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Title:  "What the UN Security Council Requires of Iraq." Fact sheet outlining the armistice requirements of Iraq as set by UN Security Council resolutions. (920312)

Date:  19920312


(Factsheet: Requirements set by resolutions) (870) United Nations -- The U.N. Security Council March 12 continued its open session on Iraq's non-compliance with the council's cease-fire resolutions which ended hostilities in the Persian Gulf war.

The major outline of demands was enumerated in council resolution 687 passed April 3, 1991. Subsequently, the council adopted other resolutions on meeting the humanitarian needs of Iraqi civilians and minority groups, such as the Kurds and Shia; on regulating oil sales to pay Iraq's war debts; on spelling out the role of the Special Commission overseeing the destruction of chemical, biological, ballistic and nuclear weapons and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); and on conforming with the specifications of the council's long-term monitoring and verification plan.

The council has said it is "disturbed by the lack of Iraqi cooperation" on many issues, and "there is serious non-compliance by Iraq with its obligations concerning its programs for weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles." The council also declared that Baghdad is in "continued material breaches of resolution 687" on weapons requirements.

The council has said that the requirements in the resolution are not open for negotiation.

Security Council resolutions require, in broad terms, that Iraq: -- accept unconditionally the destruction, removal or rendering harmless, under international supervision, of all weapons, facilities, materials and items connected with its chemical and biological weapons programs and its programs for ballistic missiles with a range over 150 kilometers;

-- declare the locations, amounts and types of items in the outlawed weapons programs;

-- permit urgent, unannounced on-site inspection of all locations declared by Iraq or designated by the Special Commission;

-- yield possession of all items relating to chemical and biological weapons to the Special Commission for destruction, removal or rendering harmless;

-- destroy, under the supervision of the Special Commission, all missile capabilities, including launchers;

-- undertake not to use, develop, construct or acquire any items relating to the banned programs;

-- agree unconditionally not to acquire or develop nuclear weapons or nuclear-weapons-usable materials or any related subsystems or components or any research or development, support, or manufacturing facilities;

-- accept unannounced on-site inspection and the destruction, removal or rendering harmless of banned nuclear items by the IAEA;

-- accept the Security Council's plan, prepared by the IAEA, for ongoing monitoring and verification of its compliance in the nuclear field;

-- provide full, final and complete disclosure of all aspects of the banned weapons programs;

-- permit the Special Commission, the IAEA and their inspection teams free access to all areas, facilities, equipment, and records they wish to inspect and to means of transportation; and to make available any items to which access has been denied;

-- cease any attempt to conceal or any movement or destruction of banned items without prior consent of the Special Commission;

-- allow the Special Commission and the IAEA to freely operate flights for all relevant inspection purposes including inspection, surveillance, aerial surveys, transportation and logistics in U.N. aircraft throughout Iraq and to use the airfields the U.N. deems appropriate;

-- halt all nuclear activities of any kind, except for the use of isotopes for medical, agricultural or industrial purposes until the Security Council and the IAEA decide otherwise;

-- guarantee the privileges, immunities, and facilities of the Special Commission and the IAEA;

-- provide any logistical support requested by the Special Commission, the IAEA, and their inspection teams;

-- comply fully and without delay with all its international obligations including those in the council's resolutions and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and in Iraq's safeguards agreement with the IAEA;

-- meet unconditionally all its obligations under the U.N. plans for ongoing monitoring and verification;

-- cooperate fully with the Special Commission and the director general of the IAEA in carrying out the long-term monitoring and verification plan;

-- pay the full costs of weapons destruction and inspections; -- respect the inviolability of the international boundary and the allocation of islands previously agreed upon between Iraq and Kuwait;

-- respect the demilitarized zone along the Kuwait-Iraq border set up by the council and cooperate with the U.N. peace-keepers patrolling the DMZ;

-- release, facilitate repatriation of, and arrange for immediate access to Kuwaiti and third-country nationals in Iraq;

-- return the remains of any deceased personnel of the forces of Kuwait and Kuwait's allies;

-- extend all necessary cooperation to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC);

-- reimburse Kuwait and third states and their nationals and corporations for any loss, injury, or damage (including environmental damage) arising from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait;

-- sell $1,600 million-worth of oil to pay for humanitarian supplies and begin contributions to the compensation fund;

-- submit monthly statements to the U.N. and appropriate international organizations on its gold and foreign currency reserves;

-- continue to service its foreign debt; -- immediately return all Kuwaiti property seized during the occupation in the shortest possible period of time;

-- declare it will not commit or support acts of international terrorism or allow any terrorist organization to operate on Iraqi territory;

-- allow immediate access by international humanitarian organizations to all those in need of assistance in all parts of Iraq.


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