Binary Compatibility Specification, 2[AR 310-50] Integrated Battlefield Control System

IBG interblock gap

IBGTT interim battle group tactical trainer (USN)

IBHD [AR 310-50] initial beachhead

IBM International Business Machines (Corporation)

IBM-GL IBM Graphics Language

IBMC industrial base maintenance contract

IBOP international balance of payment

IBP 1industrial base planning, 2[AR 310-50] international balance of payments

IBPM industrial base program manager

IBR 1integrated baseline review, 2investment balance review

IBRL [AR 310-50] initial bomb release line

IBRS intra-base radio system

IBS 1intervened billing system, 2[JP 2-02] integrated broadcast system

IBSO installation branch safety office

IBW impulse bandwidth

IC 1integrating command, 2integrated circuit, 3impulse conductor, 4input circuit, 5installed capacity, 6instruction counter, 7insulated conductors, 8interface control, 9interior communications, 10internal connection, 11integrated chip, 12interrupt controller, 13integration contractor, 14intelligence community, 15in charge, 16infrastructure committee (NATO), 17Intelligence Center, 18intelligence collection, 19intercept center, 20internal combustion, 21implementation convention, 22initial contact, 23interim change, 24[JP 1-02] incident commander, 25[JP 1-02] intercept, 26[AR 310-50] in charge of, 27[AR 310-50] internment camp

IC/EXCOM [JP 2-02] Intelligence Community Executive Committee

IC3CP intertheater C3 COMSEC package

ICA 1independent cost analysis, 2item control area, 3Independent Console Architecture [WinFrame], 4intra-application communications area

ICAAS integrated controls/avionics for air superiority

ICAC2 [FM 101-5-1] integrated combat airspace command and control

ICAD 1integrated control and display, 2[JP 1-02] individual concern and deficiency

ICADS 1integrated cover and deception system, 2integrated correlation and display system

ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces

ICAI intelligent computer-assisted instruction

ICAM 1integrated computer-aided manufacturing, 2integrated computer-assisted manufacturing

ICAN integrated communication and advanced network

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAP 1Internet Calendar Access Protocol [Lotus], 2improved capability, 3integrated contractor assessment program

ICAPS 1Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning System, 2Internal Control Audit Planning Summary

ICAR interface control action request

ICARIS Intelligence Communication Architecture and Requirements Information System

ICAS 1Integrated Configuration Accounting System, 2Intel Communicating Applications Specifications, 3intermittent commercial and amateur service, 4integrated condition assessment system

ICASE integrated computer aided software environment

ICASS international cooperative administrative support services

ICATS Intermediate Capacity Automated Telecommunications System

ICB 1international competitive bidding, 2interface control board, 3Internet Citizen's Band, 4information collection budget

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

ICC 1improved command center, 2independent communications center, 3Information and Coordination Center (Patriot), 4information coordination control, 5integrated communications center, 6integrated composites center, 7intelligent channel controller, 8Interstate Commerce Commission, 9item category code, 10[AR 310-50] inventory control center

ICCB 1interoperability configuration control board, 2[AR 310-50] intermediate configuration control board

ICCCM inter client communication convention manual

ICCP 1Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, 2improved computer control panel, 3[AR 310-50] Intelligence Civilian Career Program

ICCS 1integrated/improved command and control system, 2[AR 310-50] International Commission for Control and Supervision

ICCU Inter-computer control unit

ICD 1interface control document, 2interface control drawings, 3imitative communications deception, 4installable client driver [3Dlabs], 5interoperability control document, 6image component data [PCD], 7initiative communications deception, 8international code designator [ISO], 9[JP 3-08] International Cooperation and Development Program (USDA)

ICDH intelligence collection data handling

ICDO internal civil defense organization

ICDR initial critical design review

ICDS integrated control and display system

ICDU integrated control and display unit

ICE 1independent cost estimate, 2in-circuit emulator [Intel], 3immediate cable equalizers, 4input checking equipment, 5integrated cooling for electronics, 6initial cost estimate, 7integrated conceptual environments, 8internal communications element, 9improved combat efficiency, 10independent collection equipment, 11individual compass error, 12integration with controlled error, 13interference canceling equipment, 14interdiction and counter fire exercise, 15instant camouflage envelope, 16internal combustion engine, 17internal communications exchange

ICECON [JP 1-02] control of ice information

ICEDEFOR [JP 1-02] United States Forces Iceland

ICEM [AR 310-50] Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration

ICES interference-causing equipment standard

ICF 1interconnect facilities, 2[AR 310-50] installation confinement facility

ICG 1[DoD/DSMC] interactive computerized graphic, 2[CJCSI 3222.01] information coordination center, 3[CJCSI 3222.01] Intelligence Coordination Center (USCG)

ICH instructor contact hour(s)

ICI 1image component information, 2interactive communications interface

ICIDS integrated commercial intrusion detection system

ICIS 1integrated contract imaging system, 2[AR 310-50] Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security

ICITAP [JP 3-08] International Crime Investigative Training Assistance Program (DOJ)

ICJ International Court of Justice

ICL 1incoming line, 2initial contact link, 3interface clear

ICLID incoming-call line identification

ICM 1intelligence collection management, 2advanced IBM, 3interface coordination meeting, 4improved capability missile, 5image color matching [Kodak]

ICMO indirect cost monitoring office

ICMP 1intelligence collection management process, 2Internet control message protocol [Novell]

ICMS integrated countermeasures suite

ICN [JP 1-02] idle channel noise

ICNI integrated communication, navigation and identification

ICNIA integrated communications navigation identification avionics

ICNS integrated communications/navigation system

ICO 1integration and checkout, 2intelligence counterpart officer

ICOD [JP 1-02] intelligence cutoff data

ICOG International Cooperative Opportunities Group

ICOM 1Integrated COMSEC [SINCGARS], 2inputs, controls, outputs, and mechanism

iCOMP Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance [Intel]

ICON 1integration contract, 2[JP 1-02] imagery communications and operations node, 3[JP 1-02] intermediate coordination node

ICP 1instrument calibration procedure, 2international control plan, 3inventory control point, 4initial contract period, 5inter-computer processor, 6intertheater COMSEC package, 7incident control point, 8integrated channel processor, 9Internet content provider, 10interface change proposal,11inventory communications processor, 12incremental change package, 13international cooperative programs, 14[AR 310-50] integrated circuit package

ICPA International Cooperative Program Activity

ICPCN Inter-site Command Post Communication Network (AFLC)

ICPE [AR 310-50] Inventory Control Point Europe

ICPMC intermediate contract performance management course

ICPNET Inventory Control Point Network

ICPP interactive computer presentation panel

ICPS integrated command post system

ICR 1intelligence collection requirements, 2intelligent character recognition, 3information collection and report

ICR&D international cooperative research and development

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRI [JP 1-02] interswitch collective routing indicator (RI)

ICS 1interim contractor support, 2inland computer service, 3integrated control system, 4integrated communication system, 5inter-communication system, 6internal countermeasures set, 7image creation system, 8interphone control station, 9isolation containment spray, 10intelligence community staff, 11interim contract support, 12intuitive command structure,13interagency communications system, 14improved composite structure, 15inertial control system, 16internal countermeasure system, 17internal customer support, 18[JP 1-02] internal communications system, 19[JP 1-02]incident command system, 20[JP 1-02] inter-Service chaplain support, 21[AR 310-50] information control system

ICSAR [JP 1-02] interagency committee on search and rescue

ICSE initial common support equipment

ICSP installation chief of security police

ICSS 1Initial Conventional Support System (JCS), 2integrated communications switching system, 3interim contractor supply support

ICST Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology (NBS)

ICT 1individual and collective training, 2information and communications technology, 3integrated combat turn, 4integrated concept team [Army]

ICTB Individual and Collective Training Branch

ICTOC [AR 310-50] independent corps tactical operations center

ICTP 1Intensified Combat Training Program, 2individual and collective training plan (obsolete, see STRAP)

ICTT 1Improved Commander's Tactical Terminal, 2intensified confirmatory troop test

ICU 1indicator control unit, 2instruction-cache unit, 3interface converter unit, 4ISA configuration utility, 5[JP 1-02] interface control unit

ICUT [AR 310-50] initial COHORT unit training

ICVA [JP 3-08] International Council of Voluntary Agencies

ICW 1interactive courseware, 2in coordination with, 3interrupted continuous wave

ICWAR [AR 310-50] improved continuous-wave acquisition

ICWG interface control working group

ID 1identification, 2infantry division, 3identified, 4Idaho, 5inner diameter, 6inside diameter, 7interactive debugging, 8interdigital, 9intermediate description, 10internal diameter, 11infantry division, 12item documentation, 13increased deployability posture, 14identifier, 15intelligence department, 16indefinite delivery, 17initial distribution, 18integrated diagnostic

