Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

(S)SARC (Service) system acquisition review council

s second

S 1secret, 2switch, 3aircraft symbol- antisubmarine, 4[FM 101-5-1] scatterable mines (graphics)

S&A safety and arming

S&C 1search and clear, 2[AR 310-50] strategic and critical raw material

S&D [AR 310-50] search and destroy

S&E scientific and engineering

S&F [JP 1-02] store-and-forward

S&I standardization and interoperability

S&M 1scheduling and movement (GCCS), 2[AR 310-50] supply and maintenance

S&P [FM 101-5-1] stake and platform

S&S supply and service

S&T 1supply and transportation, 2science and technology, 3scientific and technical, 4simulation and training, 5surveillance and targeting

S&TF U.S. – Japan Systems and Technology Forum

S&TI scientific and technical intelligence

S&W surveillance and warning

S&WC surveillance and warning center

S+N:N signal-plus-noise to noise ratio

S-3 Viking

S-A safety arming

S-Band a frequency range

S-CDMA synchronous code-division multiple access

S-day [JP 1-02] day the President authorizes selective reserve call-up

S-FLOW shop flow day

S-H staff hour

S-HTTP secure HyperText transfer protocol

S-MIME secure MIME

S-rating sustainability rating

S-TRED standard TRE display

S-VHS super VHS

S/A 1services and agencies, 2subassembly, 3[FM 101-5-1] surface to air

S/B stand-by

S/C soft copy

S/EWCC Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Coordination Center (USMC)

S/F store and forward

S/H sample and hold

S/I speaker/interrupt

S/J signal-to-jamming ratio

S/L sea level

S/N 1signal-to-noise [ratio], 2serial number

S/O smoke and obscurant

S/PP subsystem project plans

S/R subroutine

S/RD secret/restricted data

S/S 1ship-to-shore, 2[JP 1-02] steamship

S/SEE 1software engineering environment, 2systems engineering environment

S/T short ton (2000 lbs)

S/TK sectors per track

S/V 1survivability/vulnerability, 2[JP 1-02] sailboat

S/W software

S1 [Army] adjutant

S1100 Sperry 1100 series mainframe computer

S2 1security and survivability, 2survivability and security

S2 1[Army] battalion/brigade level intelligence office/officer, 2[JP 1-02] battalion or brigade intelligence staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

S3 1Sealift Support System (MSC), 2semiconductor serial storage, 3serial signaling system

S3 1[Army] battalion/brigade level plans, training, and operations office/officer, 2[JP 1-02] battalion or brigade operations staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

S3I sensor, signatures, signal, and information processing (U.S. Army)

S4 1[Army] supply officer, 2[JP 1-02] battalion or brigade logistics staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

S5 [Army] civil affairs officer

SA 1Secretary of the Army, 2system administrator, 3semiannual, 4safety analysis, 5sense amplifier, 6spectrum analysis, 7spin axis, 8stress anneal, 9successive approximation, 10space available, 11symbolic assembler, 12security architecture, 13[JP 1-02] security assistance, 14service availability, 15situation assessment, 16situation awareness, 17storage analyzer, 18strike assessment, 19supplemental agreement, 20surface attack, 21surface to air [missile], 22[JP 1-02] selective availability (GPS), 23seaman apprentice, 24simple alert, 25small arms, 26subject to approval, 27system architecture, 28supportability analysis, 29systems analysis, 30[FM 101-5-1] Saudi Arabia, 31[JP 1-02] stand-alone switch, 32[JP 1-02] senior adviser, 33[JP 4-01.7] staging area

SA-ALC San Antonio Air Logistics Center (USAF)

SA-CMM software acquisition capability maturity model

SA-OCRE stand-alone optical character recognition equipment

SA/BM systems analysis and battle management

SA/DBA/ISSO system administrator/database administrator/ information system security officer

SA3 Security Assistance Automation Army

SAA 1single agency action, 2systems application architecture [IBM], 3single assignment approach, 4systems application architecture [IBM], 5[AR 310-50] small arms ammunition

SAAA simulated air-to-air attack (REDCOM/JDA)

SAAC 1security assistance accounting center, 2[AR 310-50] special assistant for arms control

SAACONS Standard Army Automated Contracting System

SAAD [AR 310-50] Sacremento Army Depot

SAAF small austere airfield

SAAFR 1standard use Army aircraft flight route, 2[JP 1-02] standard use Army aircraft flight zone

SAAHS stability augmentation and altitude hold system

SAALC San Antonio Air Logistics Center

SAAM special assignment airlift mission (MAC)

SAAP [AR 310-50] Saranton Army Ammunition Plant

SAARMS Security Assistance Automated Resource Management System

SAAS Standard Army Ammunition System

SAAS-DAO Standard Army Ammunition System - division ammunition officer

SAAV system approach assistance visit

SAB 1subject as above, 2scientific advisory board, 3system advisory board, 4[FM 101-5-1] separate armored brigade

SABA small agile battlefield aircraft

SABER 1situational awareness beacon with reply, 2simplified acquisition of base engineering requirement

SABLE systematic approach to better long range estimating

SABMIS 1[AR 310-50] sea-based antiballistic missile intercept system, 2[AR 310-50] ship-based antiballistic missile system

SABRE 1secure airborne radar bombing equipment, 2sales and business reservations done electronically, 3support airlift by remote entry

SAC 1Senate Appropriation Committee, 2Supreme Allied Commander [NATO], 3special access clearance, 4scientific advisory committee, 5semiautomatic coding, 6Strategic Air Command [now know as U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)], 7single attachment concentrator, 8single attached concentrator, 9special access clearance, 10senior advisory council, 11[JP 1-02] special agent in charge, 12[AR 310-50] supply administration center

SACAM Ship Acquisition Contract Administration Manual

SACAS Security Assistance Central Accounting System

SACC 1Supporting Arms Coordination Center (USMC), 2San Antonio Contracting Center, 3shore ASW command centers

SACCOP SAC Continuity of Operations Plan

SACCS [AR 310-50] Strategic Air Command Control System

SACCS DTS SAC Automated Command and Control System Data Transmission Subsystem (formerly SACDIN)

SACEUR [NATO] Supreme Allied Commander Europe

SACFO Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on Foreign Operation

SACI special assistant for contracting integrity

SACINTNET SAC Intelligence Network

SACLANT [NATO] Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic

SACLANTCEN [AR 310-50] SACLANT Antisubmarine Warfare Research Center

SACLANTREPEUR [AR 310-50] SACLANT Representative in Europe

SACLOS 1semi-active command line of sight guidance, 2semi-automatic command to line-of-sight

SACM 1SAC manual, 2School of Acquisition Management, 3security assistance case management

SACMAPS selective automatic computational matching and positioning system

SACMDR [AR 310-50] site activation commander

SACNET secure automatic communications network

SACOM 1surveillance for aircraft and cruise missile (RADC), 2[AR 310-50] Southern Area Commander

SACOP SAC Continuity of Operations Plan

SACOS Strategic Air Combat Operations Staff

SACP SAC pamphlet

SACPAS SAC primary alerting system

SACPMC Systems Acquisition Career Management Program for Civilians (Air Force)

SACR SAC regulation

SACRIN Strategic Air Command Readiness Information Network

SACS 1structurre and composition system, 2[JP 1-02] secure telephone unit (STU) access control system

SACSA special assistant for counter-insurgency and special activities

SACSO SAC security office

SACTELNET SAC telephone network

SACTS Security Assistance Case Tracking System

SACTTYNET SAC teletypewriter network

SACWARNS strategic warning system

SAD 1special activities division, 2safety assurance diagram, 3situation awareness display, 4[AR 310-50] safety and arming device

SADA seismic array data analyzer

SADA II standard advanced dewier assembly

SADAP simplified automatic data plotter

SADARM search and destroy armor munition

SADBU small and disadvantaged business utilization

SADBUS small and disadvantaged business utilization specialist

SADC sequential analog-digital computer

SADFAN security assistance dedicated facsimile network

SADIC solid-state analog-to-digital computer

SADIE 1scanning analog-to-digital input equipment, 2semiautomatic decentralized intercept environment

SADIFS SAC Automated Deployable Intelligence Fusion System

SADL 1synchronous data link control [RACAL-VADIC], 2situational awareness data link

SADM 1system acquisition decision memorandum, 2special atomic demolition munitions

SADR six-hundred-megacycle air-defense radar

SADS simulated air defense system

SADSAC 1sampled data simulator and computer, 2Seller Algol Digitally Stimulated Analog Computer

SADSC San Antonio Data Services Center (now 2nd ISG)

SADT 1structured analysis and design technique, 2[AR 310-50] special active duty for training

SAE 1Service acquisition executive, 2shaft-angle encoder, 3Society of Automotive Engineers, 4[AR 310-50] site acceptance evaluation

SAEB [AR 310-50] Special Army Evaluation Board

SAEDA subversion and espionage directed against the U.S. Army, and deliberate security violations

SAEOC Second Alternate Emergency Operations Center (GSA)

SAF 1Secretary of the Air Force, 2subject to available funds, 3semi-automated forces, 4source acquisition file, 5special applications file, 6strategic Army force, 7special airfield file (REDCOM/JDA), 8[AR 310-50] special action force

SAF/AL Secretary USAF/Acquisition and Logistics

SAF/AQ Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition

SAF/FM Secretary USAF/Financial Management

SAF/FMBI Secretary of the Air Force/Director of Budget Investment

SAF/FMD Deputy Assistant Secretary USAF (Information Systems Management)

SAF/IA Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs

SAF/LLP Secretary of the Air Force/Legislative Liaison

SAF/PAM Secretary of the Air Force/Public Affairs

SAFAC standard Air Force accounting classification

SAFCA Safeguard Communications Agency

SAFCMD [AR 310-50] United States Army Safeguard Command

SAFCPM [AR 310-50] Safeguard Communications Project Manager

SAFCPMO [AR 310-50] Safeguard Communications Project Management Office

SAFE 1secure analyst file environment, 2support to analysts file environment (DIA), 3supportability analysis forecasting and evaluation, 4system analyst file environment, 5selected area for evasion

SAFE-CP [JP 3-50.3] selected area for evasion-contact point

SAFENET survivable adaptable fiber optic embedded network

SAFER 1special aviation fire and explosion reduction, 2[JP 3-50.3] evasion and recovery selected area for evasion (SAFE) area activation request

SAFI semiautomatic flight inspection

SAFM Systems Acquisition Funds Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

SAFMA strategic airlift force mix analysis

SAFOC semiautomatic flight operations center

SAFPACC [AR 310-50] Safeguard Public Affairs Coordinating Committee

SAFR security assistance foreign representative (located within CONUS, USN)

SAFTCP [AR 310-50] Safeguard Tactical Communications Program

SAFTCS [AR 310-50] Safeguard Tactical Communications System

SAFTRANS [AR 310-50] Safeguard Transportation System

SAFYP Security Assistance 5-Year Plan

SAG 1study advisory group [Army], 2standard address generator, 3surface action group, 4sub-activity group, 5systems analysis group, 6survivability analysis group, 7senior advisory group

SAGA Studies, Analysis, and Gaming Agency (JCS)

SAGD security architecture guidance and directions

SAGE semiautomatic ground environment

SAGMOS self aligning gate metal semiconductor

SAHRS standard attitude and heading reference system

SAHYB simulation of analog and hybrid computers

SAI 1[CJCSI 5716.01] single agency item, 2[AR 310-50] senior Army instructor

SAIC Scientific Applications International Corporation

SAID 1safety analysis input data, 2[JP 1-02] SAFE (selected area for evasion) area intelligence description

SAIE special acceptance and inspection equipment

SAIF spec automated installation file (REDCOM/JDA)

SAIL 1Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, 2geometrical transport code for computers

SAILS 1Standard Army Intermediate-Level Supply System , 2simplified Aircraft Instrument Landing System

SAIMS Selected Acquisition Information and Management System

SAINT 1satellite interceptor, 2symbolic automatic integrator, 3surveillance, acquisition, identification, notification, and tracking

SAIP 1semi-automated IMINT processing, 2spares acquisition integrated with production

SAIR [AR 310-50] semiannual supply report

SAIS standard automated information systems

SAL 1symbolic assembly language, 2systems assembly language, 3strategic arms limitation, 4shift arithmetic left, 5structured assembly language, 6Strategic ALCM launcher [Rockwell B-1], 7[JP 1-02] small arms locker, 8[AR 310-50] special ammunition load

SAL GP [JP 1-02] semiactive laser-guided projectile (USN)

SALCC satellite airlift control center

SALD Security Assistance Logistic Database

SALE 1safeguards analytical laboratory evaluation, 2simple algebraic language for engineers

SALH semi-active laser homing

SALID solar and lunar illumination data (PACAF)

SALIS Security Assistance Logistics Information System (ILC)

SALM [JP 1-02] single anchor leg mooring

SALO 1security assistance liaison office, 2security assistance liaison officer

SALS Standard Army Logistics System

SALT 1Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, 2Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, 3Streamlined Alternative Logistic Transmission System, 4system for analysis of laboratory testing, 5[JP 1-02] supporting arms liaison team

SALTI [AR 310-50] summary accounting for low-dollar turnover item

SALTS [JP 4-02.1] Streamlined Automated Logistics Transfer System

SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, equipment [SPOT report format]

salv salvage

SALVDV salvage dives

SALVDVB [AR 310-50] Salvage Diver Badge

SAM 1surface-to-air missile, 2safety activation monitor, 3semantic analyzing machine, 4selective automonitoring, 5semiautomatic mathematics, 6sequential access memory, 7sequential access method, 8simulation of analog methods, 9sort and merge, 10symbolic and algebraic manipulation, 11system activity monitor, 12space available mail,13systems analysis module, 14special air mission, 15stationing analysis model, 16serial access memory,17Sustainability Assessment Module (WSMIS) (AFLC), 18SCSI architecture model, 19Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh, 20security accounts manager [Microsoft], 21single application mode [Microsoft], 22systems acquisition manpower, 23special airlift mission, 24systems acquisition management

SAM-D surface-to-air missile development

SAMAA [AR 310-50] special assistant for military assistance affairs

SAMAP 1Security Assistance Management Acquisition Program, 2[AR 310-50] Southern Air Materiel Area, Pacific

SAMAS 1Structure and Manpower Allocation System, 2Security Assistance Manpower Accounting System

SAMBUD [AR 310-50] system for automation of materiel plan for Army materiel/budget

SAMD security assistance management directorate

SAMFARS stand-alone automated message formatting

SAMH standard automated message handling

SAMHS Standard Automated Message Handling System

SAMI 1system acquisition management inspection, 2socially acceptable monitoring instrument

SAMIS 1Security Assistance Management Information System (AFLC), 2structural Analysis and Matrix Interpretive System

SAML [AR 310-50] standard Army management language

SAMM 1Security Assistance Management Manual, 2special airlift assignment mission

SAMMIE structural analysis model for mission integrated experiments

SAMMS Standard Automated Materiel Management System (DLA)

SAMOB surface-to-air missile order of battle

SAMOS Satellite and Missile Observation System

SAMP 1single acquisition management plan [USAF], 2system acquisition master plan

SAMPAM [AR 310-50] system for automation of materiel plans for Army materiel

SAMPAN [AR 310-50] system for automation of materiel plan

SAMR security assistance management review

SAMS 1School of Advanced Military Studies, 2Standard Army Maintenance System, 3satellite automonitor system, 4Standard Automated Maintenance System (SAC), 5[AR 310-50] sample method survey (for family housing management)

SAMSO Space and Missile Systems Organization (USAF)

SAMSON special avionics mission strap-on now (avionics pod)

SAMSS Space Assembly Maintenance and Servicing Study (AFSC)

SAMT simulated aircraft maintenance trainer

SAMTEC Space and Missile Test Center (USAF)

SAMTO Space and Missile Test Organization (AFSC)

SAN 1system advisory notices, 2surface to air missile (Soviet designation), 3system area network, 4security assistance network

SANE standard Apple numeric environment

SANG Saudi Arabian National Guard

SANINS [AR 310-50] sanitary inspection

SANOVA simultaneous analysis of variance

SAO 1security assistance office, 2selected attack option, 3special activities office, 4security assistance organization, 5security assistance officer, 6[AR 310-50] survivor's assistance officer

SAOC [JP 3-01.1] sector air operations center

SAOCC sector air operations coordination centers

SAP 1share assembly program, 2systems assurance program, 3special access program, 4security assistance program, 5semi-armor piercing, 6service access protocol, 7service access point [DEC], 8service advertising protocol, 9symbolic assembly program,10second audio program, 11simulated attack profile, 12soon as possible, 13simplified acquisition procedure, 14site activation plan

SAPAS Standard Army Procurement Appropriation System

SAPCO Security Assistance Policy Coordinating Office (Army)

SAPE survivable adaptive planning experiment

SAPI 1speech application program interface [Microsoft], 2service access protocol interpreter, 3[JP 1-02] Special Access Program for Intelligence

SAPIR system of automatic processing and indexing of reports

SAPM security assistance program manager

SAPO 1subordinate area petroleum officer, 2[JP 1-02] subarea petroleum office

SAPRWG security assistance program review working group

SAPT security assistance program training

SAR 1selected acquisition report, 2safety assessment report, 3synthetic aperture radar, 4safety analysis report, 5storage address register, 6search and rescue, 7successive approximation register, 8selected acquisition review, 9semi-active radar, 10special access required, 11system acquisition report, 12synthetic array radar, 13subsequent application review, 14segmentation and reassembly, 15shift arithmetic right, 16safety action record, 17security assistance review, 18standard application record, 19supply assist request, 20system activity rate, 21[JP 1-02] sealed authentication system, 22[JP 1-02] satellite access request, 23[AR 310-50] site and acceptance review

SARA Supervened Amendment and Reauthorization Act

SARAH 1standard remote to AUTODIN host, 2search and rescue and homing

SARA-H System Analysis and Resource Accounting for Honeywell

SARAH-Lite miniaturized administrative version of SARAH

SARC 1systems acquisition review council, 2[JP 2-01.2] surveillance and reconnaissance center

SARD [AR 310-50] special airlift requirement document

SARDA 1Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development and Acquisition), 2[AR 310-50] state and regional defense airlift

SARDAB Search and Aerospace Rescue Database (MAC)

SARDB survivable armed reconnaissance on the digital battlefield

SARDO search and rescue deputy office

SAREF safety research experiment facilities

SARF Saudi Arabia Redistribution Facility

SARG system acquisition requirement generator

SARGE surveillance and reconnaissance ground equipment

SARH semi-active radar homing missile guidance system

SARIPS search and rescue information processing system

SARIR [JP 3-50.2] search and rescue incident report

SARMIS [JP 1-02] Search and Rescue Management Information System

SARP ship alteration and repair package (USN)

SARPMA San Antonio Real Property Management Agency

SARPS standards and recommended practices

SARREQ [JP 3-50.2] search and rescue request

SARS 1system architecture requirements specification, 2single-axis reference system, 3static automatic reporting system

SARSAT 1Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking System, 2[JP 1-02] search and rescue satellite-aided tracking

