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Baghdad Al-Jumhuriyah in Arabic 17 Feb 99 pp 1, 2
["A Word" column by Dr. Salman Zaydan: "The Saudi Rulers and the Satan's 
[FBIS Translated Text] The statement issued after the Iraqi leadership's 
meeting on Sunday, which examined the current situation and the 
confrontation of the US-British aggression on our national airspace with 
the practical help and participation of the Saudi and Kuwaiti rulers, 
did not only aim to recall the seriousness of this situation and its 
repercussions on the state of affairs in the region, particularly on the 
sources and means of the aggression, but it also had clear implications 
and objectives.
   This statement cautioned the rulers in Najd, al-Hijaz, and Kuwait 
that they should stop their detestable hostility, which is doing further 
harm to Iraq and killing more Iraqi women, men, children, and old 
people. It also warned these rulers against the grave consequences of 
deliberately continuing the destruction of the Iraqi people's civil 
property by playing an infidel and lowly role that serves their US 
masters who want to take revenge on Iraq and its faithful will and also 
on the patience of the great Iraqi people.
   Given the fact that the Saudi and Kuwaiti rulers have for many years 
been showing this erratic hostility and drowning themselves in sins up 
to their rotten heads--because they pretend to be affiliated with 
tolerant Islam, which has nothing to do with them--they are now living 
in the corners of the Satan, treason, humiliation, and corruption.
    These rulers also seek to keep all the factors harming and 
destroying the Arab nation, on the one hand, while widening the sea of 
blood between them and the Iraqi people, who have offered sacrifices 
based on the meanings of the deep faith in God, the noble principles of 
tolerant Islam, and the implications of the faithful pan-Arab 
responsibility, on the other.  What is the meaning of this shameful 
conduct of the evil traitors who went down to the abyss, stabbed the 
Arab nation and Iraq in the back, and allowed the infidel foreigner to 
step on the Arab and Muslim sanctities after they colluded with him in 
order to strike at the faithful, struggling, mujahid, lofty, and great 
   To begin with, we say that the hostile, treacherous, and lowly 
conduct of the Najd and al-Hijaz rulers practically removes the sanctity 
of the holy land because it was turned into a scene for the infidel 
Americans and their British allies who use this land as a springboard 
for the daily attacks on the sincere believers in great Iraq. Iraq 
rejects falsehood and tells the truth, but it was afflicted by these 
lowly and rascally rulers who learned from their masters the telling of 
lies, rancor, malice, disinformation, and charlatanism after their 
masters removed from their hearts, conscience, and minds all the noble 
meanings as well as the honor of manliness and position.
  We do not know how the Saudi ruler can call himself the custodian of 
the two holy mosques at a time when events as well as his own hostility, 
rancor, treachery, and all his actions prove that he is actually the 
custodian of hateful Zionism and of the despotic state and its erratic 
   Perhaps, the most prominent and clearest example is the current 
deviant conduct of this ruler who could not even distinguish between the 
national interests of his own people and country and the US and Zionist 
hegemony that tries to achieve its expansionist ambitions by continuing 
the rotation of the petrodollar profits and working for the elimination 
of the free Arab will.
   Another fact that should be pointed out is that 40,000-50,000 US 
troops are desecrating the holy land in Najd and al-Hijaz.  Moreover, 
there are stored weapons and equipment for these troops, in addition to 
the large-scale facilitation this humiliated and lowly ruler extends to 
the enemies of the Arab nation, Islam, and Iraq. There are also 440 
aircraft, including 397 US aircraft stationed on the waters and soil of 
this ruler.
   These forces did not come to the holy land in Mecca and Medina or to 
the Arab waters for the purpose of military tourism but rather to 
achieve long-term strategic ambitions. This was confirmed by Norman 
Schwarzkopf, an infidel American, who said: "Here exists the elixir of 
the West's life." This region has 70 percent of the world oil reserves 
with a hypothetical age up to the end of next century, whereas the 
industrial and other states only have 55 percent of the world oil 
reserves with a hypothetical age not exceeding the first decade of the 
coming century.
   Hence, is the Saudi ruler, who stabs the national and pan-Arab 
interests in the back and continues his wrongdoing and crimes against 
Arabism, Islam, and the Iraqi people really "a custodian of the two holy 
mosques" or rather a custodian of Zionism and the infidel United 
States?! But if he does not proceed in this direction, then he is 
duty-bound to lead the mujahidin against falsehood and should vie with 
the Iraqis for confronting and thwarting the evil because the Iraqis are 
Arabs and Muslims and are defending the rights and noble values on the 
national, pan-Arab, and humanitarian levels.