ID LT identification light

ID/IAS industrial drives

ID-DA indefinite delivery, definite quantity

ID-IQ indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity

ID-RC indefinite delivery, requirements contract

IDA 1Institute for Defense Analysis, 2integrated digital avionics, 3intrusion detection alarm, 4ionispheric dispersion analysis, 5initial denial authority, 6integrated digital access, 7intelligent disk array, 8information, decision, action, 9intelligent drive array, 10installation design authority, 11International Development Association

IDAAS integrated data acquisition and analysis station

IDACS integrated digital audio control system

IDAD internal defense and development

IDAL Integrated Defense Avionics Laboratory

IDAPI Integrated Database Application Programming Interface

IDAS 1information displays automatic drafting system, 2integrated design automation system

IDAST interpolated data and speech transmission

IDB 1integrated database, 2integrating double buffer

IDBS interoperability data base system

idc In due course

IDC 1image dissector camera, 2integrated database connector, 3integrated desktop connector, 4Internet Database Connector [FoxPro, Microsoft], 5indefinite delivery contract

IDCA [JP 1-02] International Development Cooperation Agency

IDCSC integrated defense communications system control

IDCSP 1Initial Defense Communications Satellites Project, 2[AR 310-50] Initial Defense Communications Satellite Program

IDCT Initial Detection and Classification Trainer

IDD 1integrated data dictionary, 2interface design document

IDDD international direct distance dialing

IDDE integrated development and debugging environment [Symantec]

IDDF [JP 1-02] intermediate data distribution facility

IDDP interface device-dependent port

IDDS 1information distribution and display system, 2integrated display development station

IDE 1imbedded drive electronics, 2integrated development environment [Borland], 3integrated device electronics, 4intelligent drive electronics, 5interactive design and engineering, 6interface design enhancement, 7interim data element, 8internal display element, 9integrated data environment, 10integrated digital environment

IDEA 1international data encryption algorithm, 2international defense educational arrangement

IDEAL interactive database editor and linker

IDEAS 1intelligence data element and authorization standards, 2integrated design and engineering automated system

IDEEA information and data exchange experimental activities

IDEF 1integrated system definition language, 2ICAM Definition Language, 3ICAM definition methodologies

IDEF-1 ICAM definition method one

IDEF3 integrated definition

ident 1[AR 310-50] identify, 2[AR 310-50] identification, 3[AR 310-50] identified

IDEP Interservice Data Exchange Program

IDEPC IEMATS data entry personal computer

IDEX initial defense experiment

IDEX II Imagery Digital Exploitation System (USAF/IN)

IDF 1Israeli Defense Force, 2integrated data file, 3intermediate distributing frame, 4instantaneous direction finder, 5[JP 1-02] intermediate distribution frame

IDFT inverse discrete Fourier transform

IDG 1inspector of degaussing, 2interdialog gap

IDHS intelligence data handling system

IDHSC intelligence data handling system communications

IDI 1improved data interchange, 2initial domain identifier

IDIOT Instrumentation Digital On-Line Transcriber

IDIQ indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity

IDIRA Introduction to Defense Intelligence and Research Analysis [NMIPC course]

IDIV integer divide

IDL 1interface definition language, 2Interoperable Data Link [between GRCS and IPF], 3interface description language [Microsoft/CORBA], 4international data link

IDM 1interdiction mission, 2improved data modem, 3impact delay module

IDMS 1Integrated Database Management System, 2Interim Deployable Maintenance System, 3Interdiction Data Management System

IDN 1integrated data network, 2initial distribution number

IDNDR [JP 3-08] International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (United Nations)

IDNX integrated digital network exchange [IBM]

IDO installation deployment officer

IDOC inner diameter of outer conductor

IDOCS Intrusion Detection Optical Communication System

IDP 1initial delay position, 2industrial data processing, 3integrated data processing, 4interface development plan, 5individual development plan, 6initial domain part, 7individual development program, 8interactive display panel, 9internetwork datagram protocol, 10integration decision paper, 11[JP 1-0] imminent danger pay

IDPC integrated data processing center

IDPO indefinite delivery purchase order

IDPS interim deployable process station (PACAF)

IDR 1industrial data reduction, 2inspection discrepancy report, 3initial design review, 4intelligent document recognition, 5initial design review,

IDS 1instrument development section, 2integrated data store, 3interim decay storage, 4intrusion detection system, 5improved data set, 6information dissemination server, 7information distribution and switching system, 8infrared detection set, 9integrated data system, 10integrated dynamic system, 11Integrated Display Set (USAF), 12international development strategy, 13international organizations and agreements, 14individual deployment site, 15[JP 1-02] interface design standards, 16[AR 310-50] infrared discrimination systems

IDS-MIS integrated data service management information systems

IDSCS Initial Defense Satellite Communications System

IDSD 1individual data storage device, 2integrated diagnostic support demonstration

IDSF Intelligence Defector Source File

IDSM [AR 310-50] intermediate direct support maintenance

IDSS 1integrated design support system, 2integrated diagnostic support system, 3integrated decision support system, 4inquiry delivery schedule status, 5interoperability decision support system, 6item dollar summary stratification

IDT 1inactive duty training, 2interdigital transducer, 3isodensitracer, 4interface design tool, 5interrupt descriptor table, 6identification and tracking

IDTC indefinite delivery type contract

IDTN interim data transmission network

IDTOC [AR 310-50] independent division tactical operations center

IDTS 1instrumentation data transmission system, 2integrated data transport system

IDU 1interactive display unit, 2industrial development unit

IDUP independent data unit protection

IDV indirect view

IDW individual defense weapon

IDWA inter-divisional work authorization

IDZ [JP 4-01.6] inner defense zone

IE 1independent evaluation, 2industrial engineer, 3initial equipment, 4inspection and enforcement, 5Internet Explorer [Microsoft], 6information engineering, 7independent evaluator, 8Indo-European, 9information engineering, 10instrumentation engineer

IEA 1international energy agency, 2industrial engineering activity, 3information exchange annexes, 4information exchange agreement

IEB initial evaluation briefing

IEC 1interexchange carrier, 2integrated equipment component(s), 3International Electrotechnical Commission, 4intelligence, electronics, communications, 5integration and evaluation center, 6item entry control, 7item essentiality code

IED 1imitative electronic deception, 2improvised explosive devices, 3[FM 101-5-1] imitative electromagnetic deception

IEDRM interactive electronic diagnostic and repair manual

IEDS Electronic Information Delivery Service

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEF information engineering facility

IEG information exchange group

IEL [JP 1-02] illustrative evaluation scenario

IEM 1interim examination and maintenance, 2initial evaluation memorandum

IEM-CELL interim examination and maintenance cell

IEMATS Improved Emergency Message Automatic Transmission System

IEMG international engine management group

IEMP 1internal electromagnetic pulse, 2installation equipment management system, 3international engine management program

IEMS Integrated Emergency Management System (FEMA)

IEMSI interactive electronic mail standard identification

IEN Internet engineering notes

IEP 1independent evaluation plan, 2information exchange project

IEP/IAP independent evaluation plan/independent assessment plan

IEPC [AR 310-50] Interagency Emergency Planning Commission

IEPG Independent European Program Group

IER 1independent evaluation report, 2industrial equipment reserve, 3information exchange requirement

IER/IAR independent evaluation/assessment report

IES 1integral error squared, 2Imagery Exploitation System, 3intrinsic electrical strength, 4image enhancement system, 5industrial engineering standard, 6institute of environmental science

IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group

IET 1Initial entry training, 2initial engine test

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IETM interactive electronic technical manual

IETM/AC interactive electronic technical manuals/automated classroom

IEU interface electronics unit

IEW 1intelligence and electronic warfare, 2integrated electronic warfare

IEW COMCAT IEW communications catalogue

IEW-UAV intelligence and electronic warfare unmanned air vehicle

IEWAC Intelligence Electronic Warfare Analysis Course

IEWCS Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor [GBCS and AQF]

IEWS integrated electronic warfare suite

IEWSE intelligence and electronic warfare support element

IEWTPT Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer (TPT alone means troop proficiency trainer)

IF 1industrial fund, 2instrument flying, 3intermediate frequency (as in IF stage)

IFA 1information flow analysis, 2installation food advisor

IFAST integration facility for avionics systems testing

IFB invitation for bid(s)

IFB/RFP invitation for bid/request for proposal

IFC 1instrument flight center, 2[JP 3-07.4] intelligence fusion center, 3[AR 310-50] integrated fire control(radar), 4[AR 310-50] International Finance Corporation

IFCM integrated flight control module

IFCS 1in-flight checkout system, 2Improved Fire Control System

IFC Intgernet foundation classes [Netscape]

