Adjunct Senior Fellow for Future Global Resources Threats
Paul Sullivan
Energy security,
Middle East and North Africa economics,
Water and food security

Dr. Paul Sullivan is a Professor of Economics at the Eisenhower School at the National Defense University. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University and a columnist for newspapers in Turkey and Mongolia.

Dr. Sullivan is an expert on resource security issues, with a special focus on the nexus of energy, water, food and land. He is also an expert on issues related to the economics, politics, militaries, and more of the Middle East and North Africa. Professor Sullivan is frequently quoted and interviewed by, and has advised the media on five continents. He is a frequent contributor to high-level meetings and conferences, and regularly advises leadership on various issues. Dr. Sullivan has a Ph.D. from Yale in Economics, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brandeis University, and is a graduate of the prestigious Seminar XXI Program at MIT.