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Rebuilding American Manufacturing Event

01.24.22 | 1 min read

The decades-old dictum of “innovate here, produce there” has stymied our nation’s technological progress and prowess. As Japan, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, and China have realized the benefits of “manufacturing-led” innovation systems, our nation, without innovative methods to produce newly developed technology, has failed to reap the benefits from our investments in R&D. 

Our roundtable of senior leadership at the White House National Economic Council and U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services as well as a diversity of viewpoints across political ideologies from Breakthrough Energy, American Compass, MIT’s The Engine, and Employ America discussed competing with China on advanced manufacturing sectors (bioeconomic, semiconductor, quantum, etc.), supply chain resilience, and new visions for industrial policy that can stimulate regional development. 

Keynote Speaker
Arnab Datta
Chris Griswold
Elisabeth Reynolds
Joseph Hamel
Katie Rae
Abigail Regitsky