IFCL inter-facility communication link

IFCST Instructional Fire Control System Trainer

IFD 1instantaneous frequency discriminator, 2image file directory [TIFF], 3interim feasibility demonstration, 4[AR 310-50] initial fill date

IFDAPS integrated flight data processing system

IFE in-flight emergency

IFEA initial front-end analysis

iff if and only if

IFF 1identification, friend or foe [radar], 2introduction to fighter fundamentals, 3interchangeable file format [Amiga], 4Intgernet fast forward [PrivNet]

IFF/SIF 1identification, friend or foe/selective identification feature

IFFN Identification Friend or Foe Network (NATO), 2[JP 1-02] identification, friend, foe, or neutral

IFFN JTF identification friend or foe, or neutral joint test force

IFG incoming FAX gateway

IFM 1instantaneous frequency measurement, 2integrated force management

IFM/SHR instantaneous frequency measurement superheterodyne receiver

IFMIS Integrated Force Management Information System (USAFE) (now Constant Control)

IFMS 1Interagency Fleet Management System, 2[AR 310-50] Integrated Financial Management System

IFO information for offerers

IFOG interferometric fiber optic gyro

IFOV instantaneous field of view

IFP 1instruction fetch pipeline, 2interface processor, 3intermediate frequency patch

IFPP 1industrial facilities protection program, 2instructions for proposal preparation, 3information for proposal preparation

IFPUG International Function Point User Group

IFR 1instrument flight rule(s), 2increasing failure rate, 3instantaneous frequency-measuring receiver, 4in-flight refueling, 5increased frequency reporting

IFRB 1International Frequency Registration Board, 2International Frequency Regulation Board

IFRC [JP 3-08] International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

IFRU interference frequency rejection unit

IFS 1[USN] inshore fire support ship, 2integrated facilities system, 3ionospheric forward scatter, 4installable file system, 5iterated function system

IFSAC International Fire Service Accreditation Congress

IFSAR increased attention are radar

IFSAS Initial Fire Support Automation System

IFSG industrial forecasting support group

IFSM information systems management

IFT Industry Field Trip (Defense Systems Management College)

IFTAD [AR 310-50] initial and final terminal arrival date

IFTE 1integrated family of test equipment, 2intermediate forward test equipment

IFTX integrated field training exercise

IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle

IG 1instructor guide, 2inertial guidance, 3inspector general, 4image generator

IG, DoD Inspector General of the Department of Defense

IGA 1intergrannular attack, 2integrated graphics array

IGAAS Integrated Ground Airborne Avionics System

IGC integrated graphics controller

IGCE independent government cost estimate

IGE 1in ground effect, 2instrumentation graphics environment

IGES 1initial graphics exchange specification, 2initial graphics exchange standard

IGFET 1insulated gate field-effect transistor, 2isolated gate field-effect transistor

IGIA [AR 310-50] Interagency Group for International Aviation

IGMIRS inspector general management information and reporting

IGMP 1Internet group multicast protocol, 2Internet group management protocol

IGN ignition

IGOR intercept ground optical recorder

IGP 1Intelligent Gateway Processor (Component of LOGNET), 2interior gateway protocol

IGPS [JP 1-02] global positioning system

IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [CISCO]

IGRV Improved Guardrail V, AN/USD-9A

IGS 1inertial guidance system, 2integrated graphics system, 3IONDS Global Satellite, 4Internet go server, 5individual generation site, 6intergovernmental support

IGSM interim ground station module

IGT integrated Government testing

IGW integral gateway

IHA [AR 310-50] interim housing allowance

IHADSS integrated helmet and display sighting system

IHAS Integrated Helicopter Avionics System

IHB in-house bid

IHD integrated help desk [IBM]

IHE improved high explosive [mainly intended for nuclear bombs]

IHFR 1improved high frequency radio, 2improved HF radio program

IHHA initial health hazard assessment

IHHAR initial health hazard assessments report

HL [FM 101-5-1] intelligence handover line

IHM inspection history maintenance

IHP indicated horsepower

IHPH indicated horsepower-hour

IHPI improved high power illumination

IHPRPT 1Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology Program, 2integrated high performance rocket propulsion technology

IHPS Intelligence Host Processing System

IHPTET integrated high-performance turbine engine technology

IHTS intermediate heat transport system

IHV independent hardware vendor

II 1imagery interpretation, 2imagery interpretation (USAF) (USMC), 3image intensification

II MAF Second Marine Amphibious Force

II SEGMENT imagery interpretation segment (TAC)

IIA interim ASOC automation

IIB [JP 3-08] interagency information bureau

IIC identifiable incremental cost

IICE information integration for concurrent engineering

IID 1independent identically distributed, 2integrated information display

IIDB integrated intelligence database

IIDS Integrated Instrumentation Display System

IIF 1image interchange facility, 2imagery interpretation facility (HQ USMC), 3immediate interface

III 1[DoD]:incapacitating illness or injury, 2interstate identification index [NCIC]

IIL integrated injection logic

IIMAPS incremental IMAPS

IIMS [AR 310-50] Intensive Item Management System

IIN item identification number

IINCOM intra-theater intelligence communications

IINCOM NET intra-theater intelligence communication network

IIOP Internet inter-operability protocol

IIP 1implementation and installation plan, 2interoperability improvement panel. 2[JP 1-02] Interoperability Improvement Program

IIPT 1integrating integrated product team, 2integrating integrated process team

IIQ initial issue quantity

IIR 1imagery interpretation report, 2indefinate-duration impulse-response, 3imaging infrared, 4initial integration review, 5immediate impulse response, 6[JP 1-02] intelligence information report

IIRA integrated inertial reference assembly

IIRD [AR 310-50] international interdependent research and development

IIRES Imagery Reporting/Exploit System (PACAF)

IIRN inactive item review notification

IIRP 1improved item replacement program, 2individual item replacement program

IIRS integrated inventory reduction system

IIS 1imagery interpretation segment, 2Information Improvement Support Program (MAC), 3infrared imaging system, 4integrated instrument system, 5Internet information server [Microsoft], 6internetted information system, 7intelligence information subfile, 8international information system

IISC Intelligence Information Systems Committee (HQ USAF)

IISE Intelligence Information Services Enhancement program

IISS 1Integrated Information Support System, 2Intelligence Information Subsystem (USAREUR), 3International Institute for Strategic Studies (London)

IIT internal information transfer

IITF information infrastructure task force

IITS intra-theater imagery transmission system (ESD)

IIWG IEMATS implementation working group

IJD interim JOPES dictionary

IJJU international jitter jamming unit

IJMS Interim JTIDS Message Specification

IK installation kit

IKBS intelligent knowledge-based systems

IKE integrated knowledge environment

IKP 1instructor and key personnel, 2Internet keyed payments [IBM]

IKPT Instructor and key personnel training

IL 1Illinois, 2intermediate language, 3international logistics

ILA 1image light amplifier, 2independent logistic assessment

ILAAS Integrated Light Attach Avionics System

ILAN implementation of local area Networks

ILAS 1interrelated logic accumulating scanner, 2Instrument Landing Approach System

ILC 1instruction length code, 2international logistics center (AFLC), 3irrevocable letter of credit

ILCM information life cycle management

ILCO 1international logistic control office, 2international logistics control organization, 3international logistics control office

ILCS international logistics communication system

ILD 1intection laser diode, 2integrated logistics data, 3injection laser diode

ILDC intern leadership development course

ILDF integrated logistics data file

ILE installations, logistics and environment

ILF 1infra low frequency, 2inductive loss factor

ILFO [AR 310-50] International Logistics Field Office

ILID 1international logistic identification data, 2international logistic identification directory

ILIF international logistic information file

ILIP in-line instrument package

ILIR independent laboratory in-house research

ILJS ISO Loading Jack System

ILL integrated injection logic

ILM 1information logic machine, 2intermediate level maintenance

ILMS Improved Launcher Mechanical System

ILO 1injection-locked oscillator, 2integrated logistics overhaul, 3international logistic office, custom division, 4[JP 3-08] International Labor Organization (United Nations)

ILOSS international logistics overseas support system

ILP 1intermediate language processor, 2international logistics program

ILR integrated logistics report

ILRO industrial labor relations officer

ILS 1integrated logistics support (Army, Navy, Air Force, replaced at OSD by the term acquisition logistics), 2instrument landing system, 3international language support, 4inventory locator system

ILSDP international logistic supply delivery plan

ILSF integrated logistics support facility

ILSL initial logistics support letter

ILSM integrated logistics support manager

ILSMIS Industrial Logistics management information system (USN)