   We pose this question to the loafers in the Saudi newspapers of 
Al-Riyad, 'Ukaz, and Al-Nadwah who, exactly like their rulers, have 
followed the Satan's whims and the desires of their US and Zionist 
masters and joined their mean and malicious tone that calls for taking 
revenge on Arabism, great Iraq, and its mujahid leadership and enduring 
   Let these ones and others know that the anger of an ignorant one 
appears in his words while the anger of a sensible one appears in his 
deeds. Thus, everyone should know that the anger of the honorable ones 
appears in their deeds and not only in their words.
   I swear by God that the most cowardly ones are those advocating 
falsehood when they are checked by the faithful owners of rights.

Baghdad Al-'Iraq in Arabic 18 Feb 99 pp 1,6 
[Editorial: "We and the Campaign of Lies and Hatred in the Media of the 
Traitor of the Two Holy Mosques"]
[FBIS Translated Text] The Saudi trumpets, represented by the corrupt 
Saudi media that is impregnated with rancor and grudges and the feelings 
of hatred that are deeply embedded in the hearts of this straying clique 
which claims to be Arab, have launched a fierce campaign against lofty 
Iraq that stands fast against the aggression and the US aggressors whose 
planes pour their evil fire on our holy land from the bases of treason 
and deception in the land of Najd and Hejaz and Kuwait.
   The papers that speak on behalf of the traitor of the two holy 
mosques began in past days to publish provocative articles instigating 
against Iraq and criticizing it in a cheap way to distort the statement 
by the Iraqi leadership which honestly and with a sense of 
responsibility expressed the feelings of the Iraqi people and the Arab 
masses on the need to adopt effective and serious actions to end US 
military belligerence and violation of our air space and attacks on our 
territories that daily wound and kill people.
   The details, expressions, and purport of the Iraqi leadership's 
statement are clear. The statement aims to enlighten the rulers of Saudi 
Arabia and Kuwait and counsel them to stop treading the dark path and 
concocting conspiracies, and to refrain from remaining immersed up to 
their ears in the evil plans targeting Iraq and the Iraqi people and 
exposing Iraq's national fate and sovereignty and the security of its 
people to dangers with dire consequences.
   From the premise of genuine national feeling and the righteous 
principles of Islam and in abidance by the prophet's saying that 
religion is advice, the Iraqi leadership's statement expressed an honest 
course of action in a language and form that honestly and surely 
embodies the many values and ideals, religious, national, and pan Arab 
commitments in which Iraq of the struggler and believer Saddam Husayn 
   The Iraqi leadership confirmed in its statement that the leaders of 
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are following a dangerous and destructive course 
by practically taking part in the US aggression on our territories and 
people. Therefore, they are committing a grave and unforgivable mistake 
and crime because they participate in attacking an Arab and Muslim 
country, killing its people and exposing its national resources, 
cultural, civilization, humanitarian, and industrial achievements to 
total destruction to please their masters in Washington, London, and Tel 
   Because the Saudi media is its master's voice and because it is 
master at only changing and distorting facts and spreading lies, the 
hate campaign by the media of the traitor of the two holy mosques 
against the Iraqi people was launched as a desperate attempt to deceive 
the masses of Najd and Hejaz and warn them against Iraqi threats which 
only exist in their minds that are void of anything noble, honest, and 
   Free lofty Iraq is not used to jumping over the facts, resorting to 
lies and cheap deception, or playing games which the US media machines 
and their lackeys in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait master. The honest Iraqi 
leadership is clear in all its actions and statements. We have become 
accustomed to clear concepts and logic, and explicit statements, as it 
is not in our habit or part of our conduct or principles to play with 
words as it is a cheap industry that has its people.
   As for us, we just state facts and place them in front of our people 
and the Arab masses. Don't you agree with me?

Baghdad Al-Qadisiyah in Arabic 18 Feb 99 pp 1, 2
[Article by Hani Wuhayyib:"Our Valiant Resistance and the US Feeling of 
[FBIS Translated Text] We demonstrated a valiant steadfastness in 
confronting the recent US-Zionist aggression and valiant resistance to 
the violation of the sanctity of our national airspace by the US and 
British aircraft. One of the most prominent results of this has perhaps 
been the ultimate exposure of the exclusive US-British role in launching 
the treacherous aggression against Iraq without having any cover, albeit 
feeble international authorization, or pretext. In spite of the silence 
of some countries and regimes over the aggression and the lack of 
seriousness by others in condemning it, there has been extensive
condemnation of the aggression. Numerous countries, including permanent 
members of the Security Council, condemned the aggression and there has 
been growing Arab and international popular condemnation of the 
aggression. All of this has exposed the aggressor nature of the 
tendentious US position against Iraq.
