Hanny Rivera

Hanny Rivera is a first year AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow working in DOE’s Water Powers Technologies Office. There, she is focused on using marine energy technology to power blue economy activities, improving resilience across coastal communities, and incorporating environmental justice into our clean energy transition. Prior to this, Hanny was a Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer at Boston University where she investigated the genes responsible for symbiosis between corals and the microscopic algae that live within their tissues. She also taught Biology, Population Genetics, and pedagogy for STEM education. She received her PhD in Biological Oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where she studied the responses of tropical corals and of estuarine anemones to temperature stress. She is passionate about understanding ocean ecosystems, how these are affected by anthropogenic stressors, and how to ensure a clean, sustainable, and equitable future for future generations. Outside of work she enjoys salsa dancing, biking, and hiking.