ILSMP integrated logistics support management plan

ILSMR integrated logistic support management review

ILSMR/T integrated logistics support management review/team

ILSMRS Integrated Logistics Support Milestone Reporting System

ILSMT integrated logistic support management team

ILSO integrated logistic support officer

ILSP 1integrated logistics support plan, 2integrated logistics support planning

ILSS 1integrated logistics support standards, 2integrated logistic support system

ILST&E integrated logistics support test and evaluation

ILSWG integrated logistic support working group

ILT independent lab testing

IM 1information management, 2installation and maintenance, 3inner marker, 4inventory manager, 5insensitive munitions, 6inspection manual, 7item manager (AFLC), 8intercept missile (surface-to-air missile), 9intermodulation, 10item manager, 11interface management

IM&D information management and display

IMA 1Interactive Multimedia Association, 2individual mobilization augmentee, 3information management architecture, 4information management area, 5information mission area, 6intermediate maintenance activity, 7independent medical assessor, 8individual mobilization augment

IMAC 1interim message automated capability, 2intermediate maintenance area coordinator

IMACS 1image management and communication system, 2Interservice Materiel Accounting and Control System

IMAGE innovative management achieves greater effectiveness

IMAP Internet message access protocol

IMAPI [TR 350-70] interactive multimedia application program interface

IMAPS Integrated Military Airlift Planning System (MAC)


IMAT interactive multisensor analysis training

IMAX maximum image

IMB 1illustrated parts manual – breakout, 2interface management board

IMC 1integrated maintenance concept, 2instrument meteorological conditions, 3image motion compensation, 4internal management control, 5international maritime commission, 6item management code, 7item marking code, 8[JP 3-08] International Medical Corps

IMCC 1initial mobile command center, 2[AR 310-50] item management control code

IMCO 1Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization, 2information management control officer

IMCP Infornmation Management Career Program

IMCR internal management control review

IMCS integrated monitoring and control system

IMCSRS Installation Materiel Condition Status Reporting System

IMD 1implementation management document, 2intermodulation distortion, 3information management department, 4information management directorate

IMDE integrated model development environment

IMDG [JP 4-01.7] international maritime dangerous goods

IMDS 1image data stream (format) [IBM], 2integrated maintenance data system

IME input method editor

IME (Program) International Materiel Evaluation Program

IMET international military education and training

IMETP International Military Education and Training Program

IMETS Integrated Meteorological System

IMF 1intermediate maintenance facility, 2intelligent minefield, 3[JP 3-08] International Monetary Fund (United Nations)

IMFR investigative memorandum for record

IMG 1intertheater movement generator, 2image

IMH 1interactive message handling, 2international military headquarters

IMHO in my humble opinion

IMI 1improved manned interceptor, 2interactive multimedia instruction, 3improved mass intercept, 4intermediate maintenance instruction, 5Internet MSS interface, 6industrial maintenance inspection

IMINT imagery intelligence

IMIP Industrial Modernization Incentive Program (DoD)

IMIPBA industrial modernization incentives program business agreement

IMIS 1Integrated Maintenance Information System (USAF), 2integrated management information system

IMITAC image input to automatic computers

IML 1initial microcode load [IBM], 2intermediate maintenance level

IMLTU [JP 1-02] intermatrix line termination unit

IMM 1integrated maintenance management, 2immunization area, 3integrated materiel manager, 4intermediate maintenance manual, 5[JP 4-03] integrated materiel management

IMMC 1[CECOM] Intelligence Materiel Management Center, 2integrated materiel management center

IMMDELREQ [CJCSM 5720.01] immediate delivery required

IMMP 1information mission management plan, 2integrated modification management plan

IMMS 1integrated maintenance management system, 2independent munitions maintenance section

IMMS-RD Interim Maintenance Activity Management System (USN)

IMMU independent munitions maintenance unit

IMN indicated mach number

IMO 1installation mobility officer, 2International Maritime Organization, 3information management officer, 4[AR 310-50] installation maintenance officer

IMOAS Information Management and Office Automation System (AFOTEC)

IMOM improved many on many (USAFE)

IMOS ion-implanted metal oxide semiconductor

IMOSAR [JP 1-02] IMO Search and Rescue Manual

IMP 1injection into microwave plasma, 2integrated microwave products, 3information message processor, 4intrinsic multiprocessing, 5Interface Message Processor (ARPANET/WIN), 6implementation management plan, 7information management plan, 8Information Management Program (Army), 9inventory management plan (POL), 10integrated manpower program, 11integrated management plan, 12integrated master plan, 13[JP 1-02] implementation

IMP/IMS integrated master plan/integrated master schedule

IMP/MON implementation and monitoring

IMPA intelligent multi-port adapter [DCA]

IMPAC international merchant purchase authorization card

IMPACT 1Inventory Management Program and Control Technique, 2[AR 310-50] improved management procurement and contracting technique

IMPACTS integrated manpower, personnel, and comprehensive training and safety

IMPATT 1impact avalanche and transit time [diode], 2ionization and transit time

IMPRESS Interdisciplinary Machine Processing for Research and Education in the Social Sciences

IMPS integrated master programming and scheduling

IMPTS improved programmer test station

IMQ item manager quantity

IMR 1input message report, 2Internet monthly report, 3internal management review, 4inventory management review, 5item management review, 5[AR 310-50] individual medical record

IMRADS Information Management Retrieval and Dissemination System

IMRB 1independent modification review board, 2item management review board

IMRS Improved Munitions Requirements System (USAFE)

IMS 1Information Management System [IBM], 2integrated management system, 3international military student, 4[Army] Integrated Meteorological System, 5instructional management system (USMC), 6inventory management simulator, 7International Military Staff (NATO), 8intermediate maintenance standards, 9integrated mission system, 10integrated multiplex system, 11integrated management schedule, 12integrated master schedule, 13inventory management specialist, 14inventory management system, 15item management specialist

IMSC 1installation management steering committee, 2installation information management support council

IMSE improved mobile subscriber equipment

IMSL International Mathematics and Statistics Library

IMSM international military student manager

IMSO 1international military student office(r)/noncommissioned officer, 2international military student office, 3international military student organization, 4[AR 310-50] initial materiel support office

IMSP Internet message support protocol

IMSS 1integrated mission support system, 2integrated multi-sensor system

IMT 1intermachine trunk, 2institutional maintenance trainer, 3infantry military training, 4institutional military trainer, 5international military trainee, 6international military training

IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium

IMTP [AR 310-50] Industrial Mobilization Training Program

IMTS interactive modular training system

IMTV interactive multimedia television

IMU 1internal measuring unit, 2[JP 1-02] intermatrix unit, 3[JP 1-02] inertial measuring unit

IMUA [AR 310-50] Interservice Material Utilization Agency

IMUL integer multiply

IMUX inverse multiplexer

IMVDS item management vehicle data system

IMW interactive management workshop

IMWRP item manager wholesale requisitions process

in inch

IN 1infantry, 2Indiana, 3interference-to-noise ratio, 4input, 5intelligence network, 6intelligence, 7[FM 101-5-1] India, 8[JP 1-02] Air Force component intelligence officer (staff), 9[JP 1-02] instructor, 10[JP 1-02] impulse noise

INAAP [AR 310-50] Indiana Army Ammunition Plant

INAS integrated navigation/attack system

INBATIM Integrated Battlefield Interactive Model

inc increment

INC 1directorate of collection (intelligence), 2increment, 3international narcotics control

INCA 1Intelligence Communications Architecture (DIA), 2integrated nuclear communications assessment

INCERFA [JP 1-02] uncertainty phase (ICAO)

incl inclusive

INCNR increment number

INCONREP intra-Continental United States movement reports

INCONUS Intra-Continental United States

INCR interrupt control register

indep independent

IND 1improvised nuclear device, 2investigation new drug

INDELSEC [AR 310-50] industrial electronic security

indep [AR 310-50] independent

INDICOM indications intelligence communications network

indiv [AR 310-50] individual

INDREG inductance regulator

INDTR indicator-transmitter

INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

INEWAM integrated electronic warfare analysis and modeling

INEWS [Army] Integrated Electronic Warfare System

inf infantry

INF intermediate range nuclear force(s)

INFANT Iroquois Night Fighter and Night Tracker

infl [AR 310-50] inflammable

INFLIGHTREP [JP 3-50.2] in-flight report (voice only)

info 1information. 2[AR 310-50] inform, 3[AR 310-50] informed

INFO [AR 310-50] for the information of

INFOCEN Information Central (ASD)

INFONET information network

INFOSEC information security

INFOSYS [TTPIO-ABCS] information systems

INFOTERM International Information Center for Technology

INFRAL information retrieval automatic language

ING Inactive National Guard

INGRES Integrated Graphics and Retrieval System

INH [AR 310-50] Improved Nike Hercules

INID [JP 1-02] intercept network in dialing

INIS Information System Internetted (MAC)