SARSIT [JP 3-50.2] search and rescue situation summary report

SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply System

SARSS-1 Standard Army Retail Supply System – Level 1

SARSS-O Standard Army Retail Supply System – Objective

SARTEL [JP 1-02] search and rescue (SAR) telephone (private hotline)

SARTF search and rescue task force

SAS 1secondary alarm station, 2security agency study, 3Statistical Analysis System (JCS), 4surface active substances, 5sealed authentication system, 6single attached station, 7special ammunition site, 8special ammunition storage, 9sales accounting system, 10single audio system,11Stability Sugmentation System, 12Supply Analysis System (USAFE), 13sealed authentication system, 14statistically assigned sockets, 15systems acquisition school, 16supportability analysis summary, 17[AR 310-50] staff administrative specialist

SASC 1Senate Armed Services Committee, 2semi-automatic switch center

SASCO security engineering, counterintelligence, and operation security

SASCOM [AR 310-50] Special Ammunition Support Command

SASET software architecture, sizing and estimating tool

SASF [AR 310-50] SIDPERS (Standard Installation/Division Personnel System) authorized strength file

SASI Shugert Associates System Interface (SCSI originated from SASI)

SASM special assistant for strategic mobility

SASO stability and support operations

SASP 1SJCS Administrative Support Programs (JCS), 2single advanced signal processor, 3state agency for surplus property, 4[FM 101-5-1] special ammunition supply point

SASPS Standard Automated Small Purchase System

SASPWG system command acquisition system protection working group

SASR spare available space required system

SASS 1system acquisition and services support, 2semi-automatic switching system, 3SIOP additive spare support, 4systems acquisition support services, 5[JP 1-02] supporting arms special staff, 6[AR 310-50] Standard Army Supply System

SASSY [JP 1-02] supported activities supply systems

SASTU signal amplitude sampler and totalizing unit

SASWC SACLANT Anti-Submarine Warfare Center (NATO)

sat [AR 310-50] satisfactory

SAT 1systems approach to training, 2stabilization assurance test, 3stepped atomic time, 4security alert team, 5situational awareness terminal, 6systems acceptance test, 7satisfiability problem, 8security assistance team, 9small arms trainer, 10situational awareness technology, 11small arms transmitter, 12synchronized acoustic transmitter, 13simplified acquisition threshold, 14simulation assessment team, 15specified action table, 16[JP 1-02] satellite, 17[AR 310-50] Scholastic Aptitude Test, 18[AR 310-50] site acceptance test

SAT IV Standard AUTODIN Terminal IV System

SAT/FACNET simplified acquisition threshold/Federal Acquisition Computer Network

SATAF 1site activation task force, 2site alteration task force

SATAN 1security administrator tool for analyzing networks, 2sensor for airborne terrain analysis

SATANAS semiautomatic analog setting

SATB strength aptitude test battery

SATBC [TR 350-70] systems approach to training basic course

SATCO signal automatic air-traffic control

SATCOM satellite communication(s)

SATCOMA Satellite Communications Agency (Army)

SATCON [AR 310-50] satellite condition

SATD 1security assistance training directorate, 2[AR 310-50] Seattle Army Terminal Detachment

SATE 1security awareness, training, and education, 2[AR 310-50] Study of Army Test and Evaluation

SATFA security assistance training field activity

SATIN 1survivability augmentation for transport, 2SAC Automated Total Information Network (see SACCS DTS)

SATIRE semiautomatic technical information retrieval

SATK [AR 310-50] strike attack

SATKA surveillance, acquisition, tracking and kill assessment

SATMO Security Assistance Training Management Organization

SATNAV satellite navigation

SATNET satellite network

SATO 1Scheduled Airlines Traffic Office, 2self-aligned thick oxide

SATODS 1security assistance technical order data system, 2security assistance technical order distribution system

SATOP security assistance technical order program

SATP security assistance training program

SATPMR security assistance training program management review

SATRAN 1satellite reconnaissance advance notice (see FM 60A (S/NOFORN) for classified definition), 2satellite transmission

SATS 1Standard Army Training System, 2short airfield for tactical support, 3Southwest Asia Telecommunications System

SATTOC security assistance training team orientation course

SAU 1surface attack unit, 2search and attack unit, 3signal acquisition unit

SAV 1service appointed validator, 2staff assistance visit

SAVAR Standard Army Validation and Reconciliation System

SAVDM single application VDM

SAVE 1system for automatic value exchange, 2situation analysis and vulnerability estimate

SAVER [AR 310-50] study to assess and validate essential reports

SAVS status and verification system

SAW 1surface acoustic wave, 2squad automatic weapon

SAW/V surveillance and warning/verification

SAWE-RF simulated area weapons effects - radio frequency

SAWE/MILES II simulated area weapon effects/Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System II

SAWPS Stand Alone War Plan System (SAC)

SAWS 1Silent Attack Warning System, 2[AR 310-50] small arms weapons system

SAWVS Satellite Attack Warning and Verification System

SB 1secondary battery, 2serial binary, 3sideband, 4sleeve bearing, 5straight binary, 6synchronization bit, 7signal brigade, 8Sound Blaster [Creative Labs], 9sound board, 10sustaining base,11standby base, 12small business, 13supply bulletin, 14[AR 310-50] selection board

SB&CR stock balance and consumption report

SB3 system base 3

SBA 1small beam approach, 2Small Business Administration, 3scene balance algorithms [Kodak]

SBAM single base aircraft maintenance model

SBASS space-based atmospheric surveillance system

SBB subtract with borrow

SBC 1space based communication, 2single-board computer, 3SCSI block commands, 4Senate Budget Committee

SBCJ [AR 310-50] store block control journal

SBCS single-byte character set

SBD 1Schottky-barrier diode, 2simulation based design

SBDC small business development center

SBDP Soviet Battlefield Development Plan

SBEUA [AR 310-50] small business and economic utilization advisor

SBF [FM 101-5-1] support by fire

SBFM silver-band frequency modulation

SBFU standby filter unit

SBH switch busy hour

SBI 1space based interceptor, 2special background investigation

SBIR 1[DoD] Small Business Innovation Research Program, 2space-based infrared

SBIRS space based infrared system

SBK single-beam klystrom

SBKKV space-based kinetic-kill vehicle (SDI)

SBL space-based lasers

SBLC standard base-level computer

SBLC/S standard base level computer/systems

SBM system balance measure

SBO small business office

SBP 1serial bus protocol, 2survivor benifit plan, 3summarize budget phase

SBPH [AR 310-50] single burst probability of hit

SBPO [JP 4-02] Service blood program officer

SBR 1special boat squadron, 2space based radar (RADC), 3standby reserve

SBRPT [JP 1-02] subordinate reporting organization

SBRS sonic boom reporting system

SBS 1satellite business system, 2stimulated Brillouin scattering, 3senior battle staff, 4submarine broadcast system, 5support battle staff, 6small business specialist

SBSA Small Business Set Aside

SBSS Standard Base Supply System (USAF)

SBT 1surface-barrier transistor, 2sustaining base training

SBTA small business technical advisor

SBU 1special boat unit, 2sensitive but unclassified

SBWAS space based wide area surveillance

SBX slow burning explosive

SC 1specialty code, 2search control, 3secondary containment, 4shaped charge, 5semiconductor, 6silvered copper [wire], 7simulation council, 8single contact, 9South Carolina, 10superimposed current, 11speed control, 12synchrocyclotron, 13switching cell, 14screen coordinator, 15state and country code, 16switching center, 17directorate of systems control or systems code,18system controller, 19surveillance category, 20[JP 1-02] search and rescue (SAR) coordinator, 21[JP 1-02] sea current, 22[JP 1-02] station clock, 23[AR 310-50] supply catalog, 24[AR 310-50] Signal Corps

SC&A security certification and accreditation

SC&CU signal conditioning and control unit

SC&D Stock Control and Distribution [System] (AFLC)

SC/DDS sensor control/data display set

SC2ISA standard command and control information systems architecture

SC3 surveillance, command, control, and communications

SC4 systems for command, control, communications and computers

SC4TAP System for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Technology Application Program (SSC)

SCA 1sequence control area, 2sneak circuit analysis, 3service cryptologic agency, 4switching center AUTOVON, 5Service Contract Act, 6status control activity, 7supporting contract administration, 8[AR 310-50] Service Cryptologic Agencies, 9[AR 310-50] summary cost account

SCAD 1subsonic cruise armed decoy, 2[AR 310-50] Schenectady Army Depot

SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition

SCADS 1scanning celestial attitude determination system, 2simulation of combined analog digital systems

SCAI space command and control architectural infrastructure

SCALP scenario-determined, computer assisted logistics

SCAM 1support capability assessment model, 2SCSI configuration automatically

SCAMA 1station conferencing and monitoring arrangement, 2switching, conference, and monitoring arrangement

SCAMP 1standard configuration and modification program, 2single channel anti jam manportable

SCAMPERS [AR 310-50] Standard Corps - Army - MACOM Personnel System

SCAMPS Small Computer Analytical and Mathematical Programming System

SCAMPI network of leased wideband (T1) carriers

SCAMS security combat automated management subsystem

SCAN 1self-correcting automatic navigation, 2student career automated network, 3switched circuit automatic network, 4shipboard communications area network (USN)

SCANS 1status configuration and alarm notification system, 2scheduling control and automation by network systems

SCAP 1silent compact auxiliary power, 2solicitation for cooperative agreement proposal

SCAQMD South Coast Air Quality Management District

SCARF standard collection asset request format

SCARS 1Status, Control, Alerting, Reporting System (NATO), 2serialized control and reporting system


SCAS 1stability and control augmentation system, 2scan string

SCAT 1system control of AUTODIN traffic, 2share compiler assembler and translator, 3scout-attack [version of LHX], 4secure CATCOMS, 5self-contained automatic transmitter, 6standard commercial automobile and truck, 7[AR 310-50] security control of air traffic, 8[AR 310-50]systems consolidation of accessions and trainees

SCATANA security control of air traffic and air navigation aids

SCATMINEWARN [JP 1-02] scatterable minefield warning

SCATS simulation checkout and training system

SCAWG systems control architecture working group

SCB 1subsystem control block [IBM], 2SPO control board (WIS)

SCBCA Small Claims Board of Contract Appeals

SCC 1simulation control center, 2single cotton covered [wire], 3single-conductor cable, 4specialized common carrier, 5secure communications controller, 6system control center, 7SPADOC Computation Center, 8specialized communication carriers, 9special computation center, 10serial controller chip, 11special coordination committee (NSC), 12serial communications controllers, 13synchronous channel check [IBM],14SCSI controller commands, 15standard coordination committee, 16submission control code, 17standards category coordinator, 18[JP 1-02] security classification code, 19[JP 1-02] Standards Coordinating Committee, 20[JP 1-02] Space Control Center, 21[AR 310-50] standard community classification, 22[AR 310-50] supply control center

SCC-2 system control center-2

SCCB 1software configuration control board, 2software change control board

SCCCT special operations combat control team

SCCE satellite configuration control element

SCCF 1streamlined cost comparison form, 2[AR 310-50] security clearance case files

SCCN secure command and control net (USCG)

SCCO 1special circuit control officer, 2senior center contracting official, 3[AR 310-50] security classification control officer

SCCO/SLCO senior center/laboratory contracting official

SCCS 1source code control system, 2SAC Command Conference System, 3standard communications-computer summary

SCCSB software computer configuration sub-board

scd [AR 310-50] schedule

ScD scintillation detector

SCD 1silicon capacitor diodes, 2strategic communications division, 3standard color display, 4source control drawing

SCD, OCSA [AR 310-50] Staff Communications Division, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army

SCDIVBAD [AR 310-50] Second Class Diver Badge

SCDL surveillance control data link

SCE 1system cost estimate, 2situation caused error, 3software capability evaluation, 4Service cryptologic element

SCEA 1signal conditioning electronic assembly, 2Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis

SCEC Small Computer Engineering Center (Army)

SCEL Signal Corps Engineering Laboratory

SCENARIO Exercise Scenario (Schedule) System (JCS)

SCEO strategic connectivity engineering office

SCEPC senior civil emergency planning committee

SCEPTRE systems for circuit evaluation and prediction of transient radiation effects

SCEPTRON spectral comparative pattern recognizer

SCERT systems and computer evaluation and review technique

SCF 1Satellite Control Facility (Sunnyvale, CA), 2system control facility (Honeywell), 3simplified contract format, 4standard change form

SCF(UK) [JP 3-08] Save the Children Fund (United Kingdom)

SCF/US [JP 3-08] Save the Children Federation/United States

SCFEL standard cryptologic facility equipment list

SCFM standard cubic feet/minute

SCG 1security classification guide, 2[JP 1-02] switching controller group

SCHS 1small component handling system, 2school squadron

SCI 1student centered instruction, 2sensitive compartmented information, 3scalable coherent interface, 4serial communication interface

SCI. science [USENET newsgroup category]

SCIB Ships Characteristics and Improvement Board (Navy)

SCIC semiconductor integrated circuit

SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility

SCIM speech communication index meter

SCIMITAR system for countering interdiction missiles and target acquisition radars

SCINET sensitive compartmented information network

SCIP 1self-contained instrument package, 2scanning for information parameters, 3site configuration and installation plan (NICS), 4systems control improvement program, 5ship characteristic improvement panels, 6ship characteristic improvement program

SCIPMIS Standard Civilian Personnel Management Information System (Army)

SCIS survivable communications integration system (NORAD)

SCIT 1system concept and integrated technology, 2standardization and control of industrial quality tool

SCITNET SOUTHCOM Intel Teletype Network

SCITS single channel injection transponder system

SCL 1separately controlled link, 2standard conventional load, 3[AR 310-50] standard classification list

SCLM software configuration and library management [IBM]

SCLO [AR 310-50] statistical clearance liaison officer

SCLSC ship configuration and logistics support control

SCLSI 1ship configuration and logistic support indexes, 2ship configuration and logistic support information

SCLSIS Ship Configuration and Logistic Support Information System

SCM 1service command module, 2signal conditioning module, 3superconducting magnet, 4small core memory, 5software configuration management, 6ScreenCam format [Lotus], 7space cargo modified, 8satellite communications module, 9station class mark, 10security countermeasure, 11shared calendar manager, 12supply chain management, 13[AR 310-50] summary court-martial

SCMO [AR 310-50] summary court-martial order

SCMP 1system console monitor printer, 2software configuration management plan, 3[JP 1-02] Strategic C3 Master Plan

SCMS [AR 310-50] Signal Command Management System

SCN 1sensitive command network, 2specification change notice, 3Satellite Control Network (SPACEMD), 4shipbuilding and conversion Navy (appropriation), 5software change notice, 6student control number, 7[AR 310-50] Southern Command Network

SCO 1system control officer, 2subcontrol office, 3state coordinating officer, 4servicing contracting office, 5student control number, 6[AR 310-50] statistical control office

SCOAS small computer/office automation services

SCOASB small computer/office automation service branch

SCOASO small computer/office automaton service organization

SCOC 1System Control Operations Center (SPACECMD), 2[JP 1-02] systems control and operations concept

SCOCE special committee on compromising emanations

SCOD subcontract and other direct costs

SCOMP secure communications processor (HONEYWELL)

SCOOP 1scientific compilation of optimal programs, 2[AR 310-50] support plan to continuity of operations plan

SCOPE 1sequential customer order processing electronically, 2schedule-cost-performance, 3simple communications programming environment [Hayes], 4special committee on paperless entries, 5signals communications by orbital relay experiment, 6secure cooperative processing environment, 7spacecraft operational readiness exhibit system, 8smart contract preparation environment

SCOR self-calibration omnirange

SCORE 1satellite computer-operated readiness equipment, 2selection copy and reporting, 3signal communications by orbital relay equipment, 4Service Corps of Retired Executives

SCORES Scenario Oriented Recurring Evaluation System

SCOT 1special C3 (command, control and communication) operations and testing (RADC), 2small communications terminal

SCOTT single channel objective tactical terminals

SCP 1system concept paper, 2S-Band communications processor, 3SUCCESS Control Processor, 4symbolic conversion program, 5system communication pamphlet, 6system control program, 7survey control point, 8computer security program office, 9secure conferencing program, 10secure conferencing project, 11standard change package,12save cursor position, 13strategic computing program, 14subnet communications processor, 15Support Center Pacific, 16survivable command post, 17system change package, 18subsystem control port,19strategic computing program, 20subsystem control port, 21software change package, 22service cost position, 23special contract provision, 24[JP 1-02] system change proposal, 25[AR 310-50] security classification procedure

SCPC single channel per carrier

SCPD, OCSA [AR 310-50] Staff Civilian Personnel Division, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army

SCPE secure communications processing environment

SCPI session control programmable interface

SCPM semi-automatic circuit performance monitor

SCPO senior chief petty officer (USN)

SCPS survivable collective protection shelter/system

SCPS-M Survivable Collective Protection System – Medical (AFLC)

SCPT 1[JP 1-02] strategic connectivity performance test, 2[AR 310-50] security control point

SCR 1reverse-blocking triode-thyristor, 2selective chopper radiometer, 3silicon controlled rectifier, 4semicontuctor-controlled rectifier, 5thyristor, 6system circuit register, 7section cross-reference, 8signal-controlled rectifier, 9single channel radio system, 10significant clarification request, 11software change request, 12special contract requirement, 13summary control record, 14system change request, 15[AR 310-50] security change request

SCRA 1single channel radio access, 2South Carolina Research Authority

SCRAM 1schedule risk assessment module, 2[AR 310-50] special criteria for retrograde of Army materiel

SCRB SPO Control Review Board

SCRC Small Computer Requirements Contract

SCRIPT scientific and commercial interpreter and program translator

SCRJ scramjet

SCRN screen (video display)

SCRS scaleable cluster of RISC systems

SCRT single channel transponder receiver

SCS 1silicon-controlled switch, 2simulation control subsystem, 3standard coordinate system, 4security control station, 5special communications system, 6standard communications-computer system, 7satellite communication system, 8SNA character string, 9survivable control system, 10small computer system, 11stock control system, 12[AR 310-50] stationing capability system, 13[AR 310-50] security container system, 14[AR 310-50] special contingency stockpile

SCSA signal computing system architecture [Dialogic]

SCSB small computer support bulletin

SCSC 1strategic conventional stand-off capability, 2Small Computer Support Center

SCSD systems control and support directorate

SCSG satellite communications subgroup

SCSI small computer system interface

SCSM standard computer system manager

SCSMO systems control software management office

SCSRSS Standard Command Supply Review System – SAILS

SCSW systems communications software

SCT 1satellite communications terminal, 2single channel transponder, 3system compatibility test, 4scattering telescope, 5soldier crew tent, 6[JP 4-01.2] shipping control teams

SCT-UR [CJCSI 3222.01] single channel transponder-UHF receiver

SCTC 1small computer technical center, 2system console transfer channel

SCTD [AR 310-50] subcaliber training device

SCTIS single channel transponder injector system

SCTL small components test loop

SCTP straight channel tape print

SCTPP straight channel tape print program

SCTS 1system components test station, 2[JP 1-02] single channel transponder system