   Furthermore, the manner with which the valiant Iraqi national 
resistance has confronted the violation of our airspace by the US and 
British aircraft and the courage of the Iraqi air defenses in pursuing 
the raiding aircraft have exposed the aggressor and destructive goals of 
these aggressor aircraft. They have exposed the goals of these intensive 
sorties and in such large numbers of formations, the size of damage to 
life, equipment, and property, and their direct targeting of civilian 
targets. They have also more clearly revealed the bases from which they 
are specifically launched and from certain and known bases in the Saudi, 
Kuwaiti, and Turkish territories and waters. Moreover, it has become 
clear to everyone which countries are the main parties to the aggression 
and which countries and sides participated in the aggression in a direct 
and frank manner. All of this cannot be concealed by any cover and no 
pompous or naive denial can blot out the facts that are visible to the 
whole world on the screens of Arab and world television networks. For in 
addition to the admissions by US and British military commanders such as 
Zinni and Robertson and others and to the forces that are already 
deployed on the Saudi and Kuwaiti territories, the US and British forces 
and fleets are continuing their build up in the Arab Gulf waters.
   There are so many names of US and British aircraft carriers, 
destroyers, and warships that have become known to everyone.  In fact, 
the world media has been following their routes and their passage 
through the oceans and international waterways and until they anchor in 
their bases in the Arab Gulf. They include the Enterprise, Invincible, 
and Newcastle, and the aircraft carrier Carl Vincent from which some of 
the aircraft currently take off to attack Iraq. It is one of several 
aircraft carriers that arrived and are anchored in their bases in Saudi 
Arabia and Kuwait since the middle of December. The Carl Vincent alone 
is escorted by 8-12 warships and destroyers that are deployed in the 
same place. It has a crew of around 5500 marines and pilots and several 
of them made statements to the press in which they affirmed that they 
were welcomed by the Saudi and Kuwaiti leaders and that they extended 
financial and logistical support. They also affirmed that they attack 
their targets in Iraq without any consideration for the outcome because 
according to them, this is within the jurisdiction of the US leadership. 
When asked by journalists as to why they were attacking civilian 
targets, they did not deny this. Some of them used the excuse that 
mistakes do happen due to lack of accuracy and frankly and implicitly 
admitted that they attack Iraqi civilian targets at US orders. Thus, the 
US and British evil and aggressor aims behind the violation of the Iraqi 
airspace are revealed.
   Iraq had cautioned the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and 
explained the seriousness of their participation in this clear and 
blatant aggression against Iraq and of the ability of Iraq to continue 
to defend itself and to reach the sources and means of aggression. When 
it did that, the United States quickly portrayed this caution as a 
threat by Iraq. Albright launched her futile threats of what she 
described as a swift and firm response to Iraqi threats to attack the 
air bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from where the US and British 
aircraft take off to attack Iraq.
   Thus, Albright once again admits that their hostile aircraft take off 
from the Saudi and Kuwait territories to attack Iraq. Pentagon spokesman 
Kenneth Beacon hastened to affirm that the United States was capable of 
attacking Iraq with lightening speed and estimated that the aircraft 
would continue to launch their raids as long they continue to come under 
Iraqi fire. However, he did not stop to ask himself as to what were the 
US aircraft doing in Iraqi airspace to make them come under Iraqi fire. 
This man and others in the US Administration may have been deluded into 
thinking that flights of the US and British aircraft over al-Basrah, 
Mosul, al-Najaf, Dhi Qar, Dahuk, or Irbil are taking place over Chicago 
in the north of the United States or over Florida in the south. He may 
have also been deluded into thinking that the Iraqi missiles were 
following these aircraft there. US Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig 
on Tuesday began what he called an inspection tour of the Arab Gulf. The 
information regarding the meaning, motives, and timing of this 
suspicious tour at this particular time indicate that it is intended to 
set in motion a continuing violation of Iraqi airspace by the US and 
British aircraft. The tour is also intended to ensure the availability 
of the logical support that would facilitate the continuation of their 
hostile missions. Furthermore, the Zionist Jew Sandy Berger, US national 
security adviser, also commented on the caution that Iraq addressed to 
the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He regarded the Iraqi caution 
urging them to refrain from allowing the US and British aircraft to take 
off from Saudi and Kuwaiti territories and airports as an Iraqi attempt 
to isolate the United States. He warned Iraq against this and threatened 
it of what he called the consequences of its positions.