INIT 1initialize, 2initialization

INIU interim network interface unit

INJILL [JP 1-03.17] injured or ill

INL 1internal noise level, 2[JP 3-08] International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (USG)

INM 1integrated network management, 2[JP 3-07.4] international narcotics matters

INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite System

INND Internet news daemon

INOA intelligence operations division

INOZ indications and warning center

INP intelligence processor

INPO institute of nuclear power operation

INQUEST Interim Query System (MAC)

INR 1interference-to-noise ration, 2initial nuclear radiation, 3intelligence and research, 4[JP 1-02] Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

INREPL [AR 310-50] incoming replacement

INREQ information on request

INS 1Immigration and Naturalization Service (Dept. of Justice), 2inertial navigation system, 3information network systems, 4insert code, 5input string, 6integrated network server

INSCOM United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

INSEC [AR 310-50] internal security

INSERT insert code

insgcy [AR 310-50] insurgency

INSIT intelligence situation report

INST information standard

INSTARS information storage and retrieval systems

instl 1[AR 310-50] install, 2[AR 310-50] installation

INSURV inspection and survey

int 1[AR 310-50] interest, 2[AR 310-50] interned

INT 1integer, 2internal, 3interrupt, 4International (organization domain name) [Internet]

INTA interrupt acknowledge

INTAC [JP 1-02] individual terrorism awareness course

INTACS 1integrated tactical communications system, 2integrated tactical communications study

INTACVAL intelligence aid for plan evaluation

INTCO international code of signals

INTCTR integrating center

intel intelligence

intel net intelligence network

INTELSAT 1International Funded Organization for Global Communications, 2International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium, 3[JP 6-02] International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

INTELSITSUM [JP 1-02] daily intelligence summary

INTERACT integrated research aircraft control technology

INTERAMPOL inter-American police

INTERCO [JP 1-02] International Code of Signals

intercomm [AR 310-50] intercommunication

InterNIC Internet Network Information Center

INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization

INTERPOL-USNCB [JP 3-08] International Criminal Police Organization United States National Central Bureau (DOJ)

intg interrogation

intgr [AR 310-50] integrate

INTIPS integrated information processing system

INTMED [AR 310-50] internal medicine

INTNET intelligence network

INTO interrupt if overflow occurs

INTOP international operations simulation

INTPHTR interphase transformer

INTRAN input translator

INTREP intelligence report

INTREX information transfer experiments

INTSUM intelligence summary

INU 1[CJCSI 6130.01] inertial navigation unit, 2[JP 4-01.7] integration unit

inv inverter

INV [JP 1-02] invalid

INV V inverted V antenna

INVOL [JP 1-03.17] involuntary

INWATS inward wide area telephone service

IO (I/O) 1information operations, 2interpretive operation, 3issue order, 4identification officer, 5information officer, 6input output, 7intelligence officer, 8investigating officer, 9[JP 1-02] information objectives, 10[JP 1-02] intelligence oversight, 11[JP 1-02] international organizations

IOA internal operations assessment

IOAU input/output access unit

IOB 1input-output buffer, 2Intelligence Oversight Board, 3[AR 310-50] installation operating budget

IOBC Infantry Officers Basic Course

IOC 1initial operational capability, 2input-output controller, 3integrated optical circuit, 4Industrial Operations Command, 5intelligence operations center, 6interim operational capability, 7initial operating capability, 8information operation center, 9[JP 1-02] investigations operations center

IOCC 1input/output channel converter, 2input/output controller chip, 3[TTPIO-ABCS] information operations coordination cell

IOCD [AR 310-50] initial operational capability date

IOCS 1input/output computer services, 2input-output control system

IOCTL input/output control

IOD 1initial operational date, 2information object definition, 3integration and operational demonstration

IODC input/output data controller

IODE integrated development and debugging environment [Symantec]

IODP input/output digital processor

IOE 1initial operational evaluation, 2independent operational evaluation

IOE/A independent operational evaluator/assessor

IOI [JP 1-03.17] injured other than hostilities or illness

IOIC integrated operational intelligence center

IOL 1instantaneous overload, 2initial outfitting list

IOM 1input-output multiplexer, 2inter-office memorandum, 3[JP 1-02] installation, operation, and maintenance, 4[JP 3-08] International Organization for Migration

ION input/output node

IONDS Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System (USAF)

IOP 1initial operational period, 2interface operational procedures (TACS/TADS), 3input-output processor, 4[CJCSI 6610.01] interface operating procedure, 5[AR 310-50] installation operating program

IOPL input/output privilege level

IOPS input-output programming system

IOR 1immediate operational requirement, 2input-output register, 3interoperability requirement

IORL input/output requirements language

IOS 1input-output selector, 2instructor/operator station, 3integrated observation system, 4International Organization for Standardization, 5interim operational supplement

IOSGA input/output support gate array

IOSS interagency OPSEC support staff

IOT 1initial operational test, 2integral operator trainer

IOT&E 1initial operational test and evaluation, 2installation operational test and evaluation

IOTA 1Information Overload Testing Apparatus, 2[AR 310-50] inbound/outbound traffic analysis

IOTE initial operational test and evaluation

IOU [JP 1-02] input/output unit

IOX input/output transfer unit

IP 1Internet protocol, 2initial phase, 3instructor personnel, 4information processing, 5initial point, 6intervention point, 7item processing, 8implementation procedures, 9instructor pilot, 10interactive processing, 11interface processor, 12initial provisioning, 13instruction pointer, 14identification point, 15intermediate pressure, 16intermediate processor (communications), 17implementation plan, 18industrial preparedness, 19Industry Program (Defense Systems Management College), 20information protection, 21informational program, 22interservice publication, 23[JP 1-02] initial position, 24[AR 310-50] incentive pay

IPA 1Image Product Archive, 2integrated program assessment, 3integrated photodetection assemblies, 4intermediate power amplifier, 5independent public accountant, 6[JP 1-02] intelligence production agency

IPAC 1Intelligence Center PACOM, 2Intelligence Pacific

IPADS Interactive Processing and Display System

IPAMMH indirect productive annual maintenance man-hours

IPAP 1information protection assessment program, 2interagency placement assistance program

IPAR [AR 310-50] improved pulse acquisition radar

IPB 1intelligence preparation of the battlespace, 2illustrated parts book, 3installation property book, 4illustrated parts breakdown, 5installation parts breakdown, 6interoperability policy board, 7[TTPIO-ABCS] intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPC 1information processing center, 2information processing code, 3initial planning conference, 4instructions per clock, 5interprocess communication, 6indentured product code, 7[JP 3-08] interagency planning cell

IPCE independent parametric cost estimate

IPCOTS in place consecutive overseas tour

IPCP 1Internet protocol control protocol, 2improved command post

IPD 1Institute for Professional Development, 2initial production delivery, 3integrated product development, 4international program directive, 5issue priority designator

IPD-CMM integrated product development capability maturity model

IPDC integrated product development center

IPDD 1initial project design description, 2integrated product design and development

IPDE integrated product data environment

IPDF 1Indexed Adobe™ Portable Document Format, 2indexed portable document format

IPDP 1integrated product development process, 2[JP 4-03] inland petroleum distribution plan

IPDR initial program design review

IPDS 1Imagery Processing and Dissem-ination System, 2intelligent printer data stream [IBM], 3IBM Personal Dictation System, 4[JP 1-02] Inland Petroleum Distribution System, 5[JP 1-02] Imagery Processing and Dissemination System

IPDT integrated product development team

IPE 1information processing equipment, 2image processing equipment, 3industrial plant equipment, 4increased performance engine, 5initial production evaluation

IPF 1Integrated Processing Facility (GRCS-1 Ground Vans or GRCS-2 Ground Segment), 2initial production facilities, 3[TENCAP] Imagery Processing Facility, 4information processing equipment, 5initial production funds, 6interactive processing facility

IPFC information presentation facility compiler [IBM]

IPFM integral pulse frequency modulation

IPG 1issue priority group, 2[AR 310-50] International Planning Group (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands)

IPI 1image processing and interchange [standard], 2intelligent peripheral interface, 3in process inspection, 4input package interface, 5inventory of principal item

IPIR 1initial programmed interpretation report, 2initial photographic interpretation report

IPL 1information processing language, 2initial program load [IBM], 3information programming language, 4integrated priority list, 5ion projection lithography

IPLI Internet private line interface

IPM 1interruptions per minute, 2impulses per minute, 3interference prediction model, 4implementation program manager, 5incremental phase modulator, 6internal polarization module, 7Interactive Performance Monitor [Ingres], 8interpersonal messag(ing), 9industrial preparedness measures, 10integrated product management

IPMO 1implementation program management office, 2intelligence personnel management office

IPMS 1information processing management system, 2integrated product management system