SCTV separation/control test vehicle

scty [AR 310-50] security

SCU 1system control unit, 2signal conditioning unit, 3station control unit, 4stores control unit, 5supplemental control unit, 6switching and control unit [communication management system]

SCU-2 system capabilities upgrade

SCUBA self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

SCUBADIV [AR 310-50] SCUBA Diver Badge

SCUD [JP 1-02] surface-to-surface missile system

SCUP school computer use plan

SCV 1single channel voice, 2single card vocoders

SCWA single channel wire access

SCWG 1Satellite Communications Working Group (NATO), 2security certification working group

SCX staff coordination exercise

SD 1seasonal derating, 2South Dakota, 3short-time waveform duration, 4scan duration, 5standards development, 6system description, 7send data, 8super density, 9directorate of software development, 10self destruct, 11self-destroying, 12Space Division (USAF), 13spatial disorientation, 14special duties, 15staff duties, 16start delimiter, 17schematic diagram, 18space dependability, 19standardization directory, 20standardization document, 21support division, 22[AR 310-50] site defense,

SD STB streaming data strobe [IBM]

SD-I standardization directory

SD-ROM super density ROM

SDA 1shaft drive axis, 2source data acquisition, 3source data automation, 4supplier data approval, 5systems device annex [to the ORD], 6software disk array, 7system display architecture [DEC], 8source data automation, 9strategic defense architecture, 10system design authority, 11software development activity, 12[JP 3-08] Seventh-Day Adventist (ADRA)

SDAD satellite digital and analog display

SDAF Special Defense Acquisition Fund

SDAI STEP Data Access Interface

SDAP special duty assignment pay

SDAS 1system design and analysis support, 2science data automation program, 3source data automation system

SDAT silicon diode array target

SDB 1symbolic debugger [UNIX], 2standby dispersal base, 3small disadvantaged business, 4[AR 310-50] skill development base

SDBM selective directed broadcast mode

SDBUP Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization Program

SDC 1sample data collection, 2stabilization data computer, 3standby dispersal base, 4software development center, 5slave display console, 6source data collection, 7Strategic Defense Command (Army), 8Strategic Direction Center (SACLANT), 9secondary domain controller [Microsoft WinNT], 10signal data converter, 11seaward defense craft, 12[AR 310-50] shipment detail card, 13[AR 310-50] Space Defense Center

SDCA software development capability assessment

SDCC small-diameter component cask

SDCCC Standard Desktop Computer Companion Contact

SDCCR software development capability/capacity review

SDCE software development capability evaluation

SDCP [AR 310-50] supply demand control point

SDCS survivable DSCS control segment

SDD 1software design document, 2software design description, 3system design description, 4system design document, 5software description database [Internet], 6scheduled delivery date, 7[AR 310-50] system definition directive, 8[AR 310-50] standard delivery date

SDDBMS secure distributed database management system

SDDD software detailed design document

SDDM Secretary of Defense decision memorandum

SDDN Secure Data Defense Network

SDE 1standard data element, 2standard data entry, 3system development environment, 4software development environment, 5statement of the defense estimate

SDF 1system development facility, 2software development file, 3standard distance file, 4space delimited file, 5space delimited format, 6structured display file, 7sensor data fusion, 8shore development facility, 9single degree of freedom, 10standard data format, 11software development facility, 12strategic deterrent forces, 13state defense forces, 14[JP 1-02] self defense force, 15[AR 310-50] Strategic Defense Forces

SDH 1seasonal derated hours, 2synchronous digital hierarchy

SDHS satellite data handling system

SDHS-COMNET SDHS Communications Network

SDI 1selective dissemination of information, 2source data information, 3Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) [anti-ICBM defense project], 4single document interface [Microsoft], 5serial device interface, 6serial data out, 7software development interface [Mosaic]

SDIF standard document interchange format

SDIN special defense intelligence notice

SDIO 1Strategic Defense Initiative Organization [obsolete, see BMDO], 2Strategic Defense Initiative Office

SDIP 1Simulator Data Integrity Program, 2Software Development Integrity Program, 3Strategic Defense Initiative Program

SDIPO Strategic Defense Initiative Participation Office

SDIS 1surveillance and display interface system, 2[TR 350-70] STARPUBS DDN Interface System

SDK Software Developer's Kit [Microsoft]

SDL 1system descriptive language, 2software development library, 3standard distribution list, 4software development laboratory

SDLC 1synchronous data link control [protocol], 2system development life cycle

SDLM 1scheduled depot level maintenance, 2standard depot level maintenance

SDLO [AR 310-50] State, Defense Liaison Office

SDLS [JP 1-02] satellite data link standards

SDM 1system decision memorandum, 2sequency-division multiplexing, 3shut down mode, 4space-division multiplexing, 5standardization design memoranda, 6statistical data modulation, 7secure digital modem, 8system development multitasking

SDME 1software development and maintenance environment software, 2system development and maintenance environment software

SDMMC software development, modification and maintenance contract

SDMS 1Spatial Data Management System (USN), 2SCSI device management system [NCR]

SDMX space division matrix

SDN 1software digital network, 2system development notification, 3software defined network [AT&T]

SDNCO [AR 310-50] staff duty noncommissioned officer

SDNRIU [JP 1-02] secure digital net radio interface unit

SDNS 1secure data network service, 2secure data network system

SDO 1[DIA] System Development Office, 2senior duty officer, 3staff duty officer, 4spatial disorientation, 5station duty officer, 6systems director's office (USAF), 7[AR 310-50] special duty only

SDP 1secondary delay position, 2system decision paper, 3site data processor, 4software development plan, 5system decision package, 6system development plan, 7signal data processor, 8software development program, 9standard data package, 10storage distribution point, 11[AR 310-50] single department purchasing (agency)

SDPE special design protective equipment

SDPL 1sensor data processing laboratory, 2[AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD data processing laboratory

SDPO [AR 310-50] Site Defense Project Office

SDR 1small development requirement, 2system design review, 3significant deficiency report, 4system development requirement, 5streaming data request, 6signal-to-distortion ratio, 7software design review, 8service difficulty report, 9supply discrepancy report, 10report of discrepancy, 11[AR 310-50] splash detection radar

SDRA software development resources architecture

SDRAM synchronous dynamic random access memory

SDRB Software Design Review Board

SDRL subcontractor data requirement list [form]

SDS 1safety data sheet, 2scientific data systems, 3simulation data subsystems, 4software development specifications, 5system data synthesizer, 6satellite data system, 7standard depot system, 8strategic defense system, 9surface distribution system,10SYSOP distribution system, 11software development standards, 12secondary data system, 13signal dispatch service, 14small digital switch, 15steering and depth control simulator, 16surveillance detection system, 17surveillance direction system

SDSAM specifically designated special air mission aircraft

SDSAWG software development standard and ad working group

SDSG [JP 1-02] space division switching group

SDSL single-line digital subscriber line

SDSP 1software development support plan, 2Space Defense System Program

SDT 1self-development test, 2skill development testing, 3single discipline team, 4soldier development test, 5soldier data tag, 6system development tool, 7second destination transportation, 8software development test

SDT/CMA second destination transportation/centrally managed allotment

SDTN synchronous digital transmission network

SDU 1secure data unit, 2slave display unit, 3service data unit, 4satellite data unit, 5special diver's unit

SDV 1scram discharge volume, 2swimmer delivery vehicle, 3switched digital video [AT&T], 4[JP 1-02] SEAL (sea-air-land team) delivery vehicle, 5[JP 1-02] submerged delivery vehicle

SDVP Subsystem Demonstration Validation Program

SDW shared data warehouse

SDWS Submarine Defensive Warfare System

SDX storage data acceleration

SE 1synthetic environment, 2safety evaluation, 3shielding effectiveness, 4systems engineer, 5software engineering, 6support equipment, 7signal excess, 8sanitary evacuation, 9single engine, 10southeast, 11systems engineering, 12support equipment, 13SEEK EAGLE, 14[AR 310-50] system effectiveness

SE CORE [TR 350-70] synthetic environment core

SE Supp safety evaluation supplement

SE-CMM system engineering capability maturity models

SE&I systems engineering and integration

SE/M systems engineering/management

SEA 1senior enlisted advisor, 2systems effectiveness analyzer, 3standard extended attribute [OS/2], 4self extracting archive, 5strategic enterprise architecture, 6[AR 310-50] service educational activities, 7[AR 310-50] Southeast Asia

SEAADSA sea automated data systems activity (USN)

SEABASS Sea Based Assets Security System

SEABEE 1sea barge system, 2[JP 1-02] Navy construction engineer

SEAC name of first computer to use transistors, built by the National Bureau of) Standards Eastern Automatic Calculator

SEACOP Strategic Sealift Contingency Planning System (MCS)

SEAD 1suppression of enemy air defense, 2[AR 310-50] Seneca Army Depot

SEADCUGNAV SEA Data Communications User Group

SEAFARER Surface ELF Antenna for Addressing Remotely EMP Receivers

SEAL 1sea-air-land [USN], 2standard electronic accounting language, 3segmentation and reassembly layer (protocol), 4screening external access link [DEC], 5[JP 1-02] sea-air-land team

SEAL team sea-air-land team [USN]

SEAM sidewinder expanded acquisition mode

SEAS 1systems, engineering, and analysis support, 2state employee allocation standard

SEASTAG SEATO standardization agreement

SEASTRAT Sealift Strategic Contingency Planning System (MSC)

SEAT status evaluation and test

SEATAF [AR 310-50] Southern European Atomic Task Force

SEATECH Southeast Area Technical University of Connecticut Development Center

SEATELCOM [AR 310-50] Southeast Asia Telecommunications System

SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

SEAVAN [AR 310-50] commercial- or Government-owned (or leased) shipping container

SeaView secure data views project

SEB 1source evaluation board, 2systems electronics box, 3[AR 310-50] Southern Europe Broadcasting Service

SEBQ [AR 310-50] senior enlisted bachelor quarters

SEBS submarine emergency buoyancy system

sec section

SEC 1secondary electron conduction, 2secondary emission conductivity, 3security clearance, 4simple electronic computer, 5submarine element coordinator, 6space event conference, 7single error correction, 8standard Ethernet controller, 9standard evaluation circuit, 10Securities and Exchange Commission, 11system essentiality code, 12[AR 310-50] Scientific Estimates Committee

SECAF Secretary of the Air Force

SECAM sequential color with memory

SECAN 1Communications Security and Evaluation Agency, 2[AR 310-50] Military Committee Communications Security and Evaluation Agency, Washington

SECAP system experience correlation and analysis program

SECAR secondary radar

SECAS ship equipment configuration accounting system (USN)

SECB systems engineering control board

SECC survivable enduring command center

SECDED single-error correction double-error detection

SecDef [JP 1-02] Secretary of Defense

SECDEF Secretary of Defense

SECGRU security group

SECNAV Secretary of the Navy

SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy Instruction

SECO sequential coding

SECOMP secure enroute communications package

SECOR sequential collation of range

SECORD [JP 1-02] secure cord switchboard

SECP 1Scientist and Engineer Career Program, 2summary effort control package

SECR standard embedded computer resources

SECRA [JP 1-02] secondary radar data only

SECS sequential events control system

SECSTATE Secretary of State

SECT simulator for electronic combat training

SECTRANS [JP 1-02] Secretary of Transportation

secy [AR 310-50] secretary

SED 1Software Engineering Directorate [CECOM], 2simulative electronic deception, 3spectral energy distribution, 4sensor evolutionary development, 5stream editor, 6stream-oriented editor, 7smoke-emitting diode, 8[AR 310-50] special electrical devices

SEDIS site exercise data injection system

SEDIT sophisticated string editor

SEDR systems engineering department report

SEDRE sea emergency deployment readiness exercises

SEDS 1space electronics detection system, 2system effectiveness data system, 3system engineering detailed schedule

SEE 1software engineering environment, 2small excavation equipment, 3systems effectiveness engineering

SEE-CMMSM sytem security engineering; capability maturity model

SEE/IT support equipment evaluation/improvement techniques

SEE/S sensitive electronic equipment/system

SEED Support for East European Democracy Act of 1989

SEEK systems evaluation and exchange of knowledge

SEEK BUS High Data Rate, Anti-Jam Communications System

SEEK EAGLE stores certification program

SEEP scientist and engineer exchange program

SEER-HLC system evaluation and estimation of resource hardware life cycle model

SEER-SEM system evaluation and estimation of resource - software estimation model

SEF 1satellite evaluation facilities, 2stability enhancement function, 3system engineering facility, 4[JP 1-02] sealift enhancement feature(s)

SEG 1standardization evaluation group, 2systems engineering group, 3segment

SEH structured exception handling

SEI 1systems engineering and integration, 2Software Engineering Institute, 3special experience identifier, 4special emphasis item, 5small engine instruction, 6support equipment illustration

SEIA systems engineering integration agent

SEID system engineering, integration, and demonstration

SEIP 1standard engineering installation package, 2systems engineering implementation plan

SEIS Senior Executive Information System

SEIT 1software engineering and integration support team, 2system engineering and integration team

SEL 1select, 2selector, 3School of Engineering and Logistics

SEL REL [JP 1-02] selective release

SELA system error log analyzer

SELCAL selective call

SELCOM select committee

SELD [AR 310-50] Selectadata equipment

SELF submarine extremely low frequency (see also ELF, sense 2)

SELOR shipboard emitter location group

SELPO signal electronics procurement office

SELREL selective release

SELRES 1selective reserves, 2[JP 1-02] selected reserve

SELRIP Selective Release Improvement Program

SELSCAN automatic frequency scanning/channel selecting

SEM 1spare equipment maintenance, 2scanning electron microscope, 3systems engineering management, 4singularly expansion method, 5standard estimating model, 6software engineering manual, 7significant events message (REDCOM/JDA), 8simulation, engineering, and modeling, 9superconducting electrical machinery, 10standard electronic module, 11standard equipment modules (Navy), 12systems/ equipment/munition

SEMA [JP 1-02] special electronics mission aircraft

SEMC 1standard electronic memory cartridge, 2Systems Engineering Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

SEMG Systems Engineering Management Group

SEMLAM semiconductor laser amplifier

SEMLAT semiconductor laser array techniques

SEMM systems engineering management meeting

SEMMP 1systems and equipment modification program, 2systems and equipment maintenance program

SEMP 1Standard Embarkation Management System (USMC), 2system engineering management plan, 3system engineering master plan

SEMRE [AR 310-50] Sprint electromagnetic radiation evaluation

SEMS 1systems engineering and management support, 2severe environmental memory system, 3system engineering management schedule, 4system engineering master schedule, 5[JP 1-02] Standard Embarkation Management System

SEMSS SEEK EAGLE Management Support System

SEMTR [AR 310-50] Sprint early missile test radar

SEN 1Satellite Education Network, 2small extension node, 3system evaluation network

SENEX senior executive mission aircraft

SENGAP small engine advanced program

SENL standard equipment nomenclature list

SENS small extension node switch

SEO software executive official

SEO/SEP [JP 3-07.4] special enforcement operation/special enforcement program

SEOC software executive official council

SEODSE [AR 310-50] special explosive ordinance disposal supplies and equipment

SEON solar electro-optical network

SEOS 1SIGINT/Electronic Warfare Operator Simulator, 2optics and electro-optics, 3stabilized electro-optical system

SEOW single engineering order wire

sep separate

SEP 1scientific and engineering personnel, 2Soldier Enhancement Program, 3standard electronic package, 4signal entry panel, 5star epitaxial package, 6specific excess power, 7systematic evaluation program, 8selective employment plan, 9spherical error probable, 10system engineering plan,11single-event phenomenon, 12[color] separation, 13system engineering process, 14safety enhancement plan, 15support equipment plan

SEP BDE separate brigade

SEPA system evaluation and performance analysis (Honeywell)

SEPG software engineering process group

SEPOL 1settlement problem-oriented language, 2soil-engineering problem-oriented language

SEPORT [AR 310-50] supply and equipment report

SEPOS [AR 310-50] selected enlisted personnel for overseas service

SEPP 1secure encryption payment protocol, 2support equipment program plan

SEPR senior enlisted performance report

SEPROS [AR 310-50] separation processing

SEPS system engineering and programming support

seq sequence

SER 1safety evaluation report, 2significant event report, 3serial, 4SEEK EAGLE request

SERA software engineering review and audits

SERB 1Selective Early Retirement Board, 2Space Experiment Review Board

SERC 1Software Engineering Research Center, 2System Engineering Research Corporation

SERD 1support equipment recommendation data, 2support equipment requirements data, 3support equipment requirements document, 4support equipment recommendation document, 5systems engineering requirements document

SERE [FM 101-5-1] survival, evasion, resistance, and escape

SERER [JP 1-02] survival, evasion, resistance, escape, recovery

SERL system engineering reference library

SERMIS support equipment rework MIS (USN)

SEROCC Southeast Region Operations Center

SERP sustaining engineering requirement plan

SERT 1single-electron rise time, 2ship electronic readiness team, 3system engineering requirement team

SERTA Skilled Enlisted Reserve Training Act

server a program which provides a service to other client programs

SERVFOR service force

SES 1system engineering specification, 2surface effects ship, 3Senior Executive Service, 4secure equipment system, 5software exploitation segment (JSIPS), 6shore electronic subsystem, 7subsystem evaluation station

SESAME selected essential item stockage for availability method

SESI system engineering and system integration

SESIL System Electronics and Software Integration Laboratory

SESOME service, sort, and merge

SESTS security evaluation space transportation system

SET 1self-extending translator, 2software engineering terminology, 3secure electronic transaction, 4software engineering technology, 5specialized English training

SETA 1system engineering and technical assistance, 2simplified electronic tracking apparatus, 3scientific engineering and technical assistance

SETAF Southern European Task Force

SETAG software engineering technology advancement group

SETEXT structure enhanced text [Internet]

SETS Seeker Evaluation Test System

SEU 1smallest executable unit, 2sensor electronics unit, 3sight electronics unit, 4single-event upset, 5system electronic unit

SEV 1stockpile emergency verification, 2[AR 310-50] special equipment vehicle

SEVAC secure voice access console

SEVAS secure voice access system

SEVOC secure voice

SEVOCOM secure voice communications

SEW 1space and electronic warfare, 2shipboard electronic warfare

SEWC space and electronic warfare commander

SEWCC Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Coordination Center (USMC)

SEWD space electronic warfare division


SEWS 1Satellite Early Warning System, 2scientific engineering work station (AFSC), 3SIGINT/Electronic Warfare subsystem

SEWT simulator for electronic warfare training

SEX software exchange

SF 1Special Forces, 2standard form, 3spotlight flash, 4support flash, 5sampled filter, 6square foot, 7service factor, 8single frequency, 9sustained fire, 10stock fund, 11support facility, 12sign flag, 13speculative fiction, 14signal frequency, 15supporting fire, 16synthetic forces, 17security force, 18start to finish, 19support division, 20[AR 310-50] sound and flash

SF 364 Standard Form 364, Report of Discrepancy

SFA 1single failure analysis, 2silver flag alpha (TAC), 3[AR 310-50] special foreign activities

SFAAP [AR 310-50] Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant

SFAC statement of financial accounting concept

SFAF standard frequency action format

SFAR system failure analysis report

SFAS 1Safety Feature Activation System, 2statement of financial accounting standard

SFB semiconductor functional block

SFC 1sergeant first class, 2soldier fighting cover, 3space forecast center (MAC), 4specific fuel consumption, 5[FM 101-5-1] Special Forces command

SFCF standby functional check flight crew

SFCP 1Strategy Force and Capabilities Plan (USAF), 2shore fire control party (USN)

SFCT [TR 350-70] staff and faculty core training

SFD 1sudden frequency deviation, 2system function description, 3[TR 350-70] staff and faculty development

SFEL standard facility equipment lists

SFF 1standard file format, 2[AR 310-50] site field force

SFG [DoD] Special Forces group.

