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White House Web Site Off to a Slow Start

Many of the most substantive and significant documents generated by the Obama Administration to date are surprisingly absent from the White House web site.

President Obama recently ordered the reorganization of the National Security Council through a Presidential Policy Directive.  But the unclassified Directive is not even mentioned on the White House web site, much less posted there.  Secrecy News obtained a copy of the signed directive PPD-1 (pdf).

Another directive, Presidential Study Directive-1, mandated a review of the organization of homeland security and counterterrrorism activities.  Its existence is likewise unreflected on the White House web site.  A signed copy is here (pdf).

A new White House report on the interdiction of aircraft engaged in drug trafficking is similarly unmentioned on the White House web site.  It was published by the House Foreign Affairs Committee and is available here (pdf).

The White House web site does notify Americans that the First Lady visited Miriam’s Kitchen last week to help feed the homeless, which is good to know.  But its web page about the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board does not provide meaningful information about the Board, not even a list of members.

In short, the current White House web site does not present a reliable or complete record of Presidential actions or activities.  For that, one still has to turn elsewhere.

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  1. For all the criticism the Bush administration received regarding a lack of transparency, their webpage was miles beyond the current website in a number of categories. They placed all of their signing statements on the News portion of the website and had a list of “Statements of Administration Policy” linked off the OMB website. Further, they had a daily transcript of the press briefing, which the current administration only recently got around to doing.

    To be honest, I do not know why the current administration needed to take down he whole website and start anew–they could have made stylistic changes to give it that feel of “Change” without having to start from scratch, which is what I suspect is behind their lack of information thus far.

  2. I heard that the incoming adminstration was “mac based” and discovered the White house was “windows based”..
    so has new staff converted to Windows or trying to force change to Mac?

  3. Chris-

    You can’t criticize the Obama administrations current website with them having so few days in office. They are not even 2 months in office give me a break.

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