IPng Internet protocol, next generation

IPO 1international post organization, 2iterative planning optimization (RADC), 3information protection office, 4International Programs Office (Navy)

IPP 1industrial preparedness planning, 2imaging photopolarimeter, 3integrated plotting package, 4Internet presence provider, 5impact point prediction, 6Internet printing protocol, 7industrial preparedness production

IPPD integrated product and process development

IPPDT integrated product and process development team

IPPL industrial preparedness planning list

IPPM integrated product and process management

IPPP industrial preparedness planning program

IPPT 1integrated process and product team, 2individual proficiency test

IPR 1in-process review, 2in progress review, 3intelligence production requirement, 4interim program review, 5industrial plant representative, 6interim progress review, 7[AR 310-50] individual pay record

IPS 1integrated program summary, 2inches per second, 3integrated program study, 4interruptions per second, 5integrated procurement system, 6interim policy statement, 7intelligence production support, 8Intelligence Production System (PACAF), 9information processing subsystem (GMCC), 10Information Processing System (MAC), 11instructions per second, 12interconnects per second, 13illustrative planning scenario, 14indirect pricing system, 15integrated program summary, 16integrated publishing system, 17[JP 1-02] interoperability planning system

IPSC Information Processing Standards for Computers

IPSE integrated project support environment

IPSG 1International Programs Steering Group, 2[JP 2-01.2] intelligence program support group

IPSO information processing service organization

IPSP intelligence priorities for strategic planning

IPSS initial preplanned supply support

IPT 1integrated product team, 2intelligent procedure trainer, 3integrated process team, 4[AR 310-50] initial production test

IPTC international press telecommunications council

IPU 1instruction processing unit, 2information provider unit, 3interface processor unit

IPV industrial pressure vessel

IPW prisoner of war interrogation

IPX internetwork packet exchange

IQ 1interactive query, 2intelligence quotient, 3indefinite quantity

IQC indefinite quantity contract

IQCS in-service quality control system

IQL interactive query language

IQT initial qualification training

IQUE in-plant quality evaluation

ir [AR 310-50] infrared

IR 1intelligence requirement(s), 2information requirement(s), 3infrared, 4internal review, 5information retrieval, 6infrared radiation, 7inside radius, 8instruction register, 9instrument reading, 10insulation resistance, 11interrogater-responder, 12infrared homing, 13in-flight refueling, 14incident report, 15index register, 16individual reinforcement, 17[FM 101-5-1] infrared thermal, 18[FM 101-5-1] Iran, 19[JP 1-02] information rate, 20[AR 310-50] interval rate

IR&D independent research and development

IR&DC Intelligence Research and Development Council

IR/UV infrared/ultraviolet

IRA 1input reference axis, 2intelligence related activities, 3interface requirement agreement

IRAC 1Information Resources Administration Council, 2Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee

IRADS [Army] Infra-Red Acquisition and Detection System

IRAN inspect and repair as necessary

IRAS infrared astronomical satellite

IRASI [AR 310-50] internal review and system improvement

IRB 1instruction recoder buffer [CPU], 2infrastructure review board, 3[AR 310-50] individual records brief

IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile

IRC 1Internet relay chat, 2international record carriers, 3Internal Revenue Code, 4[JP 1-02] International Red Cross, 5[JP 3-08] international rescue committee, 6[AR 310-50] inspection record cards, 7[AR 310-50] item responsibility code

IRCAS [AR 310-50] information requirements control automated system

IRCCM infrared counter-counter measures

IRCM infrared countermeasures

IRCMIS Initial Requirements Computation and Management Information System (RDB) (AFLC)

IRCN interagency report control number

IRCS intrusion-resistant communications system

IRD 1information resource dictionary, 2integrated record data system, 3integrated receiver/descrambler, 4interface requirements document, 5interoperability requirements documents, 6independent research and development, 7initial requirement determination

IRDA Infrared Data Association

IRDL [AR 310-50] information retrieval and display language

IRDP information retrieval data bank

IRDS 1infrared detection system, 2international research, development, and standardization, 3information resource dictionary system, 4[JP 1-02] infrared detection set

IRE 1Institute of Radio Engineers, 2[AR 310-50] immediate ready element

IRED infrared-emitting diode

IREMBASS Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System

IREP 1integrated reliability evaluation program, 2Interim Reliability Evaluation Program

IREPS integrated refractive effect prediction system (USN)

IRES imagery reporting and exploitation station (TAC)

IRET interrupt return

IREW infrared electronic warfare

IREWS infrared electronic warfare system

IRF 1immediate reaction force, 2Imagery Readiness Facility, 3intermediate routing function, 4inheritance rights filter [Novell]

IRFA initial regulatory flexibility analysis

IRFITS infrared fault isolation test system

IRFNA [AR 310-50] inhibited red fuming nitric acid

IRFPA infrared focal plane array

IRG 1interrange instrumentation group, 2[AR 310-50] interdepartmental regional group

IRH infrared homing

IRHD international rubber hardness degrees

IRHVTA infrared high value target acquisition

IRIG inter range instrumentation group

IRIG-B inter range instrumentation group B

IRINT [JP 1-02] infrared intelligence

IRIS 1Intelligence Resources Information System, 2instant response information system, 3infrared interferometer spectrometer, 4inferential retrieval indexing system, 5integrated radio information system, 6interrogation requirement information system

IRL 1interactive reader language, 2inter-repeater link, 3information retrieval language

IRLAP infrared link access protocol

IRLED infrared light emitting diode

IRLS 1infrared line scan, 2interrogation, recording of location subsystem

IRM 1information resource management, 2information resource manager, 3Information Resource Monitor Subsystem (JDS), 4intermediate range monitor, 5inherent rights mask

IRMA information revision and manuscript assembly

IRMC Information Resource Management College

IRMP integrated risk management process

IRMS 1information resource management system, 2integrated radio management system, 3information resource management software

IRO 1immediate response option, 2independent review officer, 3internal review office, 4[JP 4-02] international relief organization, 5[AR 310-50] Industrial Relations Office, 6[AR 310-50] United Nations International Relief Organizations

IROAN inspect and repair only as needed

IROC Intrusion Resistant Optical Communications

IROD instantaneous readout director

IROL imagery requirements objective listing

IROS improved reliability operational system

IRP 1individual reinforcement plan, 2installation restoration program

IRPP 1installation resource protection plan, 2[AR 310-50] Industrial Readiness Planning Program

IRPPS information resource planning and projection system survey

IRQ interrupt request

IRQR [AR 310-50] information requirement

IRR 1internal rate of return, 2Individual Ready Reserve, 3initial requirements review, 4integrated radio room, 5[JP 1-02] integrated readiness report, 6[AR 310-50] intelligence radar reporting

IRRB integrated requirement review board

IRRD 1item release document, 2item receipt document

IRRM information report requirement manager

IRRMP Information Reports Requirement Management Program

IRRS 1infrared reconnaissance system, 2[AR 310-50] Individual Ready Reserve System

IRS 1information retrieval system, 2inquiry and reporting system, 3inertial reference system, 4installation readiness system, 5Interactive Retrieval Software (Exercise Schedule) (JCS), 6interformation requirements study, 7interface requirements specification, 8Internal Revenue Service

IRS&T infrared search and track

IRSG infrared scene generator

IRSIGS infrared signatures

IRSM infrared surveillance measures

IRSS 1infrared search and surveillance, 2instant recall signal storage

IRST 1infrared search and track, 2Infrared Search and Track Sensor (ATF)

IRT interrogator-responder-transponder

IRTF Internet Research Task Force

IRTS 1identify and correct deficiency, 2incident reporting and tracking system

IRU 1integrated recovery utility, 2inertial reference unit

IRUS Infantry Rifle Unit Study

IRWR infrared warning receiver

IRV improved recovery vehicle

IRX information retrieval experiment

IS 1incomplete sequence [relay], 2information science, 3interference suppressor, 4internal shield, 5information system, 6International Staff (NATO), 7interrupt status, 8instructor station, 9intermediate system, 10internal security, 11international standard, 12industrial specialist, 13[FM 101-5-1] Israel, 14[JP 1-02] interswitch

IS&R information storage and retrieval

IS&RP initial spares and repair parts

IS&T innovative science and technology

IS/A interservice/agency

IS/CMA industrial specialist/contract management assistant

IS-I information services and infrastructure

IS2 information system integration support

ISA 1international standardization agreement, 2interservice support agreement, 3instrument subassembly, 4information systems architecture, 5instruction-set architecture, 6[Assistant Secretary of Defense] international security affairs, 7international standard atmosphere, 8industry standard architecture, 9international security assistance, 10[JP 1-02] inter-Service agreement