SFH slow frequency hop

SFI [JP 1-02] spectral composition

SFM stock fund materiel

SFO solicitation for offer

SFOB [DoD] Special Forces operations base.

SFOD [AR 310-50] Special Forces operational detachment

SFOD-A [FM 101-5-1] Special Forces operational detachment - Alpha

SFOD-B [FM 101-5-1] Special Forces operational detachment - Bravo

SFOD-C [FM 101-5-1] Special Forces operational detachment - Charlie

SFOR [NATO] Stabilization Force [Bosnia]

SFP single function processor

SFP-ANGS [AR 310-50] Standardization Field Panel for Artillery and Naval Gunfire Support

SFPA state family program activity

SFPPL short form provisioning part list

SFQL structured full-text query language

SFR system functional review

SFRC 1Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 2short form research contract

SFRD 1secret, formerly restricted data, 2system functional requirements description (JRSC)

SFRD-KS 1support agency, 2support office

SFRL stock fund management branch

SFRO store front recruiting office

SFS 1system file server, 2[AR 310-50] senior flight surgeon

SFT 1system fault tolerance [Novell], 2simulated flight test, 3system file table

SFTab [AR 310-50] Special Forces Tab

SFTC single face to the test customer

SFTS 1standard frequency and time signals, 2[AR 310-50] synthetic flight training systems

SFUG security feature user guide

SFUL summary fault unit

SFW sensor fused weapon

SFWRR stock fund ware reserve requirements (USAF)

SFX 1sound effect(s), 2suffix

SG 1safety guide, 2screen grid [electrode], 4standing group, 5subgroup, 6Surgeon General, 7directorate of medical systems, 8[JP 1-02] supergroup

SG REQ Surgeon General Requirements (USAFE)

SGA 1security guard activity, 2[AR 310-50] standards of grade authorization

SGAD [AR 310-50] United States Army Depot, SAFEGUARD

SGC 1SCSI graphic commands, 2[AR 310-50] Spartan guidance computer

SGDT store global descriptor table

SGEMP systems generated electromagnetic pulse

SGEN 1signal generator, 2system generator

SGF 1screen generation facility, 2second generation FLIR

SGI 1Silicon Graphics, Inc., 2small group instruction

SGITC small group instructor training course

SGL 1small group leader, 2standard general ledger

SGLI Serviceman Group Life Insurance

SGM 1shaded graphics modeling, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] sergeant major

SGML Standard Government Mark-up Language [a generic language for representing documents]

SGR set graphics rendition

SGRAM synchronous graphics RAM

SGS 1symbol generator and storage, 2[AR 310-50] Secretary of the General Staff

SGSI [JP 1-02] stabilized glide slope indicator

SGSSA small ground station segmented antenna

SGT 1sergeant, 2satellite ground terminal

SGTR [AR 310-50] Standardized Government Travel Regulations

SGU signal generator unit

SH-2F Seasprite (USN)

SHA 1Secure Hash Algorithm [NSA], 2system hazard analysis, 3[AR 310-50] station housing allowance

SHAD [AR 310-50] Sharpe Army Depot

SHADOW Subsonic Hovering Armament Direction and Observation Window (UAV)

SHAPE [NATO] Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe

SHAPEC ship availability planning and engineering center

SHAPM ship acquisition project manager (Navy)

SHAR shell archive

SHARP 1Standard Hardware Acquisition and Reliability Program, 2Surface Hugging Aid for Route Planning

SHC 1superheterodyne controller, 2[AR 310-50] surveillance helicopter company

SHD special handling designator

SHDS safety and health data sheet

SHED segmented hypergraphic editor

SHELF super hard extremely low frequency

SHELREP shelling report

SHF 1super high frequency (3 – 30 GHz), 2storage-handling facility

SHG 1segmented hypergraphics, 2second-harmonic generation

SHIELD 1silicon hybrids with infrared extrinsic long wavelength, 2Sylvania High Intelligence Electronic Defense

SHIELDS Ships Highpower Electronic Defense System


SHIMM self-heating individual meal module

SHIP single hazardous input program

SHIPALT ship alteration

SHIPCAD/CAM ship computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing

SHIPDA [AR 310-50] shipping date

SHIPDTO [AR 310-50] ship on depot transfer order

SHIPGO [AR 310-50] shipping order

SHIPIM [AR 310-50] ship immediately

SHIPREQ [AR 310-50] ship to apply on requisition

SHIPTARBY [AR 310-50] ship to arrive not later than

SHIRAN S-band of high-precision short-range electronic navigation

SHRF [AR 310-50] ship regular freight

SHIRTDIF storage, handling, and retrieval of technical data in image formation

shltr shelter

SHL shift logical left

SHM 1semantical hierarchy model, 2short hold mode, 3safety and health manager

SHO-RAD short range air defense

SHO SEC shipment sector

SHOC SHAPE Operations Center (NATO)

SHODOP short-range doppler

SHORAD 1short range air defense, 2short range radar

SHORADEZ short-range air defense engagement zone

SHORAN 1short-range aid to navigation, 2short-range navigation

SHORTICQ system of internal control

SHOT round(s) fired

SHP 1sub-host processor, 2shaft horsepower

SHR 1shift logical right, 2superheterodyne receiver

SHRIKE Anti-Radiation Missile (AGM-45)

SHSA self help support agreement

SHTC short time constant

SHTU simplified hand-held terminal unit

SHUD smart head-up display

Si silicon

SI 1International System of Units, 2safety inspection, 3special instructions, 4skill identifier, 5seriously ill, 6spark ignition, 7shift-in, 8Information Systems, 9selective identification,10sensitive intelligence, 11special intelligence, 12source index, 13system information,14security intelligence, 15seriously injured, 16system integrators, 17shipping instruction, 18special item code, 19[DoD/DSMC] software item (also called CSCI), 20[FM 101-5-1] Slovenia

SI-NSN support item National stock number

SI/DE system interface/data exchange

SI/SAO special intelligence/special actions office

SI/SO 1serial in/serial out, 2shift in/shift out

SIA 1subminiature integrated antenna, 2system integration area, 3special interface adapter, 4Semiconductor Industry Association, 5[JP 1-02] station of initial assignment

SIAD [AR 310-50] Sierra Army Depot

SIAGL [CJCSI 6130.01] survey instrument azimuth gyroscope lightweight

SIAM signal information and monitoring

SIAP 1Strategic Intelligence Architecture Program, 2Security and Investigative Activities Program, 3[AR 310-50] standard instrument approach procedure

SIASCN standard interservice agency serial control number

SIAT single integrated attack item

SIAWS SAC intelligence advanced workstation software

SIB 1ship information booklet, 2safety investigation board, 3[FM 101-5-1] separate infantry brigade

SiC silicon carbide

SIC 1small intelligence computer, 2standard industrial classification, 3subject indicator code, 4standard industrial code, 5semiconductor integrated circuit, 6Senior Intelligence Committee, 7[JP 3-09.3] subject identification code, 9[AR 310-50] survey information center

SIC2 signal command and control

SICA secondary inventory control activity

SICAM Sortie Integration Capability Assessment Model (HQ USAF)

SICB SPO Interface Control Board


SICC 1service item control center, 2[AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD inventory control center

SICCIM system input from command and control to information management (Army)

SICM system for integrated contract management

SICPS 1Standard Integrated Command Post Shelter, 2Standard Integrated Command Post System

SICR 1specific intelligence collection requirement, 2selected item configuration record

SID 1secondary imagery dissemination, 2strategic intelligence digest, 3silicon imaging device, 4syntax improving device, 5selective imagery dissemination system, 6serial input data, 7standard information display, 8security identifier, 9symbolic interactive debugger, 10Sealift Information Database (MSC), 11situation information display console, 12source identifier, 13source image distortion, 14standard instrument departure, 15station identification [AT&T], 16sudden ionospheric disturbance, 17system integration development, 18single integrated database, 19Society For Information Display, 20specification interpretation document

SIDAC 1single integrated damage assessment capability (WWMCCS®), 2supportability investment decision analysis center, 3[CJCSI 3410.01] single integrated damage analysis capability

SIDASE significant data selection

SIDENT site identification

SIDEARM Secondary Imagery Dissemination Environment and Resource Manager (the specification for all SID producing systems) (W = Windows and X = UNIX versions)

SIDF system independent data format

SIDH system identification for home systems

SIDN selected item description number

SIDPERS Standard Installation Division Personnel System (Army)

SIDR secure intelligence data repository

SIDS 1Secondary Imagery Dissemination System, 2stellar inertial doppler system, 3Satellite Imagery Dissemination System

SIDT store interrupt descriptor table

SIE 1scientific information exchange, 2SATKA Integrated Experiment (RADC), 3self-initiated elimination, 4special inspection equipment, 5standard improvement executive

SIF 1source input format, 2selective identification facility, 3selective identification feature, 4shore integration facility, 5sound intermediate frequency, 6system integration facility, 7simulation information format

SIFO System Integration Fielding Office [CECOM IMMC]

SIFS supply interface system

SIFT 1share internal FORTRAN translator, 2Stanford information filtering tool

sig 1signal, 2[AR 310-50] signaler, 3[AR 310-50] signalman(men)

SIG 1special interest group, 2signature, 3[AR 310-50] senior interdepartmental group

SIG Ada Special Interest Group on Ada

SIG-EVENTS significant events message system

SIGCAT Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology

SIGCEN (Army) Signal Center

SIGGEN signal generator

SIGINT signals intelligence

SIGINT/EW signals intelligence and electronic warfare

SIGMA 1Force Level and Maneuver Control System (Army), 2[AR 310-50] site information generation and materiel accountability plan

SIGMALOG simulation and gaming method for analyses and logistics (Army)

SigO [AR 310-50] signal officer

SIGO signal officer

SIGSEC signals security

SII 1seriously ill or injured, 2special interest item, 3statement of intelligence interest, 4static invocation interface, 5special instructions indicator

SIIC 1service item control center, 2[AR 310-50] special interest item code

SIIG 1site installation/implementation guide, 2security insight and insight group, 3security issue and insight group

SIIP site installation and integration plan

SIJ stand in jammer

sil [AR 310-50] silver

SIL 1systems integration laboratory, 2safety information letter, 3[AR 310-50] seriously ill list

SILO signal location

SILSP [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD integrated logistics support plan

SIM 1simulator, 2simulation, 3shore infrastructure modernization

Sim2 simulations/simulators

SIMA 1ship intermediate maintenance activity, 2system integration and management activity

SIMAS ship intermediate maintenance activities

SIMCE simulation, communication – electronics

SIMCENTER [USAIC&FH] Simulation Center

SIMCHE simulation and checkout equipment

SIMCOM simulator coupler

SIMCON scientific inventory management and control

SIMD single instruction multiple data-stream (processor)

SIMDB Systems Integration and Management Database

SIMDE simplified method of damage estimation

SIMICORE simultaneous multiple image correlation

SIMILE simulator of immediate memory in learning experiments

SIMLM 1[JP 4-02] single integrated medical logistics management, 2[JP 4-02.1] single integrated medical logistics manager

SIMM 1single in-line memory module, 2symbolic integrated maintenance manual

SIMMS Shipboard Integrated Maintenance Management System (USN)

SIMNET 1large scale interactive simulator networking, 2simulation network

SIMNET-D simulation network – developmental

SIMO System Integration Management Office

SIMOS space imbalance military occupational specialty

simp specific impulse

SIMPAC 1simplified programming for acquisition and control, 2simplified procurement acquisition (USN)

simplex one-way transmission

SIMS 1single-item, multisource, 2symbolic integrated maintenance system, 3support information management system, 4Services Information Management System (USAF), 5[AR 310-50] selected item management system

SIMS-X Selected Item Management System – Expanded (Army)

SIMTECH Simulation Technology Program

SIMTEL simulation and teleprocessing

simul [AR 310-50] simultaneous

SIMULA simulation (language)

SIMVAL simulator validation

SIMWG site installation management working group

SIN [AR 310-50] study item number

SINAD signal plus noise plus distortion to noise plus distortion ratio

SINCGARS [JP 1-02] Single-channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

sinh hyperbolic sine

SiNI silicon nitride

SINS shipboard inertial navigation system

SIO 1signal intelligence officer (USMC), 2site intelligence officer, 3system integration office, 4serial input/output (communications driver), 5senior intelligence officer, 6standard installation organization, 7supporting intelligence office, 8[JP 3-13] special information operations

SiO2 silica

SIOH supervision, inspection, and overhead

SIOP 1Single Integrated Operations Plan [the war plan in case of a major war], 2selector input/output processors,

SIOP-ESI Single Integrated Operational Plan – extremely sensitive information

SIOP-MATE Single Integrated Operational Plan – Matrix Automation Through the Emergency Message Automatic Transmission System

SIOUX sequential iterative operation unit X

SIP 1system implementation plan, 2single-in-line package, 3symbolic input program, 4segment interface protocol, 5software instrumentation package, 6systems improvement program, 7systems information package, 8Scientific Instruction Processor (Honeywell), 9secondary improvement program, 10system improvement plan, 11[AR 310-50] standard inspection procedure, 12[AR 310-50] standardization instructor pilot

SIPC 1simulated information processing center, 2simply interactive personal computer [Microsoft], 3stationing and installations planning committee

SIPE soldier integrated protective ensemble (Army)

SIPO 1serial in, parallel out, 2system integration project office(s)

SIPOP satellite information processor operational program

SIPP single in-line pin package

SIPR selected item program review

SIPREP special intelligence report

SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

SIPRNET [JP 2-01] Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SIPROS simultaneous processing operating system

SIPS 1simulated input preparation system, 2[AR 310-50] Spartan improved performance study

SIPT standard installation practice training

SIR 1specific information requirement, 2serious incident report, 3semiannual inventory report, 4selective information retrieval, 5semantic information retrieval, 6signal-to-interference ration, 7systems integration review, 8simultaneous impact rate, 9statistical information retrieval, 10symbolic input routine, 11Systems Integrated Receiver [receiver equipment in the tail pod of the EA-6B Prowler], 12serial infrared [Hewlett-Packard], 13special inspection requirement, 14standard interface record, 15standard interface requirement, 16standardization interface record

SIRA safety investigation regulations

SIRDAP Science and Infrastructure RDA Plan

SIRDS single-image random dot stereogram

SIRMO [CJCSI 8510.01] senior information resources management official

SIRS 1Single Integrated Reporting System (DoD), 2status inventory reporting system, 3system integration receiver system

SIRTI Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute

SIRU strapdown inertial reference unit

SIRVES SIGINT Requirements Validation and Evaluation Subcommittee

SIS 1safety injection signal, 2satellite interceptor system, 3shorter interval scheduling, 4semiconductor-insulator-semiconductor, 5simulation interface subsystem, 6selective inquiry system, 7special information system, 8standard information system, 9special interest section, 10submarine, fleet ballistic missile (SSBN) Indications and warning support, 11super instrumentation system

SISA Science and Infrastructure Support Agency

SISC standard information systems center (AFCC)

SISCR SISC regulation

SISD 1Strategic Information Systems Division (SAC), 2single instruction single data [stream or serial processors]

SISI surveillance and in-service inspection

SISM standard system systems manager

SISMA streamlined integrated software metric approach

SISMS standard integrated support management system

SISP 1standard information systems panel, 2Support Information System Panel (HQ USAF), 3system interface support plan, 4system interconnection security policy

SISR 1standard information systems review, 2[AR 310-50] selected item status report

SISS 1single item, single source, 2subcommittee for information system security

SIST serviceable in service time

SISTMS [AR 310-50] Standard Integrated Supply/Transportation Manifest System

sit 1[AR 310-50] situation, 2[AR 310-50] situate

SIT 1special interest target, 2system integration testing, 3software integration test, 4special information tones, 5system integration team, 6[AR 310-50] statement of inventory transaction

SITAP Simulation For Transportation Analysis and Planning (JCS)

SITC signal integrated test cycle

SITCARD card-to-tape activity

SITCEN 1NATO situation center, 2situation center

SITMAP situation map

SITRB system integration test review board

SITREP situation report

SITS 1sage intercept target simulation, 2single integrated telecommunications system,

SITTEMP [TTPIO-ABCS] situation template

SIU 1system interface unit, 2standard interface unit, 3signal interface unit, 4systems interface unit

SIV [Army] special interest vehicle

SIVVP software independent verification and validation plan

SIW 1strategic intelligence wing (SAC), 2[AR 310-50] self inflicted wounds

SJ sack jacket

SJA staff judge advocate

SJS [JP 1-02] Secretary, Joint Staff

SKAT smart knowledge acquisition tool

SKE station-keeping equipment

SKIPS COMP Kernel Interface Package (Honeywell)

SKL skill level

SKO sets, kits, and outfits

SKT specialty knowledge tests (USAF)

SKU# stock keeping unit number

SL 1safety limit, 2salvage loss, 3sea level, 4soft landing, 5source level, 6start line, 7surface launch, 8safety level, 9shelf life, 10strategic list, 11support level, 12[JP 1-02] switch locator

SLA 1software library administrator, 2synchronous line adapter

SLAAP [AR 310-50] St. Louis Army Ammunition Plant

SLAC 1support list allowance cards, 2shelf life action code

SLAD survivability/lethality analysis directorate

SLAM 1Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling, 2standoff land attack missile, 3strategic lift analysis model (USN), 4supersonic low-altitude missile

SLAMMR Side-Looking Airborne (Modulated) Multi-Mission Radar

SLAMS simplified language for abstract mathematical structures

SLAR 1side-looking array radar, 2side-looking airborne radar

SLAT supersonic low altitude target

SLATE simulated learning by automated typewriter environment

SLB side-lobe blanking

SLBM 1submarine launched ballistic missile, 2sea-launched ballistic missile

SLBMAN SLBM Alerting Network

SLC 1side-lobe canceling, 2simulated linguistic computer, 3[JP 1-02] satellite laser communications, 4[AR 310-50] stockage list code

SLCB single-line color bar

SLCM sea launched Cruise missile

SLCO senior laboratory contracting official

SLCP 1[JP 1-02] ship's loading characteristics pamphlet, 2[JP 1-02] ship lighterage control point

SLCS survivable low communications systems

SLCSE software life cycle support environment

SLD 1source language debug, 2satellite launch dispenser, 3[JP 1-02] system link designator

SLDCOM satellite launch dispenser communications [UHF]