   Thus, we have the US contentiousness and feverish endeavors to impose 
the US hegemony over the entire world and some have submitted to the 
United States and bowed to its demands of implementing its hostile 
schemes against Iraq. There is also the magnificent Iraqi steadfastness 
that embodies the spirit of the Arab nation against the 
US-British-Zionist aggression and its continuation through the violation 
of our airspace. Moreover, there is the rise of our valiant resistance 
to this violation and the clarity of the just Iraqi demand for halting 
the aggression and lifting the blockade and the growing Arab and 
international support for these just demands. All of this has deepened 
the feeling of the US Administration of the isolation of the United 
States in terms of its exclusive role in the aggression and the collapse 
of the international cover with which it wants to delude the World and 
world public opinion. This has also deepened its feeling of the costly 
price that it will have to pay as a result of its continued aggression 
and the escalating valiant resistance by Iraq against this barbaric and 
blatant aggression. Furthermore, this feeling also reminds the United 
States of its defeat in Vietnam. The Iraqi lesson of heroic 
steadfastness is also robbing the United States of its sleep because it 
has opened the door wide for the growing struggle of the nations against 
US hegemony thus tightening its isolation and exposing its hostile aims 
to strangulate the free will of the nations. This will of the nations 
will free itself from its chains and tear apart the arms of the US 
octopus. Tomorrow is not far.

Baghdad Al-Thawrah in Arabic 21 Feb 99 p 2 
[Commentary by Malik Mansur: "The No-Fly Zones Are Meant for Murder and 
[FBIS Translated Text] Despite the exposed lies and claims that the US 
Administration is trying to propagate using all means in order to 
justify the imposition of the no-fly zones in northern and southern 
Iraq, the facts on the ground and the facts related to the ongoing US 
aggression against our country strongly and indubitably confirm that the 
no-fly zones were enforced as part of the plot against Iraq. They were 
to be used as a weapon to threaten the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and 
to try and influence the national resistance of the Iraqi people. With 
the passage of time and following every failure and defeat of its
plots and following its realization that it cannot influence the beliefs 
and firm national options of the Iraqi people, the US Administration is 
now wagering on escalating its provocations and its violation of our 
national air space. It wants to turn the no-fly zones into yet another 
tool to kill the Iraqis and destroy their property in order to avenge 
their steadfastness, their firm adherence to their national options, 
their fateful cohesion with their struggling leadership, and their solid 
determination to protect the sovereignty and independence of Iraq no 
matter what the sacrifices.
   After realizing the deep significance and profound meanings of the 
Day of the People, the Day of the Banner, the Day of Chivalry, and the 
Day of Conquest, the US Administration has concluded that its
aggression and conspiratorial machinations against Iraq have reached a 
dead end and its wagers and illusions have lost and dissipated despite 
all the resources it has mobilized. Thus, this hallucinating 
administration saw no option before it but to turn the no-fly zones into 
a dirty weapon to spread savage terrorism and blind revenge, and into a 
means to destroy civilian installations and hurl bombs and missiles on 
residential quarters. With this vengeful barbarism, the US and British 
planes are daily and intensively violating the sanctity of Iraqi air 
space. These planes are committing deliberate and organized provocations 
and hurling their bombs and missiles at towns, civilian installations, 
and residential areas in order to kill in cold blood more civilians from 
the sons of the struggling Iraqi people. These are crimes that fall 
under the category of organized international terrorism. The murder of 
innocent civilians, including children, women, and elderly; the 
destruction of homes over the heads of their inhabitants; and the 
endangering of the lives and peace of mind of our steadfast people in 
the northern and southern regions is the epitome of international 
terrorism. It is a terrorism practiced by a big power and its lackey who 
claim that they fight international terrorism, defend human rights, and 
respect the UN charter and the rules of international law. This is, of 
course, a big and insolent lie that is becoming more apparent to 
international public opinion with each passing day.
   Therefore, national, pan-Arab, and human duty and responsibility 
behooves everyone to frankly and firmly condemn the no-fly zones imposed 
on Iraq and the resulting crimes of murder and destruction that are 
tantamount to international terrorism. Silence over the international 
terrorism and the daily murder and destruction that is being inflicted 
by the United States and Britain on the people of Iraq will encourage 
them to practice the same kind of international terrorism against any 
other country that is targeted due to its rejection of US hegemony. The 
steadfast and struggling Iraqi people, the valiant Iraqi armed forces, 
and the capable and honest Iraqi leadership have resolved to firmly and 
strongly repulse the US-British aggression and their despicable 
international terrorism. To protect its sovereignty, independence,
and dignity, Iraq will make all the sacrifices that are necessary. The 
aggression will inevitably be defeated and the will of the Iraqi people 
will triumph.