Brian J. Connolly

Brian J. Connolly is an Assistant Professor of Business Law. His research and teaching centers in the areas of real estate, land use, and development law. His primary research interests include issues of public and private regulation of land use and their relationship to housing affordability and urban redevelopment. Professor Connolly has also written on First Amendment issues related to local government regulation – including signs and outdoor advertising and other free speech issues – as well as fair housing matters in local planning and zoning. Professor Connolly’s work on these topics has included filing a U.S. Supreme Court amicus curiae brief and serving as an expert witness in cases involving these and other land use topics.

Prior to entering academia, Professor Connolly spent over a decade in private law practice in Denver, Colorado, where he represented public- and private-sector clients in zoning, planning, development entitlements, and other complex regulatory matters. In private practice, he worked on projects that, taken together, included over $20 billion in real estate investment and created over 10,000 housing units, industrial facilities, and resort and recreational opportunities.