SLDT store local descriptor table

SLDDEV soldier developer

SLED 1single large expensive disk, 2ship launched electronic decoy, 3surface-emitting LED

SLEEP scanning low-energy electron probe

SLEP 1Service Life Extension Program [Modernization program for carriers and fielded systems undertaken to extend the life of the system beyond what was previously planned.], 2service life enhancement program

SLEW static load error washout system

SLF super low frequency (300 – 3 kHz)

SLFA secondary level field activity

SLFCS survivable low frequency communications system

SLFMS SAC Logistics Force Management System

SLG [TTPIO-ABCS] Staff Leader's Guide

SLGR [JP 1-02] small, lightweight ground receiver (GPS)

SLHC standards for long haul communications

SLI 1strategic list item, 2[AR 310-50] shelf life item

SLIC system level integration circuit

SLICC senior level integrated process team coordinating council

SLID system-level integration demonstration

SLIM 1software life cycle management, 2software life cycle model

SLIN 1subline item number, 2standard line item number

SLIP 1symmetric list processor, 2serial line Internet protocol, 3serial line interface protocol

SLIS shared laboratory information system

SLKT survivability, lethality, and key technologies

SLM 1statistical learning model, 2spatial light modulator, 3surface launch, 4[AR 310-50] Silver Life-Saving Medal

SLMC senior leader materiel course

SLMM Submarine Launched Mobile Mine

SLMR silly little modem reader

SLO 1service level objective, 2swept local oscillator, 3squadron liaison officer, 4[JP 3-56.1] space liaison officer

SLOC 1sea lanes of communications, 2sea lines of communication, 3source lines of code

SLOE special list of equipment

SLOS star line-of-sight

SLOSH Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane (program)

SLP 1segmented level programming, 2source language processor, 3seaward launch point

SLPP summary level planning package

SLR 1side-looking radar, 2side looking reconnaissance radar

SLRP strategic long-range plan

SLS 1side-lobe suppression, 2School of Logistic Science

SLSI super large-scale integration

SLSS systems library subscription service [IBM]

SLT 1simulated launch test, 2solid logic technique, 3solid logic technology, 4system level test

SLU 1spoken language understanding, 2secondary logical unit

SLUC 1standard test level charge, 2standard level user charge

SLUFAE [AR 310-50] surface-launched fuel-air explosives

SLV survivability/lethality/vulnerability

SLWL straight-line wavelength

SLWT side loading warping tug

SM 1soldier's manual(s), 2system manager (AFLC), 3service member, 4sequence and monitor, 5set mode, 6service module, 7shared memory, 8strategic missile, 9[Army] ground-to-ground missile, 10situation monitoring, 11[USN] minelayer, 12security monitor, 13statute miles, 14simulation module, 15system monitor (JOPS), 16staff memorandum (JCS),17deputy chief of staff, maintenance and modification, 18deputy commander for maintenance and modification, 19situation monitoring, 20smoke, 21special mission, 22statute miles, 23single manager, 24subcontracting management, 25[JP 1-02] Secretary, Joint Staff, memorandum; 26[JP 1-02] searchmaster (Canadian), 27[AR 310-50] supply manual, 28[AR 310-50] Soldier's Medal

SM NCO strength maintenance noncommissioned officer

SM&E semiconductor materials and equipment

SM-2 Standard Missile 2

SM-ALC Sacramento Air Logistics Center (AFLC)

SM/SW situation monitoring/strategic warning

SMA 1Sergeant Major of the Army, 2signal message address, 3supply management–Army, 4standardization management activity, 5[TR 350-70] Sergeants Major Academy

SMAC special mission attack computer

SMADTTA SM-ALC damage tolerance analysis

SMAG supply management activity group

SMALGOL small computer algorithmic language

SMAP 1systems management analysis project, 2security management application program

SMARP SIOP mating and ranging program (SAC)

SMART 1Simulation Model for Allocation of Resources for Training (ATC), 2spares management analysis review technique, 3systems management analysis, research, and test, 4self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology, 5susceptibility model assessment and range test

Smart BIT smart built-in test

SMART-T secure mobile anti jam reliable tactical terminal

SMAS standard materiel accounting system

SMAW shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon

SMB server message block (protocol) [MII] [WinNT, Microsoft]

SMBA supply management business area

SMC 1segmented maintenance task, 2systems science and cybernetics, 3System Monitoring Center (DDN), 4staff message control, 5Standard Microsystems Corporation [makers of ARCnet products], 6Sergeants Major Course, 7[USAF] Space and Missile Systems Center, 8standard management committee, 9system management code, 10[JP 1-02] search and rescue (SAR) mission coordinator, 11[JP 1-02] system master catalog, 12[JP 1-02] midpoint compromise track spacing

SMCA single manager for conventional ammunition

SMCAR-AEM should coordinate with the Army Insensitive Munitions Office

SMCC 1simulation monitor and control console, 2system monitor coordination center, 3special material content code, 4[CJCSI 3410.01] Strategic Mobile Command Center

SMCR [JP 1-02] Selected Marine Corps Reserve

SMCSG [AR 310-50] Special Military Construction Study Group

SMCT Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks

SMD 1systems measuring device, 2surface mounted device, 3standardized military drawing [program], 4ship manpower document, 5storage module device (interface standard for disk drives), 6surface mounted devices, 7[JP 3-01.5] strategic missile defense

SMD, OCSA [AR 310-50] Staff Management Division, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army

SMDC [DoD/DSMC] [Army] Space and Missile Defense Command

SMDD storage module disk drive

SMDL standard music description language

SMDP [DoD/DSMC] Standardized Military Drawing Program

SMDPS strategic mission data preparation system (B-52, B-1)

SMDR 1structured manning decision review, 2station message detailed recording, 3subscriber message detail recording, 4station message detail record

SMDS 1switched multimegabit data service, 2switched multimedia data service, 3switch multimegabit data service

SME 1subject matter expert, 2surface movement element, 3special mission equipment, 4significant military equipment

SME/SC [AR 310-50] Sprint Missile Engineering/Service Course

SMEB [JP 1-02] significant military exercise brief

SMEO [JP 1-02] small end office

SMERE [AR 310-50] Sprint missile electromagnetic radiation

SMES 1strategic missile evaluation squadron, 2superconductive magnetic energy storage

SMET simulated mission endurance testing

SMF 1software maintenance facility, 2systems management facility, 3system measurement facility, 4single mode fiber, 5simple message format, 6single mode fiber, 7system manager facility [COMPAQ]

SMFT [JP 1-02] semitrailer mounted fabric tank

SMGC 1selective management grouping code, 2supply management grouping code

SMGP strategic missile group

SMI 1soldier-machine interface [Army], 2system management interrupt [Intel], 3structure medium interaction

SMIB security management information base

SMIC 1special maintenance item code, 2special materiel identification code

SMIF standard mechanical interface

SMIO [JP 1-02] search and rescue (SAR) mission information officer

SMIP Spares Management Improvement Program

SMIS 1Security Management Information System (FEMA), 2Ships Management Information System (USN), 3[AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD management information system

SMISOP [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD management information system operating program

SMIT system management interface tool [IBM]

SMK Software Migration Kit [Microsoft]

SML 1standard materiel list, 2symbolic machine language, 3standard meta language, 4support material list

SMLM simple-minded learning machine

SMLS shelterized microwave landing system

SMLV standard memory load verifier

SMM 1standard method of management, 2system management mode [Intel], 3solar maximum mission [satellite] (NASA), 4shipment management module, 5system maturity matrix

SMMP 1system MANPRINT management plan, 2standard methods of measuring performance

SMMS 1Support Maintenance Management System (Army), 2Support Ships Materiel Management System (USN)

SMO 1senior meteorological and oceanographic officer, 2Senior METOC Officer [on a unified command staff], 3Shelter Management Office (ESD), 4support to military operations, 5senior management official, 6[JP 1-02] strategic mobility office(r)

SMOA [AR 310-50] single manager operating agency

SMOBC solder mask over bare copper

SMOG special monitor output generator

SMOP 1simple matter of programming, 2small matter of programming

SMOS [AR 310-50] secondary military occupational specialty

SMOSC [AR 310-50] secondary/additional military occupational specialty code

SMP 1system master plan, 2small mechanical parts, 3simple management protocol, 4software modernization plan, 5system management plan, 6symmetric multiprocessor, 7symbolic manipulation program, 8symmetrical multi-processing, 9sub motor pool,10SBSS Master Plan, 11selective message routing, 12self maintenance period, 13specialized mobile radio, 14software maintenance plan, 15stores management processor, 16sustained maintenance planning, 17[AR 310-50] Simultaneous Membership Program

SMPC shared memory parallel computer

SMPR [AR 310-50] supply and maintenance plan and report

SMPS 1switching mode power supply, 2simplified message processing simulation

SMPT school of military packaging technology

SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SMR 1source, maintenance, and recoverability, 2selective message router, 3special management review, 4software maintenance responsibility, 5[AR 310-50] special money regulation, 6[AR 310-50] stock management report

SMR/ERRC source, maintenance, recoverability/expendability, recoverability, repairability category

SMR/MIS [AR 310-50] Supply, Maintenance, and Readiness Management Information System (an element of LOGMIS)

SMRAM system management random access memory

SMRAS [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD maintenance and reporting analysis system

SMRC source maintenance recoverability code

SMRI service message routing indicator

SMRT software maintenance responsibility transfer

SMS 1sensor monitoring set, 2storage management system, 3small messaging system, 4short messaging system, 5synchronous-altitude meteorological satellite, 6[USAF] senior master sergeant, 7Storage Management Services [NetWare], 8storage management subsystem, 9systems management server [Microsoft], 10security management system, 11ship management system, 12SIGINT Manpack system, 13signal measurement system, 14stores management system, 15strategic missile system, 16suspended maneuvering system, 17school of management sciences

SMSA standard metropolita n statistical area

SMSC standard multi-user small computer

SMSCRC Standard Multi-user Small Computer Requirements Contract (Project 251)

SMSgt senior master sergeant

SMSL Standard Multimedia Scripting Language

SMSR survivability management status report

SMSS Sealift Management Support System (MSC)

SMSW store machine status word

SMT 1special maintenance team, 2surface mount technology, 3static, mobile, or transportable, 4service module technician, 5station management (protocol)

SMTBCF space mission time between critical failure

SMTBDE space mean time between downing event

SMTI selective moving target indicator

SMTO simple mail transfer protocol

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (MIL-STD-1781)

SMTS 1space and missile training squadron, 2space and missile tracking system

SMTTRF space mean time to restore function

SMTTRS space mean time to restore system

SMU 1system management utility, 2special mission unit, 3secure mobile unit, 4[JP 4-02.1] SASSY management unit

SMUD standoff munitions dispenser

SMUR Spectrum Management Update and Review System (PACAF)

SMW strategic missile wing (SAC)

SMWP [AR 310-50] strategic mobility work project

SN 1semiconductor network, 2sine of the amplitude, 3siren, 4seaman, 5sequence number, 6serial number, 7solution narrative, 8[AR 310-50] service number

SN-CIE statement of need – clothing and individual equipment

SNADS system network architecture distributed services

SNAFU situation normal, all fouled up

SNAME Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

SNA 1[USN] shipboard nontactical automated data processing, 2steerable null antenna processor, 3simplified numerical automatic programmer, 4sub network access protocol, 5synchronous numeric array processor, 6simplified nonstandard acquisition process, 7simplified nonstandard acquisition program, 8standard non-tactical automated data processing, 9[AR 310-50] short notice annual practice, 10[AR 310-50] systems for nuclear auxiliary power, 11systems network architecture

SNAP II Shipboard Nontactical ADP Program II

SNAP III Shipboard Non Technical ADP Program III

SNAPS 1strategic nuclear attack planning system, 2switched network automatic profile system

SNARS switched network automatic routing system

SNC site nodal controller

SNCO [JP 1-02] staff noncommissioned officer

SNCS satellite network control station

SND sound

SNDM Secretary of the Navy decision memorandum

SNDV [AR 310-50] strategic nuclear delivery vehicles

SNEWS secure news server [Internet]

SNF system noise filter

SNFE standard network front end

SNI 1standard network interface, 2signal-to-noise improvement, 3sound-to-noise ratio improvement, 4subscriber network identifier

SNID standard network interface device

SNIE special National intelligence estimates

SNIES [AR 310-50] Special National Intelligence Estimates

SNL 1standard nomenclature list, 2[AR 310-50] standard name line

SNLC [JP 1-02] Senior North Atlantic Treaty Organization Logisticians Conference

SNM 1system notification message, 2special nuclear material

SNMP simple network management protocol

SNOBOL String Oriented Symbolic Language (programming language)

SNOE smart noise equipment

SNOK [AR 310-50] secondary next of kin

SNOWCAT support of nuclear ops with conventional air tactics

SNP 1subnet protocol, 2serial number/password [Omen Technology]

SNR 1signal-to-noise ratio, 2supplier nonconformance report, 3short notice requirement, 4senior national representative

SNPRI [AR 310-50] selected nonpriority list item(s)

SNS 1simulated network simulation, 2secure network server, 3shared network server, 4sniper's night sight

SNSB Senior Navy Steering Board

SNSL stock number sequence list

SNSP Saudi Naval Support Program

SNT super twisted nematic

SNUD Stock Number User Directory [USAF]

SNUMB system number

SNWSC Space and Naval Warfare System Command

SNX Symbolic Nike X

SO 1special operation(s), 2special option, 3slow operate [relay], 4seller's option, 5[FM 101-5-1] Somalia, 6[JP 1-02] safety observer, 7[AR 310-50] shipment order, 8[AR 310-50] special orders, 9[AR 310-50] stockage objectives

SO DIMM small outline dual in-line memory module

SO/LIC special operations/low intensity conflict

SO2 sulfur dioxide

SOA 1separate operating agency, 2special operating agency, 3safe operating area, 4start of authority, 5speed of advance, 6Status of Actions System (PACAF), 7School of the Americas, 8statement of account, 9[JP 1-02] special operations aviation, 10[JP 1-02] status of action, 11[AR 310-50] special open allotment

SOAB special operation acquisition board

SOAC 1student officer advanced course, 2special operation acquisition centers

SOAE special operations acquisition executive

SOAF [CJCSI 3410.01] status of action file

SOAP spectrometric oil analysis program

SOAR safe operating area

SOARS Satellite Onboard Attack Reporting System

SOAS Special Operations ADP System (JCS)

SOBC student officer basic course

SOBT submarine on-board training

SOC 1set overrides clear, 2simulated operations center, 3specific optimal controller, 4special operations command, 5section operations center, 6sector operations center, 7secure operator console, 8security operations center (USN), 9special operations capable, 10squadron operations center, 11statement of compatibility, 12system operational concept, 13system on a chip, 14satellite operations center, 15section operations center, 16standard obstacle course, 17supply operation cost

SOC. social issues [USENET Newsgroup category]

SOCA [JP 1-02] special operations communications assembly

SOCAD [AR 310-50] Service Members College Associates Degree

SOCC 1subordinate operations/command center, 2submarine operations command center (USN), 3Sector Operations Control Center (NORAD)

SOCCE 1special operations contingency communications element, 2[FM 101-5-1] special operations command and control element

SOCCEN Special Operations Command, Central Command

SOCCENT [JP 1-02] Special Operations Component, United States Central Command

SOCCS summary of component control status

SOCCT special operations combat control team

SOCET special operation cost estimate tool

SOCEUR 1Special Operations Command Europe (NATO), 2[JP 1-02] Special Operations Component, United States European Command

SOCEX special operations capable exercise

SOCKS socket secure (server) [Internet]

SOCLANT [JP 1-02] Special Operations Component, United States Atlantic Command

SOCO switched out for checkout

SOCOM 1[United States] Special Operations Command, 2solar optical communications system

SOCORD [FM 101-5-1] special operations coordinator

SOCOORD [JP 3-05] special operations coordination element

SOCP [JP 1-02] special operations communication package

SOCPAC [JP 1-02] Special Operations Component, United States Pacific Command

SOCR 1stand-alone optical character recognition, 2sustained operations control room

SOCRATES 1[JDISS] Special Operations Command, Research, Analysis, and Threat Evaluation System, 2Special Operations Command Research, Analysis, and Target Evaluation System

SOCS 1SAC Operational Communications System, 2SAC Operational Conference System

SOCSOUTH [JP 1-02] Special Operations Component, United States Southern Command

SOCSE special operations communications supply element

SOD 1small object detector, 2Secretary of Defense, 3[JP 1-02] special operations division, 4[JP 1-02] Strategy and Options Decision (PPBS), 5[AR 310-50] special operations detachment

SODARS [JP 1-02] special operations debrief and retrieval system

SODA 1source data automation, 2source oriented data acquisition

SODAR sound detecting and ranging

SODAS structure oriented description and simulation

SODO senior operations duty officer

SOE 1status of equipment, 2significant operating experience, 3standard operating environment, 4[JP 1-02] special operations executive

SOEOD special operation EOD

SOER significant operating event report

SOF 1special operations force(s), 2strategic offensive forces, 3supervisor of flying, 4status of forces, 5sustainability of forces (JCS)

SOFA status-of-forces agreement

SOFADS/SOAS Special Operating Foreign Analysis Data System/SOAS (JCS)

SOFAR 1sound fixing and ranging, 2sound fusing and ranging

SOFLAM special operation forces laser marker

SOFME [JP 4-02] special operations forces medical element

SOFNET solar observing and forecasting network

SOFPAC [AR 310-50] Special Operating Forces, Pacific

SOFT simple output format translator

SOFTCON WWMCCS® Site Software Configuration System (JDSSC)

SOG special operations group

SOH Start of Header, ASCII control character (dec=01,control-A)

SOHO small office/home office

SOI 1specific operating instruction, 2standard operating instruction, 3space object identification, 4signal operating instruction(s) (NATO), 5start of installation, 6signal-of-interest, 7statement of intent

SOIC 1Space Operations Intelligence Center, 2senior official of the intelligence community

SOICS summary of installation control status

SOJ 1stand-off jammer, 2stand-off jamming

SOJT supervised on-the-job training

SOL 1simulation oriented language, 2solenoid, 3systems oriented language, 4sequence order list

SOLA SO Legislative Affair

SOLAR 1serialized on-line automatic recording, 2solar/lunar calculator (WWMCCS®)

SOLARS SAC On-Line Analysis Retrieval System

SOLAS [JP 1-02] safety of life at sea

SOLE 1Society of Logistics Engineers, 2[JP 1-02] special operations liaison element

SOLIC special operations/low-intensity conflict

SOLID self-organizing large information dissemination system

SOLIS 1SIGINT On-Line Information System (DIA), 2Symbionics On-Line Information System

SOLL special operations low level

SOLO 1selective optical lock-on, 2[AR 310-50] status of logistics offensive

SOLOG [AR 310-50] standardization of certain aspects of operations and logistics

SOLR sidetone objective loudness rating

SOLRAD solar radiation

SOLV 1solenoid valve, 2super-open-frame low voltage

SOM 1shift operations manager, 2start of message, 3stand-off missile, 4standard operations manual, 5system object model [IBM], 6[TR 350-70] simulation object model

