Nuclear Weapons

Public Interest Report: November 2014

11.07.14 | 2 min read | Text by FAS

Energy Policy and National Security: The Need for a Nonpartisan Plan

by Charles D. Ferguson

Once the global decline starts to take effect, price shocks could devastate the world’s economy. Moreover, as the world’s population is projected to increase from seven billion people today to about nine billion by mid-century, the demand for oil will also significantly increase given business as usual practices.

Is ISIL a Radioactive Threat?

by George M. Moore

Is there a real potential that ISIL could produce a “dirty bomb” and inflict radiation casualties and property damage in the United States, Europe, or any other state that might oppose ISIL as part of the recently formed U.S.-led coalition?

Thinking More Clearly About Nuclear Weapons: The Ukrainian Crisis’ Overlooked Nuclear Risk

by Martin Hellman

It is surprising and worrisome that almost none of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Ukrainian crisis has mentioned its nuclear risk. With the West feeling that Russia is solely to blame, and Russia having the mirror image perspective, neither side is likely to back down if one of their red lines is crossed.

A Looming Crisis of Confidence in Japan’s Nuclear Intentions

by Ryan Shaffer

Global nonproliferation principles undoubtedly remain a high priority for Japan. But it is likely that in the short term, the eyes of Japan’s leaders are focused more intently on bringing nuclear reactors back on line.

The CTBT: At the Intersection of Science and Politics

by Jenifer Mackby

Although the treaty deals with the highly technical and sensitive subject of nuclear test explosions, it has been considered in a political context since the negotiations. Countries possessing nuclear weapons do not want others to know about their facilities or capabilities, so verification provisions of the treaty were exceptionally difficult to negotiate.

Seismic Risk Management Solution for Nuclear Power Plants

by Justin Coleman and Piyush Sabharwall

Management of external hazards to expectable levels of risk is critical to maintaining nuclear facility and nuclear power plant safety.