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Resources on Nuclear Policy

The U.S. Air Force last month issued revised doctrine on “nuclear operations,” incorporating the conclusions of the 2001 Nuclear Posture Review. But it is nearly obsolete upon release, since a new Nuclear Posture Review that will presumably lead to a revised policy is already underway.  The new Air Force doctrine may be of interest nevertheless, since it presents an Air Force perspective on enduring issues of nuclear deterrence and nuclear command and control in easily understandable, mostly jargon-free terms.  See “Nuclear Operations” (pdf), Air Force Doctrine Document 2-12, May 7, 2009.

The text of a proposed agreement (pdf) between the United States and the United Arab Emirates concerning cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy was transmitted by the White House to Congress last month, along with assorted supporting materials.


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  1. If dialogue with Iran becomes the option of choice then how might it be shaped to address Iran’s nuclear arms program and, concomitantly, Iran’s use of nuclear power for energy?

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