SOMADA self-organizing multiple-access discrete address

SOMARDS Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System

SOMF [AR 310-50] SIDPERS organization master file

SOMI start of message in

SOMISS [AR 310-50] Study of Management Information Systems Support

SOMPF special operations mission planning folder

SOMRB [AR 310-50] Senior Officers Materiel Review Board

SOMSA space object measurement and signal analysis (RADC)

SON 1statement of need, 2statement of operational need (Air Force)

SONAC sonar nacelle [sonacelle]

SONAR sound navigation and ranging [also expressed sonar]

SONCM sonar countermeasures and deception

SONET synchronous optical network

SONIC system-wide on-line network for informational control

SONET synchronous optical network

SONMET special operations naval mobile environment team

SOO 1senior operation officer, 2statement of objectives, 3standard operational orders

SOO/SOW statement of objectives/statement of work

SOP 1standing operating procedure, 2simulation operations plan, 3strategic operating point, 4senior officer present, 5service-object pair

SOPA senior officer present afloat

SOPC shuttle operations and planning complex

SOPI status of planning indicator

SOPM standard orbital parameter message

SOR 1specific orders and requests, 2status of resources, 3start of record, 4specific operational requirement, 5struck off records, 6statement of requirement, 7set-on receiver, 8squadron operations room, 9state of readiness, 10source of repair, 11senior officer review

SORAP 1source of repair analysis process, 2source of repair assignment process

SORB [AR 310-50] Subsistence Operations Review Board

SORC [AR 310-50] sound ranging control

SORD 1system operational requirements document [Air Force], 2[USN] submerged ordnance recovery device

SORDAC Special Operations Research, Development, and Acquisition Center

SORDC source of repair decision criteria

SORNG [AR 310-50] sound ranging

SORR [AR 310-50] SIGINT operations review board

SORS SIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee

SORT status of resource and training

SORTIEALOT [JP 3-50.2] sortie allotment

SORTS Status of Resources and Training Systems (JCS) (formerly UNITREP)

SOS 1share operating system, 2silicon on sapphire, 3speed of service, 4squadron officers school, 5station operating supervisor, 6symbolic operating system, 7special operations squadron, 8Sealift Operating System (MSC), 9software obsolescence study, 10stabilized sight, 11standard distress signal, [ ... – – – ... in Morse code], 12sophisticated operating system, 13standards and open systems, 14source of supply, 15supportability on line system, 16[AR 310-50] Spirit operations shelter, 17[AR 310-50] statement of service

SOSB special operations support battalion

SOSC 1system operation and support capability, 2[JP 1-02] special operations support command (theater army)

SOSCOM [FM 101-5-1] special operations support command

SOSE [JP 1-02] special operations staff element

SOSG Senior Officer Steering Group (USAFE)

SOSI shift in, shift out

SOSR [FM 101-5-1] suppress, observe, secure, and reduce

SOSTF SPADCO off-site test facility

SOSUS sound surveillance system (USN)

SOT 1syntax-oriented translator, 2ship operability test, 3ship operability testing, 4subsystem or technology, 5system operability test

SOT-A/B [FM 101-5-1] special operations team alpha/bravo

SOTA 1SIGINT operational tasking authority, 2state of the art

SOTAC [JP 3-09.3] special operations terminal attack controller

SOTACA state-of-the-art contingency analysis

SOTAS standoff target acquisition system

SOTF [AR 310-50] special operations task force

SOTFA Special Operations Task Force Atlantic

SOTFE Support Operations Task Force Europe

SOTUS sequentially operated teletypewriter universal selector

SOUTHAF [JP 3-07.4] Southern Command Air Forces

SOUTHAG Southern Army Group (NATO)

SOUTHCOM United States Southern Command

SOUTHROC [JP 3-07.4] Southern Region Operational Center (USSOUTHCOM)

SOVNROF [AR 310-50] State of Vietnam Ribbon of Friendship

SOW 1statement of work, 2scope of work, 3stand-off weapon, 4special operations wing

SOW/SOO statement of work/statement of objective

SOWT special operations weather team

SOWT/TE special operations weather team/tactical element

SOX sound exchange

Sp support

SP 1standardization plan, 2self-propelled, 3staff planner, 4service processor, 5single pole, 6special projects, 7special purpose, 8structured programming, 9surveillance procedure, 10standard and performance, 11symbol programmer, 12[USN] shore patrol, 13system processor, 14solid propellant, 15single purpose, 16[USAF] security police, 17service pack [IBM], 18stack pointer, 19system product, 20single-phase, 21spare part, 22start point, 23static pressure, 24specialist corps, 25[FM 101-5-1] strong point, 26[FM 101-5-1] Spain, 27[AR 310-50] shore police

SP-HIS Special Project Hypermedia Information System

SP3T single pole triple throw [switch]

SP4 [AR 310-50] specialist 4

SP4T single pole quadruple throw [switch]

SPA 1skill performance aids, 2servo power assembly, 3solid-state power amplifier, 4strategy and policy assessment, 5system performance assessment, 6Software Publishers Association, 7specification preparing activity, 8[JP 1-02] special psychological operations (PSYOP) assessment

SPA SUR Space Surveillance Network (USN)

SPAAG self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

SPAC spatial computer

SPACC 1Space Command Center (USSPACECOM), 2Space Control Center (USSPACECOM)

SPACE 1self-programming automatic circuit evaluator, 2sequential position and covariance estimation, 3sidereal polar axis celestial equipment

SPACECMD [Air Force] Space Command

SPACECOM [Army] Space Command

SPACETRACK 1USAF Space Tracking System, 2[AR 310-50] National Space Surveillance Control Center

SPACOL Space Collection Trainer

SPACON space control

SPAD 1satellite position predictor and display, 2satellite protection for area defense

SPADATS [Army] Space Detection and Tracking System

SPADCCS Space Defense Command and Control System (SPACECMD)

SPADE Sparta acquisition digital equipment

SPADOC Space Defense Operations Center (SPACECMD)

SPADS 1Staff Planning and Decision Support System (USAREUR/DNA), 2[AR 310-50] Sprint air-directed system, 3[AR 310-50] STRATCOM Program Automated Data System

SPAG strategic planning advisory group

SPAIS South Pacific Air Intelligence System (PACAF)

SPAM ship position and attitude measurement

SPAMS ship position and attitude measurement system

SPAN 1solar particle alert network, 2statistical processing and analysis, 3space physics analysis network, 4security policy automated network, 5security policy automation network

SPANRAD superposed panoramic radar display

SPAQUA sealed package quality assurance

SPAR 1symbolic program assembly routine, 2security police administration and reports

SPARC 1scalable processor architecture, 2Standards Planning and Requirements Committee, 3System Performance and RAM Criterion Development Aid, 4scaleable processor architecture

SPARK solid propellant, advanced ramjet, kinetic energy

SPARS space precision attitude reference system

SPARSA sferics pulse, azimuth, rate, and spectrum analyzer

SPAS 1Security Police Automation System (USAF), 2Skill Performance Aids Program

SPASM system performance and activity software monitor

SPASUR [AR 310-50] Space Surveillance System

SPAT silicon precision alloy transistor

SPAW self propelled artillery weapon

SPAWAR [USN] Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SPAWARCOM Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (USN)

SPBS Standard Property Book System

SPBS-R Standard Property Book System –Redesign

SPC 1stored program controller [CLEM], 2stored program command, 3satellite processing center, 4shuttle processing contractor, 5software productivity center, 6specific fuel consumption, 7statistical process control, 8small peripheral controller, 9SCSI primary commands, 10strategy and planning committee, 11small purchase checklist, 12software productivity consortium

SPCC 1[USN] Ship Parts Control Center, Mechanicsburg, PA, 2study program coordination committee, 3spill prevention, control, and countermeasure

SPCD space communications division

SPCL spectrum cellular corporation

SPCM [AR 310-50] special court-martial

SPCMO [AR 310-50] special court-martial order

SPCS 1stored program controlled switch, 2short ported coaxial system

SPD 1system program directive, 2surge protective devices, 3serial presence detect, 4system program director [USAF], 5system performance document, 6[AR 310-50] separation program designator

SPDC spare parts distribution center

SPDL standard page description language

SPDR system program director's review

SPDS safe-practice data sheet

SPDT single pole double throw [switch]

SPE 1system performance estimation, 2senior procurement executive, 3systems performance effectiveness, 4signal processing element, 5space-tracking and pointing experiment

SPEAR signal processing evaluation and reporting

spec 1specification, 2specialist

SPEC 1stored program educational computer, 2systems performance evaluation cooperative, 3space environmental compatibility, 4specification, 5[JP 1-02] specified

SPECAT special category

SPECOMME [AR 310-50] Specified Command Middle East

SPECON system performance effectiveness conference

SPECTRA Standardized Production Environment for Classification of Terrain and Resource Analysis

SPECTRUM Simulation Package for Evaluation by Computer Techniques of Readiness, Utilization, and Maintenance

SPECVER specification verification

SPEDAC solid-state parallel expandable differential analyzer computer

SPEDE 1state system for processing educational data electronically, 2SAMMS procurement by electronic data exchange

SPEDI Small Procurement Electronic Data Interchange

SPEDTAC stored program educational transistorized automatic computer

SPEED 1self-programmed electronic equation delineator, 2subsistence preparation by electronic energy diffusion, 3[AR 310-50] System-wide Project for Electronic Equipment at Depots

SPEEDEX [AR 310-50] System-wide Project for Electronic Equipment at Depots Extended

SPEF [AR 310-50] single program element funding

SPERT 1schedule performance evaluation and review technique, 2simplified program evaluation and review technique

SPES stored program element system

SPETSNAZ KGB special purpose teams [not a United States term]

SPEW small platform electronic warfare system

SPEWS self-protection electronic warfare suite

SPF 1shortest path first, 2special purpose forces, 3site population factor, 4SIDPERS personnel file, 5systems productivity facility, 6system programming facility

SPFP single point failure potential

SPG 1soft copy exploitation group, 2single point ground, 3sort program generator, 4space group, 5scientific planning group, 6system product group

SPH 1self-propelled howitzer, 2[AR 310-50] statement of personal history

SPI 1self-paced instruction, 2site population index, 3specific productivity index, 4schedule performance index, 5security parameters index, 6service provider interface, 7SCSI parallel interface, 8software process improvement, 9secure processing interface, 10special packaging instruction, 11single process initiative, 12subcontract program integrator, 13supporting program integrator

SPI-IS SPI information sheet

SPID service profile identifier

SPIE 1self-programmed individualized education, 2simulated problem, input evaluation

SPIFIN SCI PACOM Intelligence File

SPIIN supplemental procurement instrument identification number

SPIINS supplementary procurement instrument identification number

SPIKE science planning intelligent knowledge-based environment [STScI]

SPIL signal processing in the loop

SPILS 1Spin Prevention and Incidence Limiting System, 2Stall Protection and Incidence Limiting System.

SPIN special instruction referenced in the FRAG

SPINE shared program information network

SPINS special instructions

SPINTCOM 1Special Intelligence Communications Handling System, 2special-intelligence communications

SPINTCOMM Special Intelligence Communications Network

SPIP software process improvement plan

SPIRE Spatial and Spectral Infrared Experiment

SPIREP 1spot intelligence report, 2special intelligence report

SPIRES 1Standard Personnel Information Retrieval System, 2Stanford public information retrieval system

SPIRIT 1Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal, 2spectral infrared rocket-borne interferometer telescope

SPISD Space Information Systems Division (SPACECOM)

SPIT site performance and integration test

SPIW [AR 310-50] special purpose individual weapon

SPK Software Porting Kit [Tiga]

spkr speaker

SPL 1set priority level, 2software programming language, 3spooler, 4System Programming Language [HP]

SPLASH round(s) impacting in about five seconds

SPLICE Stock Point Logistics Integrated Communications Environment (USN)

SPLL self-propelled launcher-loader

SPLTS special private line telephone system

SPLX [JP 1-02] simplex

SPM 1self-propelled mount, 2sequential processing machine, 3source program maintenance, 4symbol processing machine, 5software programmer's manual, 6system planning manual, 7system program manager [USAF], 8session protocol machine [OSI], 9security protection module (Honeywell), 10skill projection model (USAF), 11[JP 1-02] single point mooring, 12[JP 4-01] single port manager, 13[AR 310-50] security program manager

SPMAGTF special purpose Marine air ground task force

SPMN Software Program Manager Network

SPMS software process and management system

SPN shipment performance notice

SPNS switched private network service

SPNV special project night vector

SPO 1special position operator, 2special project office, 3system program office, 4system project organization, 5system project office [USAF], 6[AR 310-50] signal property office

SPOC 1single point of contact, 2[JP 1-02] search and rescue points of contact

SPOD 1surface port of debarkation, 2seaport of debarkation

SPOE 1surface port of embarkation, 2seaport of embarkation

SPOEALD SPOE available to load date

SPOMCUS [AR 310-50] selective prepositioning of materiel configured to unit sets

SPOOL simultaneous peripheral operations on line

SPOT 1satellite positioning and tracking, 2shared product object tree [IBM], 3speed, position, track

SPOTREP [FM 101-5-1] spot report

SPOUT system peripheral output utility

SPP 1SIGINT processing platoon, 2Shared Production Program, 3security policy and procedures, 4standard practices and procedures, 5subproject program plan, 6system package program, 7system project plan, 8sequenced packet protocol

SPPD signal processor package design

SPPI Shared Production Program

SPPS scaleable power parallel system [IBM]

SPR 1systems program review, 2software problem report, 3simplified practice recommendation, 4Secretary [of the Air Force] Program Review, 5Software/System Problem Reports (USAF Form 1775), 6Strategic Petroleum Reserve, 7special purpose register, 8statistical pattern recognition, 9special program review, 10secretarial performance review, 11special process review, 12special program requirement, 13sponsor's program review (Navy), 14system performance report

SPRAA Strategic Plans and Resource Analysis Agency (JCS)

SPRAM special purpose recoverables authorized to maintenance

SPRC self-propelled robot craft

SPRCHTB [AR 310-50] Senior Parachutist Badge

SPRDE system planning, research, development and engineering

SPREAD systems programming, research, engineering and development [IBM]

SPRG 1special access program review group, 2special program review group

SPRITE 1signal processing in the element, 2stratospheric perturbation resulting from intense thunderstorm electrification

SPRS single passenger reservation system

SPRT sequential probability ration test

SPS 1speed switch, 2software product specification, 3symbolic programming system, 4security policy squadron, 5sense point scanner, 6simplified processing station, 7standby power system, 8solar power satellite, 9standard positioning service, 10status projection system, 11spectrum planning subcommittee, 12standard procurement system, 13statement of prior submission, 14[JP 1-02] special PSYOP study, 15[AR 310-50] special services

SPSC system planning and system control

SPSP site preparation support plan

SpSQualBad [AR 310-50] Sharpshooter Qualification Badge

SPSS statistical package for the social sciences

SPST 1single pole single throw [switch], 2supporting program support team member

SPSW support software

spt support

SPT 1special purpose tests, 2symbolic program tape, 3symbolic program translator, 4sectors per track, 5system planning team [USAF]

SPTCEN support center

SPTD supplementary PTD

SPTD CMD [JP 1-02] supported command

SPTG CMD [JP 1-02] supporting command

SPTW support wing

SPU 1signal processing unit, 2signal processor unit

SPUD solar power unit demonstrator

SPUR 1space power unit reactor, 2System for Predetermining Unit Requirement (MTMC)

SPURM special purpose unilateral repetitive modulation

SPV 1special purpose vehicle, 2subsistence prime vendor

SPVI subsistence prime vendor interface

SPW 1space wing, 2self-protection weapon

SPWAR [AR 310-50] special warfare

SPWG software process working group

SPX 1simplex, 2Sequenced Packet eXchange [Novell]

SQ 1system qualifier, 2squeezed (files)

SQ OC squadron operations center

SQA 1software quality assurance, 2supplier quality assurance

SQAE senior quality assurance evaluator

SQAP 1software quality assurance plan, 2[AR 310-50] supplementary quality assurance provisions

SQAR supervisory quality assurance representative

SQAS supervisory quality assurance specialist

SQC statistical quality control

sqdn squadron

SQE 1software quality evaluation, 2signal quality error (test)

SQEP software quality evaluation plan

SQI 1skill qualification identifier, 2special qualification identifiers, 3statement of questioned item

SQL structured query language

SQL/DS structured query language/data system [IBM]

SQMD squadron manpower document

SQPP software quality program plan

SQR 1sequency relay, 2service request, 3supplier quality representative, 4special qualifications/requirements, 5sequel report

SQRT square root

SQS [AR 310-50] skill qualification score

SQT 1skill qualification test, 2software qualification testing

SQUID superconducting quantum interference device

SQW square wave

SR 1safety release, 2scientific report, 3selective ringing, 4selenium rectifier, 5shift register, 6short range, 7slip ring, 8slow release [relay], 9sound ranging, 10sound rating, 11speed recorder, 12split ring, 13storage and retrieval, 14support reaction load, 15space required, 16search rate, 17stockholders report (to Congress), 18strategic reconnaissance,19solid rocket, 20sortie rate, 21sustainment rate, 22special reconnaissance, 23staff requirement, 24sunrise, 25suppressed radiation, 26service report, 27space reliability, 28specialized english training required, 29[AR 310-50] separate rations, 30[AR 310-50] service record, 31[AR 310-50] shipment request, 32[AR 310-50] special regulations, 33[AR 310-50] supporting research

SR&M safety, reliability, and maintainability

SR-71 Blackbird (USAF)

SR-D shipper-receiver difference

SR-UAV Short-Range UAV Program

SrA senior airman, E-4 (USAF)

SRA 1selected restricted availability, 2specialized repair activity, 3standard requirements code, 4supply readiness assessment (PACAF), 5surveillance radar approach, 6Systems Research and Application Corporation, 7shop repair assembly, 8shop replaceable assembly, 9special repair activities, 10spin-reference axis, 11standard requirements code, 12surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, 13separate reporting activity, 14solicitation review authority, 15specialized repair activity, 16system requirement(s) analysis, 17[AR 310-50] ship radio authorization

SRAA [AR 310-50] senior Army advisor

SRAAG [AR 310-50] Senior Army Advisor, Army National Guard

SRAAM short-range air-to-air missile

SRAAR [AR 310-50] Senior Army Advisor, United States Army Reserve

SRACCMB [AR 310-50] Senior Aircraft Crewman Badge

SRALCC southern region airlift control center

SRALD southern region airlift division

SRAM 1short range attack missile, 2static random access memory, 3shadow random access memory, 4[JP 1-02] short-range air-to-surface attack missile

SRAN stock record account number

SRAP [AR 310-50] service record and allied papers

SRAPI speech recognition API

SRARAV [AR 310-50] senior Army aviator

SRARAVB [AR 310-50] Senior Army Aviator Badge

SRARM short-range anti-radiation missile

SRB 1selective reenlistment bonus, 2source-route bridge, 3safety review board, 4solicitation review board, 5[JP 1-02] Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Review Board, 5[JP 1-02] software release bulletin