ISAACS Intelligent Spectrum Allocation and Analysis Computer System

ISABPS integrated submarine automated broadcast processing system

ISAC Issue Screening and Analysis Committees

ISACCC interim satellite communications control center

ISAD Information Systems, Authorization Directory (AFP 700-19)

ISAM 1indexed sequential access management, 2indexed sequential-access method, 3integrating switching and multiplexing

ISAMC intermediate software acquisition management course

ISAP information sort and predict

ISAPI Internet server API [Microsoft]

ISAR 1inverse synthetic aperture radar, 2information storage and retrieval

ISARC [AR 310-50] installation shipping and receiving capability

ISB 1Intelligence Systems Board, 2independent sideband, 3intermediate staging base (PACOM), 4industrial security bulletin, 5intelligence support base

ISBN international standard book number

ISC 1[Army] Information Systems Command (replaced ACC), 2intelligence subject code, 3intelligence support cells, 4instruction set computer, 5intermediate switching center, 6inter-systems communication [IBM], 7individual service contract

ISCA integrated systems control architecture

ISCAMS Installation Standard Command Automatic Data Processing Management System

ISCAN inertialess steerable communication antenna

ISCNET inter-system communications sub-network

ISCOMIADEIRA [AR 310-50] Island Commander, Madeira

ISCOMBERMUDA [AR 310-50] Island Commander, Bermuda

ISCOMFAEROES [AR 310-50] Island Commander, Faeroes

ISCOMGREENLAND [AR 310-50] Island Commander, Greenland

ISCOMICELAND [AR 310-50] Island Commander, Iceland

ISD 1instructional systems development, 2induction system deposit, 3International Subscriber Dialog, 4integrated strategic defense, 5integrated system dictionary, 6image section descriptor, 7in-service date, 8information systems directive, 9information systems division, 10[AR 310-50] installation supply division

ISD/RDD installation start date/required delivery date

ISD/SAT instructional systems development/systems approach to training

ISDB integrated satellite database

ISDCP integrated strategic defense concept plan

ISDN 1integrated services digital network, 2integrated switched digital network

ISDS image switching and distribution system

ISDSMS Improved Self Defense Surface Missile System (USN)

ISE 1information systems engineering, 2institutional self evaluation, 3initial support element, 4intelligence support element (part of EACIC), 5intercept system environment, 6integrated system evaluation

ISEA 1In-service engineering activity, 2in-service engineering agent (Navy)

ISEC Information Systems Engineering Command (Army)

ISEE integrated system engineering environment

ISEIC Information Systems Engineering and Integration Center (Army)

ISEM integrated space environmental model

ISER integral systems experimental requirements

ISESA Information Systems Engineering Support Activity (Army)

ISET independent software evaluation test

ISEW intelligence, security, and electronic warfare

ISF 1information systems flight (AFCC), 2improved support facility, 3intelligence support facility, 4integrated support facility, 5implied shortage factor, 6integration support facility

ISFET ion-sensitive field-effect transistor

ISG 1Information Systems Group (AFCC), 2information systems group, 3Inter-site Gateway (component of LOGNET), 4industry steering group

ISH Information Superhighway [Internet]

ISI 1in-service inspection, 2intersymbol interference, 3initial support items, 4internally specified index, 5[AR 310-50] initial support increments

ISIC information and software integration contractor

ISIN information systems internetting

ISIP information systems planning services (DLA)

ISIR [AR 310-50] in service in reserve

ISIS 1Integrated Signals Intelligence System (USMC), 2integrated systems and information services, 3Improved Speech Intelligibility System

ISISS integrated TW/AA sensors integrated system support

ISK insert storage key

ISKM Internet starter kit for the Macintosh

ISL 1information search language, 2information system language, 3integrated Schottky logic, 4instructional systems language, 5interactive simulation language, 6interactive system language, 7industrial security letter, 8initial support list, 9integrated stock list, 10[AR 310-50] item study listings

ISM 1industrial, scientific, and medical [equipment], 2information systems for management, 3interpretive structure modeling, 4Industrial Security Manual, 5Internet Service Manager [Microsoft]

ISMA information systems management activity

ISMF interactive storage management facility

ISML intermediate system mock-up loop

ISMMP [JP 1-02] Integrated CONUS Medical Mobilization Plan

ISMS 1Integrated Security Management System, 2Information Systems Maintenance Squadron (AFCC)

ISN [AR 310-50] internment serial number

ISNSA independent software nuclear safety analysis (JCMPO)

ISO 1information systems office, 2International Standards Organization [obsolete], 3individual system operation, 4intelligence support office, 5International Standardization Office, HQ USAF/XOXX, 6initial squadron operation, 7[JP 1-02] isolation

ISO/OSI International Standards Organization/Open Systems Interconnection (model)

ISOC Internet Society.

ISODE International Organization for Standardization Development Environment

ISOM Industrial Security Operating Manual

ISOO information security oversight office

ISOPAK [JP 4-01.6] International Organization for Standardization Package

ISOPREP [JP 3-50.2] isolated personnel report

ISOR Industrial Security Operating Regulation

ISOS information systems operations squadron (AFCC)

ISP 1integrated support plan, 2industrial security plan, 3implementation support plan, 4information security program, 5index sequential processor, 6information system plan, 7Internet service provider, 8information system planning, 9interrupt stack pointer, 10interrupt status port, 11Image Synthesis Processor [PowerVR], 12intelligence support plan, 13[DoD/DSMC] Internet service provider

ISPA International Society of Parametric Analysts

ISPE interim software progress emulation

ISPF interactive system programming facility

ISPI information systems processing installation

ISPM information security program manager

ISPP information systems program plan

ISPR [AR 310-50] Infantry Systems Program Review

ISPTC information systems performance technical center

ISQL interactive structure query language

ISR 1individual school requirement, 2individual soldier's report, 3interrupt service routine, 4information storage and retrieval, 5intersecting storage ring, 6interrupt status register, 7Industrial Security Regulation, 8image storage and retrieval, 9initial spares, 10implementation support requirement, 11independent sufficiency review, 12intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance

ISRB Information Systems Requirements Board

ISRC Information Services Readiness Center

ISRD information systems requirements document

ISRS information system resource software

iss [AR 310-50] issue

ISS 1Intelligence Systems Secretariat, 2installation support school, 3ideal solidus structures, 4information storage system, 5input subsystem, 6information systems security, 7intelligence support staff, 8intelligence system simulation, 9in-service support, 10intelligent support system(s), 11information systems squadron (AFCC), 12integrated support station, 13interim safety supplement, 14interim supply support, 15[AR 310-50] Integrated Sealift Study, 16[AR 310-50] interservice supply support

ISSA interservice support agreement

ISSAA Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Activity (Army)

ISSB Information Systems Standards Board

ISSC 1Information Systems Steering Committee (USMC), 2information system support center, 3[AR 310-50] interservice supply support coordinator

ISSG information systems support group (AFCC)

ISSL 1initial supplies support list, 2initial spares support list

ISSM information system security manager (GCCS)

ISSMIS [AR 310-50] Integrated Support Services Management Information System

ISSN international standard serial number

ISSO 1information services support officer, 2infomation special security officer, 3information systems security officer, 4information systems staff officer, 5[JP 2-01.2] information systems security organization

ISSP 1Information Systems Standardization Program, 2interservice supply support procedure, 3interservice supply support program

ISSP-S Interim Single Source Processor-Signals Intelligence (DIA/NSA)

ISSR information system security representative

ISSRO [AR 310-50] interservice supply support records office

ISSS 1information systems support squadron (AFCC), 2[AR 310-50] installation service supply support

ISST ICBM SHF satellite terminal

IST 1imagery support terminal, 2initial support team, 3implementation systems test, 4integrated system test, 5inter switch trunk, 6information, science, and technology, 7invite, show, and test, 8installed system test, 9integrated surveillance team, 10[JP 1-02] interswitch trunk, 11[AR 310-50] initial service test

ISTA intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition

ISTAP Information Systems Technology Application Program

ISTAR image, storage, translation, and reproduction

ISTD integrated space technology demonstration

ISTECH information systems technology

ISTF installed system test facility

ISTIM interchange of science and technical information in machine language

ISTL Integrated Standardized Training Listing

ISTP information systems tasking plan

ISU interface switching unit, 2[JP 4-01.7] internal airlift/helicopter slingable container unit

ISV 2independent software vendor, 2intelligence secure voice, 3individual survivability

ISVCS Improved Secure Voice Conferencing System

ISVN interim secure voice network

ISVS 1international switched voice service, 2international switched voice system

ISVT integrated secure voice terminal

ISW 1information systems wing (AFCC), 2integrated strike warfare

ISWG 1information systems working group (USMC), 2industry standard working group, 3intelligence support working group

ISYSCON 1Integrated System Control Program (Army), 2integrated system control system