SRBM short range ballistic missile

SRBOC super rapid blooming offboard chaff (USN)

SRC 1sound ranging control, 2source range channel, 3spares receiving checklist, 4standard requirement code, 5survival and recovery cell, 6supply readiness center, 7strategic reconnaissance center (SAC), 8supercomputing research center, 9survival recovery center, 10system review committee,11Strategic Reconnaissance Center (SAC), 12supercomputing research center, 13source reference code

SRCC [JP 1-02] service reserve coordination center

SRCE [JP 1-02] transportation source

SRCF sub-regional control facility

SRCP [AR 310-50] Special Reserve Components Program

SRCU secure remote control unit

SRD 1secret restricted data, 2self-reading dosimeter, 3step-recovery diode, 4standard reporting designator, 5system requirements document, 6screen reader system, 7systems requirement document, 8surplus release date, 9systems requirement document, 10[FM 101-5-1] secret restrictive data

SRDAS service recording and data analysis system

SRDE signals research and development establishment

SRDL signals research and development laboratory

SRDRAM self-refreshed DRAM

SRDRS Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System

SRDS standard reference data system

SREMP source region electromagnetic pulse

SREODB [AR 310-50] Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

SRF 1secure reserve force, 2strategic reserve force, 3summary reference file (JOPS), 4service response force, 5ship repair facility, 6[AR 310-50] selected reserve force

SRFLSBAD [AR 310-50] Senior Flight Surgeon Badge

SRG 1statistical research group, 2survivability review group, 3[JP 1-02] short-range aircraft

SRGB sustained RGB (values)

SRI 1[JP 3-50.2] surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence (Marine Corps), 2spalling resistance index, 3short-range international, 4software reuse initiative, 5[AR 310-50] standby request for information, 6[AR 310-50] Stanford Research Institute

SRIB [AR 310-50] SAC strike route information book

SRID senior ratter identification number

SRIG [JP 1-02] Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group (USMC)

SRLY series relay

SRM 1source-range monitors, 2security reference monitor

SRMU solid rocket motor upgrade

SRNP secure remote network processor

SRO 1system readiness objective, 2singly resonant oscillator, 3specification release order, 4sharable and read only, 5standing route order, 6strategic research objective

SROC 1[CJCSI 3401.01] Senior Readiness Oversight Council, 2[CJCSI 3401.01] Southern Region Operational Center (CBRN) (USSOUTHCOM)

SROE [JP 3-07.5] standing rules of engagement

SROTC [AR 310-50] Senior Reserve Officer's Training Corps

SRP 1school requirements package, 2safeguard readiness posture, 3standard review plan, 4solicitation review panel, 5strategic reconnaissance plan, 6suggested retail price, 7seaward recovery point, 8Sealift Readiness Program, 9Sealift Reserve Program, 10SIOP Reconnaissance Plan, 11standard repair procedure, 12[AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD readiness route

SRP/PDS [CJCSI 6130.01] Stabilization Reference Package/Position Determining System

SRPI server-requester programming interface

SRQ service request

SRR 1shift register recognizer, 2short range recovery, 3software requirements review, 4sound recorder reproducer, 5short-range radar, 6system requirements review, 7survivability, recovery, and reconstitution, 8serially reusable resource, 9shipment request register, 10[JP 1-02] search and rescue region

SRRB software requirement review board

SRRPV short range remotely piloted vehicle

SRS 1simulated remote sites, 2software requirements specification, 3satellite readout station, 4subscriber response system [cable television], 5situation reporting system, 6[USAF] strategic reconnaissance squadron, 7sound retrieval system, 8[JP 1-02] search and rescue sector

SRSC software review and scoring committee

SRSCC simulated remote station control center

SRSK short-range station keeping

SRSS simulated remote sites subsystem

SRT 1supporting research and technology, 2system readiness test, 3shop replaceable unit, 4scheduled return time, 5standard remote terminal, 6strategic relocatable target, 7security response team, 8[JP 1-02] special reaction team

SRT/AMME standard remote terminal/ automated multi-media message exchange

SRTS [USAF] strategic reconnaissance training squadron

SRU 1shop replacement unit, 2shop-replaceable unit, 3subassembly repairable unit, 4[JP 1-02] search and rescue unit

SRV surveillance restoral vehicle

SRW [USAF] strategic reconnaissance wing

SRWBR short range wideband radio

SRZ special rules zone

SS 1Secret Service, 2selector switch, 3shift supervisor, 4signal strength, 5single shot, 6solid state, 7special source materials, 8summing selector, 9deputy chief of staff, systems support, 10submarine, 11standard sequential delivery, 12deputy commander for systems support, 13self-sustaining, 14ship shore, 15simulator system, 16supply support, 17system specification, 18stack segment, 19single sided, 20subsystem specification, 21seconds, 22spread spectrum, 23sunset, 24surface-to-surface, 25system simulation, 26system safety, 27support system, 28source selection, 29start to start, 30supportability strategy, 31study sponsor, 32[AR 310-50] Silver Star, 33[AR 310-50] staff specialist

SS (number) [JP 1-02] sea state (number)

SS/SSS system subsystem specification/signal simulator

SS/T steady-state/transient analysis

Ss3 sea state 3

SSA 1source selection authority, 2Social Security Administration, 3[USN] cargo submarine, 4solid-state amplifier, 5Selective Service Administration, 6software support activity, 7source selection evaluation authority, 8staff support agency, 9serial storage architecture, 10software support agency, 11servicing security activity, 12security supporting assistance, 13supply support arrangement, 14system support activity, 15[JP 1-02] Special Support Activity (NSA), 16[JP 1-02] strapdown sensor assembly, 17[JP 4-01.7] supply support activity, 18[JP 4-01.7] supply support area, 19[AR 310-50] staff supply assistant, 20[AR 310-50] standard system application

SSAC 1source selection advisory committee, 2source selection advisory council

SSAF standard single account file

SSAN Social Security account number

SSAP source service access point

SSAPM SIOP Special Access Program Manager

SSAR 1site safety analysis report, 2standard safety analysis report

SSAT 1subscale aerial target, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] system segment acceptance test

SSB 1source selection board, 2single-sideband, 3script storyboard, 4[USN] ballistic missile submarine, 5[JP 3-07.4] surveillance support branch

SSBAM single-sideband amplitude modulation

SSBD single-sideboard

SSBFM single-sideband frequency modulation

SSBI single scope background investigation

SSBN ballistic missile submarine (nuclear)

SSBO 1single swing blocking oscillator, 2system support buy-out

SSBSC single-switched suppressed carrier

SSBSCOM single-sideband suppressed-carrier optical modulator

SSC 1Soldier Support Center, 2short segmented cask, 3[USN] Service School Command, 4[Army] Supply Systems Command, 5Space Surveillance Center (SPACECOM), 6Standard Systems Center at Gunter Annex, Maxwell AFB, Alabama [now known as the Standard Systems Group (SSG)], 7system support contractor, 8SCSI stream commands, 9solid-state scanner, 10Senior Service College, 11Senior Staff Council, 12strategic systems committee, 13shop service center, 14system sales case, 15supply status code, 16system security concept, 17[DoD/DSMC] Soldier Systems Command [Army], 18[JP 3-07.4] surveillance support center

SSC-NCR Soldier Support Center – National Capitol Region

SSCAG Space System Cost Analysis Group

SSCC Special Security Communications Center (USN)

SSCCB [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD System Configuration Control Board

SSCFP Senior Service College Fellowship Program

SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

SSCM small satellite cost model

SSCN secure survivable communication network

SSCO 1shipper service control office, 2[AR 310-50] system security control officer

SSCOM 1Soldier Support Command, 2Soldier System Command

SSCP systems service control point [IBM]

SSCR standard systems center regulation

SSCRA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act

SSCSAP standard small computer software acquisition

SSD 1systems support database, 2single-station doppler, 3solid state disk, 4sample server disk [Sony], 5Space System Division (Air Force), 6system support division, 7sponsor's study director, 8[AR 310-50] specialized support depot

SSDC 1[Army] Space and Strategic Defense Command, 2system Safety Development Center

SSDD 1source selection decision document, 2system design document, 3subsystem design document, 4segment design document

SSDP standard source data package

SSDR system safety domain report

SSDRS [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD system design release schedule

SSDS ship self defense system

SSDSG Special State Defense Study group

SSE 1[ASAS] Single Source Enclave, 2signal security element, 3system status evaluation, 4source selection evaluation, 5simulation support environment, 6south-southeast, 7special support equipment, 8simulation support environment, 9system security engineer, 10system security engineering, 11[AR 310-50] signal security element, 12[AR 310-50] system status evaluation

SSE/EWE [AR 310-50] SIGINT (signals intelligence) support element/electronic warfare element

SSE/SSP source selection evaluation/ source selection process

SSEA system safety engineering analysis

SSEB source selection evaluation board

SSEC 1selective sequence electronic calculator [IBM], 2subsystem essentiality code

SSED software systems engineering directorate

SSEE ship signal exploitation equipment

SSEG 1source selection evaluation group, 2source selection evaluation guide

SSEM 1system security engineering management, 2system security engineering manager

SSEO source selection executive officer

SSEP 1source selection evaluation plan, 2system safety engineering plan, 3system security engineering program

SSES 1ship signal exploitation space, 2subsystem software evaluation station

SSET source selection evaluation team

SSF 1software support facility, 2switch supervisory function, 3system support facility, 4service storage facility, 5special security file

SSFC solid state frequency converter

SSG 1staff sergeant, 2special study group [Army], 3small signal gain, 4system safety group, 5standard Systems Group, Maxwell AFB, AL, 6guided missile submarine

SSGA system support gate array

SSGN guided missile submarine

Ssgt staff sergeant

SSHA 1system safety hazards analysis, 2subsystem hazard analysis

SSI 1special skill identifier, 2sector scan indicator, 3small scale integration, 4storage-to-storage instruction, 5supply system item, 6server side includes, 7single system image, 8specialty skill identifier, 9standing signal instruction, 10Strategic Studies Institute, 11small scale integrated circuit, 12[AR 310-50] standing signal instructions, 13[AR 310-50] shoulder sleeve insignia

SSIC standard subject identification code

SSID standard software interface definition

SSIG single signal

SSILS solid-state instrument landing system

SSIM [AR 310-50] statistical sampling inventory method

SSIMFAC Scaled Model Signature Intelligence Measurements Facility

SSIPS/LDS Ship Support Improvement Projects/Log Data System (USN)

SSIR supply system inventory report

SSIXS Submarine Satellite Information Exchange Subsystem (USN)

SSJ sole source justification

SSK [USN] hunter-killer submarine

SSKN [USN] hunter-killer submarine, nuclear powered

SSKP single shot kill probability

SSL 1single station locator, 2solid-state lamp, 3secure socket layer

SSL/SHTTP secure socket layer/secure HyperText transfer protocol

SSLSM single service logistics support manager (AFLC)

SSM 1spread spectrum modulation, 2surface-to-surface missile, 3software structure model, 4support system manager, 5system safety management course, 6system safety manager, 7system support manager, 8[TTPIO-ABCS] simulation support module, 9[AR 310-50] system security manager

SSMA spread spectrum multiple access

SSME spread spectrum modulation equipment

SSMIA senior manager's information analysis

SSMIS special sensor microwave image sounder

SSMP 1system safety management plan, 2system security management plan

SSMS 1standard survivable message set, 2[JP 1-02] single shelter message switch

SSMSN [AR 310-50] surface-to-surface mission

SSMTG solid-state and molecular theory group

SSN 1standard study number, 2social security number, 3specification serial number, 4submarine (nuclear), 5space surveillance network, 6sunspot number, 7sortie sequence number

SSNS [AR 310-50] Standard Study Numbering System

SSO 1source selection office, 2special security office, 3special security officer, 4[USN] oiler submarine, 5Standard System Support Office (Gunter AFS), 6subsistence support officer, 7[JP 1-02] spot security office, 8[AR 310-50] safety/security officer

SSO/RFPSO source selection office/request for proposal support organization

SSOEG Satellite Systems Operations Evaluation Group

SSOF standby supervisor of flying

SSOI summary statement of intent

SSP 1system support package, 2source selection process, 3system support plan, 4scientific subroutine package, 5security support plan, 6source selection plan, 7strategic strike plan, 8serial storage protocol, 9system support processor, 10[USN] vehicle transport submarine, 11security support plan, 12selective spectral processor, 13single shot probability, 14stable sensor platform, 15system security policy, 16source selection plan, 17single stock point, 18strategic system program, 19system security plan, simulation support plan, 20[JP 1-02[ signals intelligence (SIGINT) support plan, 21[AR 310-50] SACEUR Scheduled Program, 22[AR 310-50] sustained superior performance

SSP-S Single Source Processor – SIGINT [ASAS EAC progenitor]

SSPC 1single station command post, 2system safety program coordinator

SSPL steady state power level

SSPM 1software standards and procedures manual , 2single-sideband frequency modulation, 3system safety program manager

SSPO [USN] Strategic Simulations Program Office

SSPP system safety program plan

SSPS solid state protection system

SSQ special skill qualification

SSR 1supply support request, 2Soviet Socialist Republic [obsolete], 3secondary surveillance radar, 4site suitability report, 5solid state relay, 6specification status report, 7subsynchrous resonance, 8[USN] radar picket submarine, 9synchronous stable relaying, 10SACEUR Strategic Reserve, 11secondary surveillance radar, 12software specification review, 13support system requirement, 14system software review, 15system specification review,16[USN] radar picket submarine, 17system status review

SSRA system safety risk assessment

SSRC Standard Software Requirements Contract

SSRN [USN] radar picket submarine, nuclear powered

SSRS 1standard service request specification, 2start-stop-restart system

SSRT subsystem readiness test

SSS 1[IREMBASS] Sensor Signal Simulator, 2scientific subroutine system, 3simulation study series, 4special safety safeguards, 5strategic satellite system, 6strike support ship, 7Selective Service System, 8Ship Maintenance Support System, 9source selection sensitive, 10staff summary sheet, 11station satellite system, 12storage serviceability standards, 13Strategic Satellite System, 14system/segment specification, 15subsystem specification, 16surface surveillance system, 17survivable strategic satellite, 18system supervisor station, 19system support segment (JSIPS), 20signature security service, 21space system subfile, 22[DoD/DSMC] system/subsystem specification, 23[AR 310-50] standard supply system

SSSB system source selection board

SSSC 1self service supply center, 2surface subsurface surveillance center, 3[JP 1-02] surface, subsurface search surveillance coordination

SSSG space system support group

SSSO 1standard systems support office, 2[AR 310-50] specialized surplus sales office

SSSP source selection support plan

SSST single subscriber terminal

SST 1simulated structural test, 2source selection team, 3subsystems test, 4spread-spectrum technology, 5systems services and technology, 6single subscriber terminal, 7supersonic transport, 8solid-state transmitter, 9site survey team, 10software support tool, 11supplemental site test, 12[TTPIO-ABCS] system stress test

SSTC single sideband transmitted carrier

SSTD JPO Surface Ship Torpedo Defense Joint Project Office

SSTIX Small Ship Teletypewriter Information Exchange System

SSTM 1single service training manager (ATC), 2single service tanker manager (SAC)

SSTOL 1super-short take-off and landing, 2supersonic STOL

SSTP subsystems test procedure

SSTS Space-Based Surveillance and Tracking System

SSTV slow scan TV

SSTX solid-state transmitter

SSU 1system support unit, 2sensor surveying unit

SSUPS 1solid state uninterruptible power source [USAF], 2station static UPS

Ssv soldier survivability

SSVC [AR 310-50] Selective Service

SSVDT sight, stabilized, visual data transmitting

SSW 1system software, 2synchro switch, 3[AR 310-50] south-southwest

SSWG 1system safety working group, 2system security working group

SSZ [AR 310-50] specified strike zone

ST 1split training, 2service test, 3short tour, 4special text, 5sawtooth, 6Schmitt trigger, 7scientific and technical, 8single throw, 9short ton, 10strategic transport, air, 11staff target, 12standby time, 13sustainment training, 14special tooling, 15screening technician, 16science and technology, 17[FM 101-5-1] SEAL team, 18[JP 1-02] strike team, 19[JP 1-02] small tug

ST&E security test and evaluation

ST&ETR security test and evaluation test report

ST/STE special tooling/special test equipment

ST-HMMWV soft-top high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

sta 1[AR 310-50] status, 2station

STA 1spanning tree algorithm, 2service terminal arrangement, 3system threat assessment, 4surveillance and target acquisition, 5security threat analysis, 6[JP 1-02] system tape A, 7[AR 310-50] staff training assistant

STA clk [JP 1-02] station clock

STA&P system threat assessment and projections

STAARS Standard Army After Action Review System

STAAS [AR 310-50] surveillance and target acquisition aircraft system

STAC satellite tracking angle calculations (PACAF)

STACCS Standard Theater Army Command and Control System

STACOM [AR 310-50] Standard Army COM

STADD ship towed acoustic deception device

STADIN [AR 310-50] Standing Administrative Instruction for Army Attachés

STAF 1systems technical applications facility, 2scientific and technological applications forecast

STAFAST standard frequency and standard time

STAFF smart target activated fire and forget

STAG 1systems technical analysis group, 2Strategy and Tactics Analysis Group (Army)

STALO stabilized local oscillator

STALOC self-tracking automatic lock-on circuit

STALOG system to automate logistics

STAM standard tool for aeronautical maintenance

STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System

STAMMIS Standard Army Multi-Command Management Information System

STAMO stabilized master oscillator

STAMP 1systems tape addition and maintenance program, 2standard air munitions package

STAN/EVAL standardization and evaluation phase

STANAG standardized NATO agreement

STANAV-SFORLANT Standing Naval Force Atlantic

STANAVFORLANT [NATO] Standing Naval Force, North Atlantic

STANAVFORMED Standing Naval Force Mediterranean (NATO)

STANEVAL standardization and evaluation

STANFINS Standard Finance System (Army)

STANO surveillance, target acquisition, and night operations

STAP 1strategic target aim point, 2surveillance and target acquisition plan

STAPL ship tethered aerial platform [small shipboard RPV of auto-giro design]

STAR 1system threat assessment report, 2system threat analysis report, 3self-testing and repairing, 4storage and retrieval system, 5simultaneous transmission and reception, 6standard terminal arrival route, 7strategic and tactical airborne recovery, 8surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance, 9system for tactical access to combat radio, 10self defining text archival, 11Standard Accounting Reporting System, 12[JP 1-02] scheduled theater airlift route, 13[JP 1-02] surface-to-air recovery (Fulton)

STAR 1100 tape library system

starboard right side (looking forward)

STARC 1state area command, 2state Army Reserve center, 3[JP 1-02] state area coordinators

STARCIPS Standard Army Civilian Payroll System

STARCOM strategic army communications

STARDEX Index of Approved Scientific and Technical Intelligence Tasks

STARFIARS Standard Army Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System

STARNET 1standard Army network, 2sustaining base army network

STARPUBS Standard Army Publications System

STARR/PC supply tracking and repairable return/personal computer

STARS 1[DARPA’s] Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems [Program], 2Standard Accounting and Reporting System (USN), 3Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, 4Small Tethered Aerostat Relocatable System (USCG), 5strategic target system, 6stored terrain and access retrieval system

STARSFIARS Standard Army Supply, Finance, and Accounting Reporting System

START 1selections to activate random testing, 2systemic tabular analysis of requirements technique, 3strategic arms reduction talks, 4strategic arms reduction treaty

STARTEX start of exercise

STAS stabilized thermal imaging system

stat [AR 310-50] statistic

STATE Department of State

STATE DEPT [AR 310-50] Department of State

STATEM [AR 310-50] Shipment Status System

STATIS student training analysis and tracking information system

STATPAC statistics package

STATPRO USAREUR Stationing Program

STAW Smart Top Attack Weapon

STAX shared terminal access control system

STB 1systems test bed, 2strobe, 3[JP 4-06] super tropical bleach

stby standby

STC 1satellite test center, 2scientific and technical committee, sensitivity time control, 4short time constant, 5standard transmission code, 6system test complex, 7[Army] supplemental type certificate, 8scientific and technical computing, 9security transition component, 10SHAPE Technical Center (NATO), 11software technology center, 12Space Technology Center (USAF), 13space threat conference, 14space tracking center, 15set carry flag, 16swept time constant, 17[JP 1-02] secondary traffic channel

STCCS Strategic Theater Command and Control System

STCEUR Science and Technology Center – Europe

STCFE Science and Technology Center – Far East

STCFEO [AR 310-50] United States Army Science and Technology Center, Far East

std 1standard. 2[AR 310-50] standing

STD 1system training device, 2subscriber trunk dialer, 3software test description, 4standard, 5set direction flag, 6sexually transmitted disease (replaces VD), 7shoot them down, 8state transition diagram

STDA Streettalk directory assistance [Banyan]

STDAUX standard auxiliary

STDB strategic target database

STDC Strategic Tactics Development Center

STDERR standard error

STDIN standard input

STDIO.H Standard Input/Output Header [C programming language]

STDM 1synchronous time-division multiplexing, 2statistical time-division multiplexing, 3statistical time division multiplexer

STDOUT standard output

STDPRN standard printer

STE 1security test and evaluation, 2special test equipment, 3satellite tracking element, 4simplified/special test equipment, 5software test environment

STE-X simplified test equipment – expandable

STEARS Stand-off Tactical Electronic Airborne Reconnaissance System

STEM stay time extension module, 2System Trainer and Exercise Module (ESD), 3systems telecommunications engineering manager

STEMS standard emitter simulator

steno [AR 310-50] stenographer

STEP 1safety test and engineering program, 2scientific and technical exploitation program, 3simple transition electronic processing, 4simple transition to economical processing, 5standard terminal program, 6self-teaching exportable package, 7Stripes for Exceptional Performers (USAF), 8surveillance and tracking experiment program, 9simulation, test and evaluation process, 10software test and evaluation panel, 11standard for the exchange of product model data, 12standardization evaluation program, 13structured test and evaluation process, 14[JP 2-01] standard tactical entry point, 15[AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD Test and Evaluation Program

STEPR [TR 350-70] synthetic training environment periodic review

STEPS 1solar thermionic electric power system, 2simulation, training, education, and procedural system

STEX stimulation test and exercise

STF 1special task force, 2safety test facility, 3special theater forces

STF/SSG special task force/special study group

STFF [AR 310-50] SAFEGUARD Tactical Field Force

STFG [AR 310-50] staffing guides (Department of the Army)

STFV sensor total field of view

STG standard division

STGT secondary target

STI 1set interrupt flag, 2scientific and technical information, 3stationery target indicator

STIC scientific and technical intelligence committee

STICS scalable transportable intelligence communications system

STID 1standard identification number, 2systems training integration directorate

STIG space technology interdependency group

STILO scientific and technical intelligence liaison officer

STIMS shared technical information management system

STINFO scientific and technical information

STIR 1Scientific and Technical Intelligence Register, 2special technical inspection and repair

STIT [AR 310-50] scientific and technical information team

STIT-EUR [AR 310-50] Scientific and Technical Information Team, Europe

STKF [AR 310-50] stock fund

STKFA [AR 310-50] stock fund accounting

STKFND Stock Fund and Equipment Requirements System (USAF)

STKFS [AR 310-50] stock fund statement

STL 1Schottky transistor logic, 2standard telegraph level, 3studio transmitters link, 4system test loop, 5standard template library [GNU], 6standardized training listing, 7[AR 310-50] stockage list

STLDD software top-level design document

STLI [AR 310-50] stockage list item(s)

STLO scientific and technical liaison office

STM 1structural test model, 2system master tape, 3station management, 4storage management, 5scanning tunneling microscope

STMIS system test manufacturing information system

STMP science and technology master plan

STMU special test and maintenance unit

STN 1super-twist nematic, 2SAC Telephone Network, 3scientific and technical information network

STO 1science and technology objectives, 2system test objectives, 3subcontractor task order, 4strategic technology office, 5split training option, 6system threat objective, 7[JP 3-13.1] special technical operations

STOA security trade off analysis

STOC 1Special Tactical Operations Center (United States National Military Command Center), 2[CJCSI 3410.01] special technical operations coordinator

STOD [JP 1-02] special technical operations division

STOF standard tactical operations facility (USAREUR)

STOG science and technology objective guidance

STOL short take off and landing

STON(s) short ton(s)

STOP 1SCOMP Trusted Operating Program (Honeywell), 2strategic orbit point

STORET storage and retrieval

STORM statistically oriented matrix program

STOS store string

STOU store unique

STOVL short take off, vertical landing

STOW synthetic theater of war [Warfighter XXI term]

STOW-E Synthetic Theater of War – Europe

STP 1soldier training publication, 2system test plan, 3selective tape print, 4space test program, 5signal transfer point, 6software test plan, 7stream protocol, 8shielded twisted pair (cable), 9system transition plan, 10secure transfer protocol, 11sensor track processor, 12status test panel, 13synchronized transaction processing, 14systems technology program, 15short-term project, 16software through pictures, 17structured test procedure, 18system training plan, 19system training program, 20[JP 1-02] security technical procedure

STPR software test procedures

STPX [AR 310-50] systems training program exercise

STR 1software test report, 2synchronous transmitter receiver, 3store task register, 4[DoD/DSMC] software trouble report, 5[JP 1-02] strength

STRABAD [AR 310-50] strategic base air defense

STRAC Standards in Training Commission

STRAD 1signal transmission reception and distribution, 2strategic air division

STRADS strategic deployment system

STRADIS structure analysis design and implementation of information systems

STRADS strategic deployment system

STRAF [AR 310-50] United States Strategic Army Forces

STRAFIP [AR 310-50] United States Strategic Army Forces Readiness Improvement Program

STRAGL [AR 310-50] straggler line

STRAMS-E Student/Trainee Management System – Enlisted

STRAP 1system training plan, 2straight through repeater antenna program

STRAPP standard tank, rack, adapter, and pylon package

STRAT FAX Strategic Facsimile Network (USAF)

STRATCOM United States Strategic Command

STRATLAT [JP 3-56.1] strategic liaison team

STRATMOB Strategic Mobility Support System (MSC)

STRATMOBEX strategic mobility exercise

strato [AR 310-50] stratosphere

STRATOPS 1strategic operations, 2[JP 1-02] strategic operations division

STRATPRO strategic programs (OSD)

STRATUS Strategic Mobility Support System (MSC)

STRC 1Strategic Target Range Complex (SAC), 2science and technology requirement committees

STREAM [JP 1-02] standard tensioned replenishment alongside method

STREAMLINER Special Intelligence Message Switching and Terminal System

STRESS Structural Engineering System Solver (programming language)

STRICOM [Army] Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command

STRIKEFOR-SOUTH Naval Striking and Support Forces, Southern Europe (NATO)

STRIKFTLANT [AR 310-50] Striking Fleet Atlantic

STRIVE standard techniques for reporting information on value engineering

STROBES shared time repair of big electronic systems

STRUDL Structural Design Language (programming language)

STS 1satellige tracking system, 2standard technical specifications, 3structural transition section, 4specialty training standard, 5stockpile-to-target sequence, 6system technical support, 7scheduled truck service (AFLC), 8space transportation system (NASA), 9support and test station, 10standardized teleoperation system, 11[JP 1-02] special tactics squadron

STSA secure telephone system architecture (USAF)

STSC 1software technology support center, 2software technology support center

STSCC Standing Transportation Support Coordinating Committee (NATO)

STScI space telescope science institute

STSP Secure Telephone Systems Program

STT 1secure transaction technology [Visa, Microsoft], 2shore targeting terminal, 3site transition team, 4strategy to task, 5[JP 1-02] special tactics team

STTC Sheppard Technical Training Center

STTE special tools and test equipment

STTO start-taxi-takeoff

STTP small target test program

STTR Small Business Technology Transfer [pilot program]

stu [AR 310-50] student

STU 1secure telephone unit, 2systems test unit, 3special test unit

STU III secure telephone unit – third generation

STV 1small test vessel, 2surviellance television, 3standard tactical vehicle, 4steerable low-light TV system

STW [JP 1-02] strike warfare

STW-2 Synchronous Telecommunications and Broadcasting Satellite (PRC)

STWA short trailing wire antenna

STWC [JP 1-02] strike warfare commander

STWG science and technology working group

STX 1situation training exercise, 2start-of-text character [ASCII]

SU 1service unit, 2signal unit, 3sonics and ultrasonics, 4start up, 5storage unit, 6suppressor [vacuum tube], 7supporting unit (TAC/TADS), 8system upgrade, 9sustainability, 10[FM 101-5-1] Sudan, 11[JP 1-02] search unit

SUADPS Shipboard Uniform Automated Data Processing System

SUADPS-RT Shipboard Uniform ADP System – Real Time (USN)

SUAWACS Soviet Union Airborne Warning and Control System

sub [AR 310-50] submarine, [AR 310-50] substitute

SUB 1subroutine, 2substitute [ASCII], 3subtract

SUB BASE submarine base

sub-JIB [JP 3-61] subordinate joint information bureau

SUBACS Submarine Advanced Combat System (USN)

SUBCAP submarine combat air patrol

SUBCOM subordinate command

SUBJ [JP 1-03.17] subject

SUBLANT Submarine Force, Atlantic (USN)

SUBMACOM [AR 310-50] major Army subcommand

SUBMEPP submarine maintenance engineering, planning, and procurement

SUBNO [AR 310-50] substitutes not desired

SUBOK [AR 310-50] substitution acceptable

SUBOPAUTH submarine operating authority

SUBPAC Submarine Force, Pacific (USN)

SUBROC submarine rocket

SUBSAFE submarine safety

SUBSEC subsystem essentiality code

SUBSIST subsistence (USAREUR)

subv [AR 310-50] subversion

SUC [JP 1-02] surf current

SUCAP surface combat air patrol (USN)

SUCCESS Synthesized UHF C2 and Exploitation Subsystem [radio]

SUCOC succession of command

SUDT silicon unilateral diffused transistor

sug [AR 310-50] suggest

SUHL Sylvania ultra-high level logic

SUIC [JP 1-02] service unit identification code

SUL [AR 310-50] simplified user logistics

SULF [AR 310-50] Speedball up-range branch facility

SUM 1software user's manual, 2[AR 310-50] surface-to-underwater missile

SUM-SPARE spare engine report

SUMA satellite universal modulation adapter

SUMMIT supervisor of multiprogramming, multiprocessing, interactive time sharing

SUMT sequential unconstrained minimization technique

SUN Sun Microsystems, Inc.

SUN SPARC a UNIX-based [computer] workstation

SUNT specialized undergraduate navigator training

SUO small unit operation

SUP 1supplement, 2standard unit of processing

SUPCOM support command

SUPE [JP 1-02] supervisory commands program

SUPINTREP [AR 310-50] supplementary intelligence report

SUPIR supplemental imagery report

SUPO supply officer (USN)

SUPPAD supplemental address

suppl [AR 310-50] supplement

SUPPT [AR 310-50] supply point

SUPROX successive approximation

SUPS static uninterruptible power source

SUPSHIPS [USN] superintendent of shipbuilding

SUPT specialized undergraduate pilot training

supv [AR 310-50] supervisor

SUR 1small unit radio, 2shell update release [Microsoft]

SUR GEN Surgeon General

SURCAL surveillance calibration

SURE Sensor Update and Refurbishment Effort [for the RF-4B Phantom II]

SURFREP [FM 101-5-1] surf report

SURG [JP 1-02] surgeon

SURGE 1Supply User Reports Generator, 2sorting, updating, retort generating

SURIC surface ship integrated control

SUROBS [JP 1-02] surf observation

SURPIC [JP 1-02] surface picture

SURS 1Surface Export Cargo System (MTMC), 2surveillance system

SURSATCOM survivable satellite communications

SURTAC Surveillance and Tactical Warning Network (NORAD)

SURTAC TTY surveillance and tactical action teletype

SURTASS 1surveillance towed array sonar system, 2surface towed array surveillance system

SURV surveillance

SURVIAC Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center

survl surveillance

SURVM [AR 310-50] surveillance and maintenance

SUS 1silicon unilateral switch, 2single UNIX specification

SUS SEC suspended sector

SUSMOP [AR 310-50] Senior United States Military Observer Palestine

susp [AR 310-50] suspend

SUT 1system under test, 2supply unit transistorized

SUU 1suspended underwing unit [sub-munitions dispenser or gun pod], 2secondary user unit

SUW surface to underwater missile

SV 1safety valve, 2stop valve, 3schedule variance, 4secure voice, 5survivability, 6security escort vehicle service, 7service

SV/GC secure voice and graphics conferencing

SVA 1security violation alert, 2security vulnerability analysis

SVADA [AR 310-50] Savana Army Depot Activity

svc service

SVC 1secure voice communication, 2supervisor call, 3switched virtual circuit, 4service, 5[AR 310-50] serviced, 6[AR 310-50] servicing

SVCCN secure voice command control network

SVCS services

SVD Software Version Description

SVF simple vector format

SVGA 1super video graphics array, 2super video graphics adapter

SVHS super video home system

SVI single vendor integrity

SVID system V interface device


SVIP Secure Voice Improvement Program (DoD)

SVLA steered vertical line array

SVLTU [JP 1-02] service line termination unit

SVM 1system virtual machine [Microsoft], 2system verification manager

SVN 1secure voice network, 2switched virtual network [IBM]

SVP 1secure voice program, 2software verification plan, 3special visibility program

SVR 1software verification report, 2supply-voltage rejection, 3system validation review, 4server, 5system verification review, 6shop visit rate, 7[JP 1-02] surface vessel radar

SVR# system V release number [AT&T]

SVRWXWARN severe weather warning

SVS secure voice system

SVSI secure voice systems interface

SVTP sound velocity, temperature, and pressure

SVTS secure video teleconferencing system

SVV system vulnerability value

SVVP software verification and validation plan

SVWG Space Surveillance Working Group (NORAD)

Sw [JP 1-02] switch

SW 1short wave, 2single weight, 3switchband wound [relay], 4software, 5southwest, 6strategic warning, 7strategic wing (USAF, SAC), 8surface wave, 9[AR 310-50] special weapon

SW-CMM software capability maturity model

SWA 1Southwest Asia, 2[AR 310-50] seriously wounded in action

SWAAT SDIO working and action team

SWAG silly wild Army guess

SWAIS simple wide area information server [Internet]

SWAP Standard WWMCCS® Accounting Program

SWAT 1software analysis and test [team], 2SIDEWINDER IC acquisition track, 3software assessment team, 4[JP 1-02] special weapons and tactics

SWB 1switchboard, 2[AR 310-50] short wheelbase

swbd [AR 310-50] switchboard

SWBD [JP 1-02] switchboard

SWC 1switch, 2surge withstand capability, 3ship weapon coordinator (USN), 4Strategic Warfare Center (USAF), 5[JP 1-02] strike warfare commander, 6[JP 1-02] swell/wave current

SWCC SAC warning control console

SWCENT [AR 310-50] switching central

SWCI software configuration item

SWCL special warfare craft, light

SWCM special warfare craft, medium

SWCS SAC Warning and Control System

SWD 1sun, wind, and dust, 2surface wave device

SWDG surface warfare development group

SWF strategic weapons facilities (USN)

SWFR slow write, fast read

SWG 1security working group (NATO), 2sub-working group

SWHQ Static War Headquarters (NATO)

SWIFT software implemented Friden translator

SWIM system wide integrity management

SWIP Systems and Weapon Improvement Program [A-6 Intruder]

SWISH simple web indexing system for humans

SWITT surface wave independent tap transducer

SWL 1Signals Warfare Laboratory (Army), 2strategic weapons launcher

SWM [AR 310-50] special warfare mission

SWMO smart weapon management office

SWMP solid waste management plan

SWO 1staff weather officer, 2surface warfare officer (USN)

SWOC [AR 310-50] Special Weapons Operation Center

SWOE Smart Weapons Operability Enhancement

SWOP structural weight optimization program

SWOS Surface Warfare Officers' School (USN)

SWP 1surface warfare plan, 2[AR 310-50] special working party

SWPS Strategic War Planning System

SWR standing wave ratio

SWRSC SAC WIS Requirements Steering Committee

SWS strategic weapon system

SWSC space and warning system centers

SWSM [AR 310-50] special weapons supply memorandum

SWSOCC [JP 3-07.4] Southwest Sector Operation Control Center (NORAD)

SWTI [AR 310-50] special weapons technical instructions

SWU 1separative work unit, 2switching unit

SWW severe weather warning

SX simplex signaling

SY 1system release, 2[FM 101-5-1] Syria, 3[AR 310-50] school year

SYCOM 1synchronous communications, 2Systems Command (USN)

SYDAS system data acquisition system

SYDMIS shipyard MIS (USN)

SYDP 1Six Year Defense Plan, 2Six Year Defense Program

SYERS Senior Year Electro-optical Relay System

SYG [JP 3-08] Secretary General (United Nations)

SYLK symbolic link

SYMIS/MM shipyard management information system/materiel management

SYMPAC symbolic program for automatic control

SYN 1synchronizing, 2synchronous idle character, 3synchronous [ASCII]

sync 1synchronization, 2synchronous, 3[AR 310-50] synchronize

SYNCOM synchronous communications

SYND system and procedure directorate

SYNFAR two-dimensional flux transport code for computers

SYNWAR [AR 310-50] system for estimating wartime attrition requirements

SyOP security operating procedure

SYRUP system resource utilization package

sys system

SYSADMIN system administrator

SYSCOM Systems Command (USN)

SYSCON systems control (DCA)

SYSDATA AFSC Data Tie Line Network

SYSGEN 1system generator, 2system generation

SYSIN system input

SYSLOG system log

SYSMOD system modification

SYSOP system operator

SYSPOP system programmed operator

SYSREQ system request

SYSTEP [AR 310-50] system test and evaluation plan

SYSTO systems officer (Air Force)

SYSTRAN systems analysis translator

SYSVER system specification verification

SYSVOICE AFSC Voice Tie Line Network

SZ send Zmodem [UNIX]