IT 1industry [FCC services] telephone maintenance, 2input translator, 3item transfer, 4instrument test, 5instrument tree, 6insulating transformer, 7instruction technique, 8interrogater-transponder, 9information technology, 10integration testing, 11intermediate trainer, 12[FM 101-5-1] Italy

IT&AP inspection test and analysis plan

IT&S information, technologies,and system

IT/SP instrument tree/spool piece

IT2 International Technology Transfer Panel

IT3 interactive tactical team trainer

ITA 1Intelligent Task Authority (USAF), 2International Telegraph Alphabet, 3International Trade Administration (DOC), 4industry and trade administration, 5interface test adapter

ITAA Information Technology Association of America

ITAAD [JP 1-02] installation/the army authorization document

ITAADS Installation the Army Authorization Document System

ITAAS intelligence training Army area school(s)

ITABBS Information Technology Acquisition Bulletin Board System

ITAC (Army) Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (obsolete, see NGIC)

ITACEN Information Technology Acquisition Center

ITACIES Interim Tactical Imagery Exploitation System

ITACS 1Integrated Tactical Air Control System, 2Integrated Tactical Command System

ITAE integrated time and absolute error

ITAG inertial terrain-aided guidance

ITALD [JP 1-02] improved tactical air-launched decoy

ITAM integrated training area management

ITAMP integrated task and management plan

ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulation

ITARS Integrated Terrain Access and Retrieval System

ITAS 1Instantaneous Telephone Alerting System, 2Improved Target Acquisition System

ITASC Interim Theater ADP Service Center (Army)

ITAWDS Integrated Tactical Amphibious Warfare Data System

ITB 1information technology branch, 2integrated test bed, 3intermediate text block

ITC 1instructor training course, 2ionic thermoconductivity, 3information technology center, 4intelligence training consolidation, 5International Trade Commission

ITC4 Interim Transportable Command and Control Computer Center (Army)

ITCC Intelligence Technical Coordinating Committee

ITCF Inter Tool Communication Facility

ITCM integrated tactical countermeasures (USAF)

ITCP/IP Inter-computer transmission control protocol/internal protocol

ITCTO interim time compliance technical order

ITD 1integrated technology demonstration, 2individual training directorate, 3information technology directorate, 4integrated test director

ITDS 1improved technical data system, 2integrated technical data system

ITDSS Intelligent Target Development Support System

ITE information technology equipment

ITEA International Test and Evaluation Association

ITEMS Interactive Tactical Environment Management System

ITEP 1Intelligence and Tactical Exploitation Processor, 2Integrated Test/ Evaluation Program, 3Interim Tactical ELINT Processor, 4international test and evaluation procedures

ITEWS Integrated Tactical Electronic Warfare System

ITF 1integration test facility, 2interactive terminal facility, 3intelligence task force, 4interactive test facility, 5information technology facility

ITFS instructional television fixed services

ITGBL international through government bill of lading

ITI inspection/test instruction

ITI-ALC integrated technical information for the air logistic center

ITIC-PAC INSCOM Theater Intelligence Center-Pacific

ITIES interservice technical information exchange

ITIMP integrated technical item management and procurement

ITIRC [IBM] Technical Information Retrieval Center

ITIS Intra-Theater Imagery Transmission System

ITL inverse time limit

ITMG intra-theater movement generator (EUCOM)

ITMIS [AR 310-50] Integrated Transpiration Management Information System

ITMRA Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996

ITMSP information technology management strategic plan

ITN 1information transfer node, 2identification tasking and networking

ITO 1individual travel orders, 2installation transportation officer, 3instrument take-off, 4International Trade Organization, 5invitational travel orders, 6information to offeror, 7instruction to offeror, 8interim technical order, 9invitation to offeror, 10[AR 310-50] installation telephone office(r)

ITOE intermediate TOE

ITOIPT [DoD/DSMC] information technology overarching integrated product team

ITOP international test operation procedures

ITOPS 1interim terminal overseas processing system, 2Interim Transportation Overseas Processing System (MAC), 3international test operation procedures

ITP 1integrated test plan, 2intent to purchase, 3individual training plan, 4impact time prediction, 5instruction to proceed, 6intention to proceed

ITPB Information Technology Policy Board

ITPS 1integrated teleprocessing system, 2integrated test program schedule

ITR 1instrument test rig, 2inverse time relay, 3integrated test range (Army), 4Internet talk radio, 5individual training record

ITRAM International Traffic Passenger Management System (MTMC)

ITRB initial test review board

ITRM institutional training resource model

ITRO 1[TRADOC] Interservice Training Review Organization, 2Interservice Training Office, 3interservice training requirements organization, 4[DoD] inter-service training organization

ITRUS information technology reuse

ITS 1intelligent tutor system, 2integrated training strategy, 3individual training strategy, 4individual training standard, 5insulation test specification, 6intelligent transportation systems, 7intermarket trading system, 8interactive terminal system, 9interrogate threat system, 10inventory tracking system, 11[AR 310-50] intersectional transportation service

ITSA [AR 310-50] Institute for Telecommunications Sciences and Aeronomy

ITSEC information technology security evaluation criteria

ITSEM information technology security evaluation method

ITSG information technology standard guidance

ITSI information technology standard information

ITSOP integrated telecommunications systems operational planning

ITSs individual training standards

ITSS integrated tactical surveillance system

ITSTEC integrated transmission switching and technical control

ITT 1interactive training tool, 2imagery training tool, 3international telephone and telegraph, 4invitation to tender, 5invitation to transmit, 6integrated test team, 7[AR 310-50] inter theater transfer

ITTAC [AR 310-50] International Telegraph and Telephonic Advisory Committee

ITTO information ticket and tour office

ITTP individual task training package

ITTS Instrumentation, Targets, and Threat Simulator

ITU International Telecommunication Union

ITU-TSS ITU-Telecommunication Standards Section

ITUG International Telecommunications User Group

ITV 1instructional television, 2industrial television, 3instrumented test vehicle, 4in-transit visibility, 5interactive television

ITW&A integrated tactical warning and assessment

ITW/AA integrated tactical warning/attack assessment

ITX intermediate text block

IU 1initial user, 2instrument unit, 3interference unit, 4integer unit, 5interface unit, 6image understanding, 7internal user data group

IUA image understanding architecture

IUAP Internet user account provider [Internet]

IUC intermediate unit commander

IUID internal unit identification

IUS 1inertial upper stage, 2initial upper state

IUS/ITB interchange unit separator/intermediate transmission block

IUSS integrated undersea surveillance system (NAVELEX)

IUWG [JP 1-02] inshore undersea warfare group

IV 1intermediate voltage, 2implementation visits, 3inventory variance, 4[FM 101-5-1] intravenous

IV&V independent verification and validation

IVA 1intervehicular activity, 2immediate visual assessment

IVCE internal voice communications equipment

IVD interactive video disk — a type of IMI

IVDW integrated voice/data workstations

IVIA Interactive Video Industry Association

IVIS 1Interactive Video Information System, 2Intervehicular Information System [radio interface]

IVL 1Independent Vendor League, 2Intel Verification Lab

IVMU inertial velocity measurement unit

IVR 1interactive voice response, 2integrated voltage regulator

IVS 1interactive videodisk system, 2interactive voice system

IVSAN initial voice switching network (NATO)

IVSI instantaneous vertical speed indicator

IVSN initial voice switch network (NATO)

IVT interrupt vector table

IVTS interactive video training system

IW 1information warfare, 2individual weapon, 3information war

IW-D [JP 6-02] defensive information warfare

IW/C2W information warfare/command and control warfare

IWARS Installation Worldwide Ammunitions Reporting System (Army)

IWCS integrated wideband communications system

IWCS/SEA Integrated Wideband Communications System/Southeast Asia

IWDS integrated warning and display system

IWEDA [TTPIO-ABCS] Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aid

IWG 1inter-system working group, 2interface working group [IEMATS], 3[JP 1-02] Interagency Working Group, 4[JP 2-02] intelligence working group

IWIPS international weapon item projection systems

IWP 1interim working party, 2in-service work plan

IWRT information warfare red team

IWS 1integrated weapon system, 2intelligence work station, 3intelligent work station

IWSDB integrated weapon system database

IWSM [DoD/DSMC] integrated weapon system management (USAF)

IWSMP integrated weapon system master plan

IWSSF integrated weapon system software facility

IWT [AR 310-50] inland waterway transport

IWW [AR 310-50] inland waterway

IX unclassified miscellaneous [USN] ships and barges

IXC 1inter-exchange carriers, 2interchange carrier

IXF integrated exchange format [IBM]

IXMP information transfer standard management panels

IXP [TTPIO-ABCS] information exchange plan

IXSS [USN] unclassified auxiliary submarine

IZ [FM 101-5-1] Iraq